Starting a petition to remove 3rd party ADS

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by evry1sfav, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. stevey66 Member

    Yes I'm not particularly happy about it either - but I am adapting and learning the different skills needed to get good results
    Just played some Japan server tonight - with no 3rd person - and it feels much fairer and balanced to actually have to EARN the kill
    Of course all you good players are going to be mightily peeved - the skill gap has reduced markedly but surely they will have to do some balancing to at least try to make 1st person viable - so you would think more changes coming to restore the balance - the LMG right now is utterly ridiculous - the very elements that gave it some flaws before are now gone
  2. evry1sfav Member

    No doubt you have owned this Thrown for as long as I've ever seen! I been waitin for ya to take it back to be honest ****** lol.. They definitely need to work on the shot gun range, ect. I had a " Old Mouse " guy as a random, yep they suck its on my YouTube Lmfao! All and all the 3rd party has made it easier for scrubs to get kills. Theres no need to try and be good, spraying and praying will work just fine.. If you get into a battle, better not take any damage to word off the 3 team, then the 4th, until your dead.. unfortunately everyone can spray and give enough damage your done? So now everyone camps and hides until they hear gun fire, then they wait it out till everyone is bout dead and rush up to spray and pray lol...
  3. Shad0w New Member

    All you maniacs have way to many games. You guys well most have more than me nd my duos partner this season nd last season combined... and it's not over. I have like top 3 or 5 % wise in top 100 but cant keep up with 8+ hours a day. I will see 2high and very very very very few others are good. If you got a 3% win rate nd your top 100 .....naw, ranking needs fixed.
  4. AlhpaBravos Member

    There should be petitions for fixing issues with lag and all these legacy bugs. Imo, they are just as bad if not worse than 3rd person ADS. And dont get me started on broken *** leaderboards. I will not be coming back to this game or supporting it in any way until major changes are made.
  5. 2high2die420 Member

    I think I need to eat some crow, I was editing a video yesterday and now I believe I felt aim assist in 3rd after posting on several posts that aim assist did not exist. I will say it now I believe I was wrong I am gonna mess around more with the video but the LMG seemed to instantly focus on the head twice in a row. If there is aim assist I can’t support it I was adamant there wasn’t but now I believe there is, my apologies to anyone I commented on saying there was not
  6. 2high2die420 Member

    I agree leaderboards need to deduct points when killed by lower ranks, lower placement and reward wins more IMO. If I just drop in afk I will likely place in top 70 and gain points just by playing a game. If anyone ever played killzone back in the day for ps2 you could DeRank people etc and your rank was constantly fluctuating, this is masters and then nothing. I have also experience several times getting wins with 15-20 kills between my partner and I yet my win Percentage and kill average go down
  7. evry1sfav Member

    That would be perfect if they did something like that.. It would be even better if they put the skill back in the game too.. They took any skill required out when they added the 3rd party shooting lol.. If they wanna adjust the per kill by level of player they should at least make there be a skill level there too?
  8. Maggwar Member

    Were to sign? Anybody know if can help on these please let us know. And also spread the info of 3ads removal in facebook ig yt tt whatsapp etc...
  9. Menacemastrz Member

    Again don’t believe it’s ever going to change back. And honestly now that its been tainted and spoiled us with this high kill auto aim system if it did, I think people will still be unhappy. it’s done. Fix the balancing and remove the auto aim completely.
    I can think of another game that had the sort of the same issue red dead redemption the original. It had 3 aim modes
    Casual aim (full blown auto aim)
    Normal aim (some auto aim)
    Expert aim (no auto aim)
    The mode you chose to play in offered a much faster rate of leveling up.
    Expert of course gaining you the most xp points. It sucked playing in the same lobby as the other players using casual and normal aim, but at least I knew I was stacking double xp for each kill. It’s pretty jacked. In this case maybe something like that could work using 1st person gets higher xp. Or maybe a 1st person only modes which of course gains better xp than the 3rd person because it’s a lil tougher to use and it’s the o.g. way :) I would be in that lobby for sure.
    Peace yall
  10. Menacemastrz Member

    True I was prewarned about red dead 2 and the auto-aim. It’s def. upsetting.
    When the 1st red dead was released everyone was in the same lobby. Casual - expert. They eventually after months added a expert only mode if I can remember correctly .So in this case wouldn’t be too bad just a thought. 50xp for spray and pray 100xp for 1stperson.
    I think that’s close to what red dead 1 was doin.
  11. xBustin_Capz New Member

    I agree it’s less competitive and takes almost no skill to 3rd person.
  12. Maggwar Member

    Agree with all being said like the RDR2 3ads types of aim. And yes mr this 3ads dont need skills neither grind. We need competitive games no a easy happy triggers every corner. The game its dying if not dead by this dumb and no ps4/h1z1 way of aiming.