Spamming [Respawn] in Combat Training/FFA

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by unislayer50, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. unislayer50 New Member

    • After death in Combat Training or FFA, spamming the Respawn button may cause the player to lose inventory.

    Reproduce the Bug
    1) Join Combat Training / FFA
    2) Die
    3) Rapidly tap the Respawn button

    • Spamming the Respawn button during the respawn loading screen is most likely to reproduce this bug.
    • Inventory space is affected. Limits weapon capacity, ammo capacity, throwable capacity, and healing items.
    • Backpacks cannot be picked up.
  2. CARLOSproduce New Member

    Good catch. I was wondering why I would occasionally spawn with no backpack:confused:
  3. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Thanks uni, we flagged this yesterday and are investigating a fix