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  1. Shades New Member

    My name is YT__ShadesH1. The concern I have for this game

    About 3-4 months ago when leaderboards came out I was number 1 across the boards in duos. I grinder everyday after work. Hundreds of hours. Then one day I got reset. A lot of other know people were getting reset as well. The one I know for sure was @Dawm. And all we got was “We are looking into this we don’t know the reason but we will get back to you shortly”. Well 2 days passed nothing. 2 eeeks nothing. And 2 months nothing. You are keeping us in the dark and that’s why you are losing concurrent players. No one wants this game to die unlike the pc community. It’s a grate game. I’ve spent well over 300$s on this game and all I get is a fat ignore. You need to take in conciderarion of all the people who grind your game and talk with them personally about how they fill about changes you make. The “ In GaMe SuRvEyS” are nothing but bs. Keep the game fun and slight competitive. Don’t make it noob friendly. You added the -30 health jumping out of cars over 50mph. That stops the rushing and keeps it where noobs can just run away like always. You made the cars only hold like a 1/3 of gas they used to. I know you did it cause of all the driving in last circles but y’all then added emps and took off car damage to players(great btw). But this whole gas thing is nuts! Revert it, I want to be able to hop in a cop car and rush, hop out without damage, kill the kid, then take back off while holding L1 to boost down 24/7. I know I can’t be the only one who fills this way.

    Then the ranking. Leaderboards was a semi fail, than rankin is way over due date and the rank you have in now is only diamond? Come on now. PUBG release way later, had boards on release. Season 1 beta already has full ranking. Come tf on now. What are you doing over there! Get the interns out and hire pros! I know y’all have enough money to do so from all these cosmetics you release!


    Any one who disagrees or wants to make a ugly comment just leave.
  2. OzZy401 New Member

    Hopefully some of these bugs get taken care of for this next update. It seems like a huge update so I'm staying positive. Currently ranked 1 in season 2 kills for solo. If I get reset, it'll bum me out a bit but it is what it is for this season. Hopefully it'll all get taken care of next season. Just a few more days.
  3. EnglishWarrior New Member

    They have ruined so much on this game people moan about guns they nerf them then them guns become unusable if they carry on we will all be running around with rubbish guns
  4. EmilRamboPL New Member

    I Have the same on solo 1.4k season kills and my stats reset 4 days ago .... many people have the same and daybreak not help i have topic on the previous forum and no one response to me forum should be responsible to help
  5. LegendBeard New Member

    "Any one who disagrees or wants to make a ugly comment just leave." Good point to start a discussion kappa
  6. OzZy401 New Member

    Lol legend.
  7. BallBreakGames New Member

    Bellend more like.
  8. herbmaster New Member

    i've had the same issue with resets many times this last month alone. i considered the code of conduct, regarding the statement about abusing chat to team with players exceening the count meant for each game type, or something, as well as team killing and leaving games early. nothing too explicitly stated, but i talked it over with the players i would team with and took to the following actions: i would close the chat to 5 players after forming the group to ensure no one was in another match or the same match during ours to make certain there appeared to be no collusion. we all agreed to stop killing ourselves with cars if somone blue screened at the beginning of the game, or leaving the game. instead, opting to rush a player and let them kill us. not a good solution, but for a time it appeared to work. my friends and i didnt get reset for three weeks, but eventually it happened again. i'm hopeful for season 3 to mark the end of this headache but i'm not holding my breath. love this game and want to keep it alive, but cant help it if these issues arent dealt with or at least properly addressed.
  9. Jose Burgess New Member

    My friend also faced the same issue. He is not at all happy with the game. He spent a lot of money to buy this game, but just because of the underperformance of this game he had to buy Playstation Plus 365 Tage Kaufen series. Please just look into the matter.
  10. Ragnarok Member

    All these issues have been addressed leaderbords, community communication and the rest is just your negative opinion about alterations to the game they started this new forum and have been talking with us regularly for a week now realize this is a beta for the ps4 and things are changing don't fight the current just ride with it.
  11. MoneyHungryDevs New Member

    This is NOT a beta.... This is a shameless cash grab.