The Cheat Problems!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MrTsoy, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. MrTsoy New Member

    Hi There!
    Very big problems with anti-cheat. I can't win for 2 weeks already, because in every game I have 1-2-3 cheaters with aimbot-speedhack-wallhack. They throw a lot of reports but they are not banned for a long time. My 4 friends and many other players no longer want to play. It is simply unbearable!
  2. MechAArmA Member

    Hey man , do you have any clips from that ? Im not trying to play devs , but by pure curiosity , i'd like to see that from my eyes please .
  3. MrTsoy New Member

    In this game was 3 cheaters
  4. Carmen696 Member

    you are playing on pc. This is a PS4 forum
  5. MrTsoy New Member

    Oh God! I'am so Sorry guys im so stupid. I thought this was a PC forum too.
    I dunno where to turn. I spent so much money on this game and no longer want to play this game of hackers
  6. stevey66 Member

    Another cheater - Mr_Dehghani

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