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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MechAArmA, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. MechAArmA Member

    Hi guys , i will post videos here with names , and give informations about players if possible .

    Here's the first , 2 or 3 days ago .

    ElWavesRider or EiWavesRider

    and tutur92240

    Eu server .
  2. MechAArmA Member

    Karoulla and Colsey-

    Very common teamers , everyday you can encounter them on EU servers , i got more clips of them i will share once i uploaded more , that guy have been teaming for a while , and is getting false victories from that , do something Daybreak , time to ip ban these people .
  3. MechAArmA Member

    Another one ,



    Yesterday night , EU server as always .
  4. MechAArmA Member

    Yesterday again ,


  5. MechAArmA Member

    Yesterday still ,



    ( They have alt accounts btw )
  6. MechAArmA Member



    3 days ago , EU again .
    I shortened the video , the picture show the moment they died from gas .

    Pic :
  7. Carmen696 Member


    2 days ago, EU
  8. MechAArmA Member

    A four or five group of teamers



    Canario050593 ( Look at the last kill )

    So that's it daybreak im not gonna spend 2 hours per day to upload and cut the vids , IP BAN THEM PLEASE !

    Regular ban won't affect them , they are simply going on alt accounts !
  9. AlhpaBravos Member

    Thanks for this MechaArma! Such as shame that we have to resort to these kind of measures. All daybreak have to do is add a report feature in the game to make the process easier for most people.
    I tend to see more cheaters late at night when they probably think no one cares. WiSH i could send an emp pulse through their internet. POS!
  10. MechAArmA Member

    Thanks Alpha , i think they won't be reacting or anything else , but i guess it's the same usual thing , im not even surprised by that ..
  11. Mag_ftw New Member

    Whats up guys... Cant log in with psn get daybreak error 44...well i see you are recording and posting like my previous teaming in solos tread in the ''DELETED PAST FORUMS''. I Reported some of them and yes daybreak needs to enforce players guidelines and behavior in this matter. These players suck so bad the need to damage the gameplay to win. Bunch of rats... Keep and eye and report them here too:
  12. MechAArmA Member

    Sadly this seems to be useless , yesterday i encountered groups of teamers in the same game , devs aren't answering us here so no point to record them
  13. 2high2die420 New Member

    Can anyone confirm a single ban resulting from submitting videos?
  14. MechAArmA Member

    Honestly they are doing nothing about that , teamers i reported in that thread are still having good days , i saw some of them , multiple times , so i guess it's pointless to report at this point , what a waste of time tbh ..
  15. 2high2die420 New Member

    My first two games yesterday I encountered a pair ATV Glitching in a building in the final 2v2 and teamers in the final 6. First game I waited for the gas to force them out of the building and fed them each some hot riot pellets followed by an earl grey teabag for desert. Lost the 2v4 the next game against the teamers was going to post the vids but seems pointless
  16. MechAArmA Member

    I mean im taking it if you got the time to upload , im really interested by this behavior , i want to see how they react and act together , are you the guy that created the playlist with all the teaming vids in it ?
  17. Aragami New Member

    They need to stop allowing non plus accounts to play this game, would make much things better. And also they should just Ban the PS+ users from the game for weeks or so, and after a second time perma ban. But yeah they just wanna have as much players as possible, maybe buying something in the store! They dont give a **** if we must play against Arabs on EU servers, they dont give a **** about a ping filter / limit or dedicated servers. Its totally ok for them when fair playing people with good connection having a absolut disadvantage over the ohters, as long as many people as possible investing money in this game
  18. MechAArmA Member

    That PS+ only idea is very interesting , but i think there isn't enough players on the game to let that thing happen , but they should apply that permaban thing , after 9pm it's almost impossible to play a solo game without encountering teamers , but no worries dude , they can't keep the playerbase like thise eternally , regarding the bad comunication and the lack of updates it's a matter of weeks / months before it's dead for serious .
    Even tho if they seems to listen more than previously , this won't help them , if we don't have several adjustments and a real communication established here , between devs and us , then nothing will happen , the 3rd person mode will for sure bring more players , ok , but what about the internal splitting of the playerbase ?
    Daybreak devs , pay me a couple thousands dollars and a fly tickets and then i'll come to your office for a week and i'll make you a complete plan for getting your playerbase back + consequent increasment of sales , no jokes .
  19. Aragami New Member

  20. stevey66 Member

    Another cheater for the list - Mr-Dehghani

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