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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SadDrop, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. SadDrop New Member

    Im actauly Getting anoyed as **** by Getting resetted evrey day on All leaderboards / Career aswel now?

    Can you All just stop touching my dam stats for once its been like that since start season 2
    I love When my stats say 40% win 80+% top 10 & 10 average kils a game
  2. EmilRamboPL New Member

    xDDDDDDDDDD there should be a new forum section for the re-launch of statistics
  3. OGSneakypete New Member

    I won 2 out of my first 5 solos. my career screen shows 5 matches played only 1 win … average kills 1 despite the lowest amount of kills being I think 4 in those 5 matches … and I got placed in bronze... lol get this **** together I REALLY hoped it was going to be a good patch some bugs I can accept but the leaderboards is like the main feature of this update if they don't work what's really the update ??some new cosmetics ? … *yawn ….. plllleaaaaasssee fix leaderboards
  4. kdot Member

    Yet to happen to me, hmmm interesting...
  5. AlhpaBravos Member

    Your obviously fairly new to the game because had you been here since season 1 and the previous forum (before it got closed for no reason), i doubt you would have any sympathy or respect left for daybreak and how they run their business and treat their customers. Old bugs and issues left over from beta or season 1 still exist and new one keep popping up with every new release.
  6. stevey66 Member

    Devs can we please get an update on Leaderboard and Career resets - its happened to many people in 3 days of new season and looks identical to Season 2 - I cant tell you the disappointment I felt seeing myself go from 180th to 5300th with all my kills gone - and career gone - my wins are still there miraculously - I logged on ready to grind the daily and add to the kills and to see nothing - I didn't want to play at that point - its so disheartening given we all patiently waited for end of Season 2 with the new package including Leaderboards and Ranked - and to see this disaster now - for the Love of God please give us an update about a fix with time frames - I actually paid for the Battlepass on the premise these above would be ironed out as promoted by Daybreak - its not fair or right to charge this money if a fix cannot be produced - please please do something
  7. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Fixing the Leaderboard reset bug is our top priority right now - if anyone on this thread can share their in-game H1Z1 name and region when it happened, that would be hugely helpful for our investigation. Any additional info (rank you were at, about how many matches you played) would help to. Right now it’s only happening to a small number of players, but it’s enormously important to us not only to fix the bug but also properly recognize all your stats/scores for the ENTIRE season.
  8. Dgkkush1993 Member

    Read my post I’ve been re set 2 times
  9. Dgkkush1993 Member

    DGKKUSH1993 seasonal stats re set 2 times I should be on the top 20 this is my 3rd time almost making on. My career tab Is fine never re set
  10. Dgkkush1993 Member

    Also please look at my HELLO DAYBREAK post in the bug forum... A few people have commented on that post about this problem...
  11. EmilRamboPL New Member

    Hello, I just played on PS4 yesterday, my career statistics have restarted, I've platinum and today I've been re-ranking and playing my 300+ killings and 6+ wins restarted ...... I play in the EU region I had something like 40 games played name on PSN is EmilRambo2002 please fix it because from the 2nd season I have to add that in the second season 1300+ kills I restarted it is unacceptable .........
  12. Dgkkush1993 Member

    DGKKUSH1993 Tuesday 26th 11:45AM, My seasonal kills stats were just re set for the 3rd time. I’m sure I have 400 maybe more kills but at this point I have no clue. Please fix this crap ...
  13. jgolenbo Community Relations

    What region and time zone?
  14. Dgkkush1993 Member

    26th, NA, PST, 11:45AM. Also was reset on the 22nd don’t remember the time. Then again following on Sunday 4th don’t remember the time.
    26th, NA, PST, 11:45AM. Also was reset on the 22nd don’t remember the time. Then again following on Sunday 24th don’t remember the time.
  15. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Thanks - hugely helpful!
  16. stevey66 Member

    steve_y66 - Australia so EU servers I assume - Australian east coast dates below

    1 First happened 25th Feb - I was rank Platinum - had my Season Kills reset on the lobby leaderboard - career stats and wins were still there - matches played maybe 22 or so

    2 Happened again on 27th Feb - I was rank Silver or Bronze I think because I had hardly played - this time my kills and my wins were wiped - and my career stats reset - matches played 8

    Now I am Gold - and my current Career wins is different to leaderboard Season wins

    Thank you for the reply jgolenbo
  17. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Appreciate all the info stevey - super helpful. Working on getting this issue nipped in the bud asap!
  18. gjp3333 New Member

    Glad a dev is trying to help this , as its the major reason people are turning away. Also not to be a d*ck but this isn't only happening to a 'small number of players'. It is happening to EVERYONE that I have played with . I would say over 100 people and each and everyone has had their stats reset at some stage. Just to let you know of the severity of the situation.

    Personally, too many resets to count, but ONE since the new season , some info below.
    • Your account name (H1 in-game name, not DB account) gjp3333
    • Your region (NA or EU at a minimum, if EU country is helpful) EU- from Australia
    • What time it occurred (not necessary but helpful; helps us dig through the server logs to see if something specific happened at that time) not sure , it was about 2 days after the new season launched, Solo's only, my kills were reset
    • What rank you were at when this happened (again not necessary, but potentially helpful) Bronze, I had just started really, well in fact I guess I had no rank at all . Maybe that's a possibility, that it resets when changing from Unregistered to Bronze.
  19. Kiwi0033 New Member

    PSN: Kiwi-0033
    Region: EU (Poland)
    When: Today - 28.02.2019
    Mode: Duos
    Resetting only monthly/seasonal kills
  20. Nowaskii New Member

    Got resetted today on 28febr europe GMT+1

    Was number 1 seasonal monthly weekly

    585 kills


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