Shotguns and Crossbows

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Carmen696, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Carmen696 Member

    Yep, this is basically 90% of the game now. Remember when you had a type of game mode called shotguns and snipers or something like that where you could only use those weapons. Well thats basically what has happened to this game now, but now its shotguns and crossbows only.

    And the really annoying thing is that you cant "turn it off" or play a normal game mode.

    Nerf the damn crossbow please!!!!

    1. Move it to purple drops
    2. Make it so you actually have to hit the vehicle for the EMP to take effect, that way people would use quads that give less protection more since they would be more difficult to hit. At least nerf the EMP radius.
  2. TyrellCorp New Member

    Yes, it's certainly annoying when you're not a shotgun main player.. the game forces you to use a dedicated crossbow slot in your inventory.. hopefully something gets done about it.. the crossbow meta right now is not very fun.. if it's not a shotgunner, then it's the guy that just finished you off with splash damage.. they should also limit the amount of arrows you can carry to reduce the spam
  3. Jcon115 Member

    Exactly. I'm not a shotgun main player too. I try not to use my shotgun as much but I'm kinda forced to when I'm being codrushed all the time.
  4. Maggwar Member

    Crossbows are fine you need to learn how to deal with a EMP vehicle situation. Is a vehicle camper denial. If not you will have endless cars roaming at the end.
  5. TheDrizzle22 Member

    Riot is the core weapon in the game. Why not learn how to use one. Rather then ask someone to make the game easier for yourself.
  6. TyrellCorp New Member

    The explosive character splash damage and emp radius of the cross bow is my biggest beef with it.. I'm not hating on people that are shot gun mains.. however, in it's current state, the cross bow is OP because it functions as both explosive and emp, is too commonly found across the map and can have a ton of arrows.. I don't like how a miss can still result in a car being deactivated with it's current emp radius.. also the nerds that use the cross bow as a crutch weapon to use the splash damage to kill someone that is essentially a sitting duck once the car is deactivated.. that's not strategic or fun
  7. Cole_MacGraft Member

    1. Move Crosbows to purple
    2. limit the crossbow to 2 bolts MAX
    3. give Crossbows ONLY EMP bolts

  8. AlhpaBravos Member

    I'd like to see option one as it might focus more concentration of players for purple drops, keeping the game more engaging through out. I see to many times 30 players around as gold drops happen.