Starting a petition to remove 3rd party ADS

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by evry1sfav, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. evry1sfav Member

    Lets make this game a challenge again! Im #1 in Duos'... Got the most kills... Its not fair with the 3rd person... Lets go back to a competitive game H1Z1
  2. Menacemastrz Member

    I’m going to say thank you thank you thank you!! Every1sfav I’m on board 100% I stopped playing shortly after it was changed and the skilled 1st person aim stood no chance against the 3rd person aim assist. and recently started back up about a week ago because I still wanted to play. So I conformed to 3rd person because its so overpowered and accurate you are left with no choice. Real talk.
    I’m going to say let’s do it bring the games unique 1st person that attracted a lot of players from the beginning. Back and dump that weak a$$ auto gay aim.
    Instead of fixing the 1st person they dropped this weak system that was already there and now it’s become mandatory to even play. It’s ruining the game (1st day noobs should not be getting headshot kills on top tier guys LOL!) that’s what it’s become! the h1 twitch viewer counts have dropped by 1/2 and my friends list seems less of them are playing more and more after it was released has no one noticed this? It was on a roll end of season 3 but now it’s just spiraling down into nothing.
    I think everyone would like to go back at least the true h1z1 players.
    Peace out yall
    Oh yes I do see you on that board every1fav and it looks a real real nice :) take it easy
  3. Cole_MacGraft Member

    #rd person isnt that bad everyone is kinda on the same lvl. i welcome the change and before for change i had no prob getting wins this has made the game easier so imho if you were good before you should be almost god like now.
  4. stevey66 Member

    Yes - it has certainly changed the dynamics of the game - some positive, some negative. An objective analysis of these changes would be helpful - for future tweaking to get the balance right

    I was a late adopter of 3rd person as I kept playing Season 4 early as I always have - recently I have embraced the 3rd person - and things are sure different

    The Drizzle makes the point - that faster killing, more action oriented, ultra fast encounters mean that the player base may widen and the excitement level increases and it sets H1 apart and makes it more accessible for newer players since they can get some kills (drizzle says like early PC days)

    There is certainly some sort of aim assist going on - bullets seems to magnetically attract to the target - I am now getting 10 kill games much more easily than previous but I am also dying ultra fast when out of position - headshots wow - the precision required in old days with the Scout to hit the head - now it is spray and headshots so easy

    What has happened - it is now like PUBG in that with two people who can shoot - it is who sees the other first - end of story. Previously, H1Z1 was the one game where you had loads more defensive options - sure you would be shot by someone unseen but you could do all sorts of things to survive like strafing, jumping, evading until cover, smokes, vehicles and you could dodge with enough time to fire back and have a chance.

    So those all around defensive elements that good players love - that meant you could have a prolonged tactical mid to long range fight that went on for a while - REALLY hard to get the kill when someone was being defensive at range - now that is vastly diminished

    Now it is ALL about positioning and shooting on target first - to survive now, interacting with crates has changed, positioning behind cover has changed, using vehicle has changed, reloading after a kill has changed - things like knowing when to come out after their clip is empty is now vital - you just die so quickly !

    The LMG used to be fair - big bloom and distance and could be taken down with the CNQ - now - oh my god - 3rd person shred

    Having said this - the shotgun honcho mechanic is now much better and where it always should have been - to be effective with the shotgun rush - your spacing has to be SO exact - now you can easily defend this with the proper distance spacing. I use the Combat when people hide behind trees at end - you jump out right next to them or else - this is how the Shotguns should work - skill in distancing

    There does need to be a balance between both modes - so that 1st person is still viable - at long distance with Marauder it still is - with Scout at distance- but it has limited use now given how powerful 3rd person really is - I have noticed long distance snipes seem to be less practiced

    It has also made the AK and Hellfire viable again - so it has brought those guns back and narrowed the gap between them and KH, Marauder and CNQ - if you are in superior position AK can defeat KH

    I can't say I have felt unhappy with changes - I just needed to adapt and embrace new style - and for me playing at high ping of 320 from Australia changes make it even harder for me to survive !

    Balance is always difficult - H1 do a pretty good job overall to make the game playable (except for the atrocious crossbow that has now been fixed)

    Thoughts anyone ?
  5. Menacemastrz Member

    That is a very nice breakdown stevey. Damn Good stuff I agree with all of it except I can say I felt unhappy with the changes. And I’ll take a step back and say they will never remove 3rd person Ads. No matter what we do. So maybe another survey or update to balance the two modes and make a nice happy median. The full automatics in third person all need to be looked at and died down a little. Cnq well I’ll be damn it’s the unstoppable. And Hellautoaimfire could be a green drop too. Make it a little interesting and not have 99 of them on the map? It’s h1znite Lol.
  6. Menacemastrz Member

    Its not that bad and you welcome change because it’s made the game easier. Well that’s disheartening that players like you are even here. Enjoy your easier game haha oh and btw. Mario bros. is coming out with a new game !! Better get on it.
  7. 2high2die420 Member

    I’m 50 50 on this it is easier to shoot no question, but It is refreshing when not every fight ends up in a bunny hoppoff with riots. They can reduce the accuracy some and I would be happy it gets old when half your battles you are left scratching your head when the guy goes through the ground or the shots do not register similar damage at equal distances.
  8. Cole_MacGraft Member

    the game is easier for people who were skilled before the change. it puts everyone on pretty much the same level with 3rd person. ill make sure to get you a copy of that mario game it will help rise your iq so you learn to adapt instead of complain. This change is in no way unfair or gamebreaking with a few tweaks it will be fine, you are talking about removing it 100% because new players are coming in putting you down and you're not a "top tier guy" like before Learn to adapt. No one was attracted to H1 for " the games unique 1st person". The game was fast pace, fun and was basic with no gimmick just raw gunplay and skill also it was a welcome change from fortnite.

