Stamp Mission-Why am I the only one with them?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Punk_Out, Feb 27, 2019.

  1. MRLEGEND69 Member

    ill never buy a battlepass from h1 again, they out here finessin people
  2. AlhpaBravos Member

    I havent bought any of daybreaks battlepasses for various reasons. Mostly because they offer poor value for the money. But main reason, i just dont think this company (daybreak) does a good job at communicating their actions or relating to their user base and community. As a result you end up with a vacuum in the official forums where members angers end up turning against each other when the focus should be on the product and daybreaks lack of inaction and transparency.
  3. RagingRastafari New Member

    Hi guys. Is there any way to get answers from daybreak regarding why some ppl get these stamp missions and some dont. In my honest opinion, it’s ridiculous. I bought the battlepass yet alot of my friends received the stamp missions and i didnt. Basically they levelled up way past me who has been grinding like crazy. Some of them reached lvl 100 while im stuck waiting for new weekly challenges that unresponsive half the time. There has been no explanation and/or rectification of the matter. What it means is that me trying to catch up to the rest are futile attempts to try and get items the rest has already obtained. Massive uneven playing field that has already demolished an incentive for me to perform well in the game and earn rewards. Free game u might say? Well ive spent more on this “free game” than i have in any other.
  4. MRLEGEND69 Member

    amen brudda
  5. MRLEGEND69 Member

    i got an email from a db employee saying they gave certain “new players” different incentives to play ex: the stamp mission and grey/red ant helmets , veteran players get nothing as usual
  6. RagingRastafari New Member

    Well that email is a load of BS dude coz a lot of my friends who at the time were over tier 60 when they got the stamp missions and they have been playing since S1. DB is spewing out nonsense
  7. MRLEGEND69 Member

    wow, typical
  8. TyrellCorp New Member

    Not happy about this.. I understand what they tried to do here, but now that it's known that it didn't roll out correctly, they should make them available for everyone.. I'm a day one beta player and it's a bit upsetting that they didn't reward veteran players with anything for staying with the game after a sub standard season 2.. no communication on the forums about it either, even though it's clearly pissing a lot of people off.. roll it out for everyone with a patch, it's that simple
  9. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Stamp missions are extra challenges for new players and returning players - those who have been away for awhile or aren't as deeply active in the de facto daily and weekly challenge system. Basically, they were meant as an incentive for more casual players to give the new Season a try. But it's clear that having access to the entirety of the challenge system is something the broader community wants, and we'll work to see if we can address this in advance of the next update.
  10. Punk_Out Member

    I was neither one of those. I was playing a lot between the end of last season most of the beginning of this season and then I got Stamp Missions l. I was probably 5 tiers behind my buddies and then I shot pass them by 20 tiers in a couple hours of effort.

    All in all, Stamp Missions were not executed properly and some type of explanation should of been stated one day 1 of this season. It caused a huge backlash on this game.

    I will say this, H1Z1 is going to get left behind as new battle royales come out. Apex has taken a lot of players away from H1Z1. My team barely play H1Z1 and I barely play now too (Bethesda fixed Fallout 76 finally; sort of). The initiative to play just isn't there anymore for me personally. I am Tier 97 and I only log in for the daily gear/free battel pass points. If the H1Z1 team has a team meeting they should just spend the whole time scanning the forums and learn from their mistakes. But they are probably part of the PC Master Race....
  11. lPolitics Member

    Ultimately what I think it was for.
  12. MRLEGEND69 Member

    i dnt see how h1 is in the playstation or steam store
  13. Bling666 New Member

    I've got stamp missions Finally.but my bro would also like them.I got 2 brothers.its just my one bro that doesn't have em now :(
  14. Rowen New Member

    If you are a new or returning player you receive the stamp missions,

    When season 3 launched I did not have the stamped or returning player mission.

    I stopped playing because of the current condition of the game, returned recently and noticed the stamped missions and returning player on my account. I think its about a week that you need to stop playing to unlock those.
  15. 2high2die420 Member

    Tell your brother they only give stamp challenges to superior players so he must not have got them because he is teh n00b
  16. Bling666 New Member

    Thanks for the info guys
  17. Jcon115 Member

    I play H1Z1 almost everyday for numerous hours. After I took a week-long break from playing, I logged on to find that I had these stamp missions on my account. The game must of detected me as a "returning player" or something. I'm now getting so many crates from these stamp mission chalenges because they're bugged. Whenever you complete them, you'll get a crate, but you can keep completing them over and over to get more crates. I guess it's not a bug to be complaining about though lol. So I guess you just need to take a week-long break or so from playing and log back in. Then you might get the stamp missions.