The crossbow has to go..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KingPlays, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. KingPlays New Member

    I played H1Z1 again today for the first time since season 3 began, it was honestly pretty fun being back on H1Z1 again but seriously the crossbow HAS to go.. There is so many gun fights ruined by the crossbow and it just ruins immersion, hard take the game serious when you are getting EMP'd across the map, having the ground shot and killed in a shotgun fight, getting 90 damage done through armour, we had the crossbow nerfed before when the game had more players, why is it even worse than before now? nobody wanted crossbow meta back. Honestly remove EMP and put it in blue or gold, it's pretty game breaking which is why people dont play as much any more, myself included
  2. MechAArmA Member

    Ppl are running away from H1 because of new BRs coming out , that game is made on a pile of obsolete codes .
  3. Dams New Member

    L'arbalète doit être nerf et stockage aussi !! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  4. Carmen696 Member

    That is actually a very good point.
  5. lPolitics Member

    I agree with king
  6. stevey66 Member

    Please do something about this confounded imbalanced weapon - King makes an excellent point when he talks about ruining immersion.

    Did a little mini test over 15 games in a row SOLO - was cross-bowed no less than 14 times - and the game ended where I died 4 times and another 3 times someone else either picked me off or gas got me given how much time I spent defending

    Integral to the H1 experience - is you and your vehicle - there is an inextricable link - between player, their actions and vehicle proximity - when you make it SO easy with no skill - to break that link because some chump happened to pick up this OP weapon - there is no way you can drive to avoid it - it changes the whole immersive experience of knowing that you and your vehicle - the sphere you operate from - is protected and there are many measures and counters you can take to ensure this stays safe - Crossbow blows all of this apart

    It is disruptive to flow - it breaks immersion - it feels unfair - it provides too limited number of counters - EMP effect is so large as to be utterly absurd - it discourages short to mid range gun fights ie most of guns in game - H1 is already a defensive and lethal game where if you are positioned poorly for a moment you will be destroyed but the crossbow exacerbates this to extreme levels of defensive play - most annoyingly it removes the onus on player to earn the kill by hitting their shot

    Come on guys - purple crates minimum - remove damage - EMP on direct hit only - bolts only 3 at most - please some of these measures to restore balance across all the weapon classes (and I know how meticulous and fine tuned it can be to get this balance right - I'm not saying its easy)

    Most of people on these forums (but not all) who play this game a lot - are asking for change - please !!
  7. WarNtea64 Member

    I 1000% Agree with you, I saw your video you put out recently about this, and its the perfect example of why this weapon needs the boot or a drastic change. I wrote a 2 part article about this as well as other current issues and ideas in this thread:

    he Crossbow is the tip of the iceburg when it comes to current problems to the game, but we also have to address the dev's directly for not making effort to communicate with us for all the rest of the problems too. Daybreak is messing up bad, and Idk if its because of things happening on the PC side, but in any case, they are spiraling down a path to their own demise if nothing is done.
  8. stevey66 Member

    In context of recent dev update - that Crossbow will be changing - bumping this for consideration

    Here is KingPlays (who is a bloody legend regardless) showing the exact nature of imbalance with the crossbow - says it all

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