    To prove the point I was trying to make I have many high kills games recorded before 3rd person was added. when I say the game is easier im mainly talking for new players (ive been playing since beta so not new had to make sure i spelled it out for menacemastrz) new players being deadly in such a short period means 1. they will likely stay. 2. The games will be more of a challenge for all players because the skill gap is smaller. Could have been more civil but you chose to be immature instead of just voicing why you feel differently I wont be stooping to your level in a response after this one.
  9. Cole_MacGraft Member

  10. stevey66 Member

    Yes Menace - I can understand the change will be opposed by skill players that dominated before the changes. I played at the start of 3rd person when it wasn't tweaked properly - it was so awful I didn't want a bar of it. Now with sensitivity settings etc etc - I just got into Combat Training and started getting the new feel of it. Three straight sessions with the KH on a tear - I didn't die once and was just swapping vehicles and practicing the feel and correct distancing - especially knowing when you are not blocked with the red x marker in 3rd person
    Sidenote - Cole is a really really good player and will murder you post haste lol
  11. Menacemastrz Member

    Sure whatever Cole, Lol. My iq will raise when you buy me Mario ok sure?. The GUNS are easier to shoot. c’mon don’t act like as soon as you picked up that hellfire season 4 you were not laying them down faster and more accurate than ever before. Hellfire, cnq, Khk, and lmg. those all have become easier to shoot and hit targets. I’m with Stevey on the bullets have become magnetic they just hit there target more now. Whoo hoo !
    And Cole I retract my sh!tty Mario comment my bad I just can’t stand the word easy and game together. Peace
  12. Menacemastrz Member

    ok sure Stevey, he’s a real good player hell murder me post haste that **** is too funny!
  13. evry1sfav Member

  14. evry1sfav Member

    I was no slouch at this game, was rank 3rd in Duos before this new season. Again Ranked 1st... for now, provided 2high doesn't find a good partner soon! lol.. I think anyone that is happy with the new 3rd person, was trash before. Come to duos, I'm on all the time, and watch how easily we trash on ya'll! Its not fair... Without the 3rd person people have a chance to survive.. Now spraying and praying pays off!! Aiming down sights, requires a skill, one that requires practice and dedication to gaming..
  15. Maggwar Member

    Big bullcráp 3ads its cancer... Play fortshi7 if u like that aim assist. Im on this **** the 3ads the game its lame now a noob can kill you with no skills. Devs needs to look back and use this only in events BECAUSE THIS IS NOT REAL H1Z1
  16. Maggwar Member

    This cole mac... Its the kinda player that spam and jumps with shotguns in seasons before cheating af... now he likes 3ads mmm trend mmm i guess its bad players the ones who likes this atrocity of aim. Be real they are killing the original base players of the h1z1... competition and skill no longer makes you wanna play. Its boring been frag from far and with any weapon as a machinegun even hellfire no recoil. No real no fun f... This 3ADS BS
  17. JernejK1 Member

    I remember seeing a lot of posts on the old forum with players asking for 3rd person ADS. I was against it then and I still am now. If I wanted to play a game with this feature, I'd play Realm Royale or Fortnite. First person ADS requires a tremendously higher level of skill and I liked that.
  18. Cole_MacGraft Member

    ive never been bad at this game by a long shot. but say what you want guy. ive always come on here and the old forums and told people to cry less and work more on learning to adapt. I didnt care for 3rd person when it was being asked for on the old forums. but now that its here its most likely not going anywhere. So as ive said learn to adapt or go play something else. Like i stated before If you were good at the game before 3rd person you should be super top tier now since it takes no skill as you keep stating. why do you care if you were killed by a noob or a veteran player the point is YOU DIED maybe if you look at how you got destroyed instead of crying its because this new aim you would improve lord adults acting like children THINGS CHANGE and daybreak is not the company to listen and turn back the clocks. play the game and learn from your deaths
  19. evry1sfav Member

    I agree, you need to learn the game you want to play and be good at. They have changed the game and the dynamics of the game since it dropped. They took the challenge, skill out of the game! Anyone whom likes the 3rd person really wasn't good before. They made a challenging game easier. Are you one of these new age people that thinks anyone should get a prize just for showing up? Go play fortnite if you don't want a challenge!
  20. 2high2die420 Member

    Partner has nothing to do with it brother you have 300 more games played I took the first week off in between seasons cuz I thought it didn’t count or I’d be up by 100,000 plus points but I’ve enjoyed the throne first 3 seasons time for someone new. I’m switching to 5s for season 5 so we should have some good battles for the next couple weeks. I think the largest factor for 3rd is how quick you can aim maybe a slight delay might help I really hope this game doesn’t go back to shotgun fights. If you are running a ps4 classic I suggest you get in a shotgun fights with the old mouse clan or other barazillian based clan and see what is wrong with close combat fighting lol