Several ideas for future gameplay

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    New places of interest on the map. i.e. new forts and camps shanty towns etc.

    Maybe make current POIs more dilapitated i.e. tents are older and falling apart, walls and roofs are damaged and falling in( this makes the possibility to change the elevation of fights in some areas and entrance points to buildings vary) to indicate the passage of time. Alternatively take us back a month and make the buildings newer and fema camps barely being set up, broken down cars look newer and not burnt out.

    Replace locations for military crate spawns.

    Add a full auto Glock with extended mag to use .45 ammo.

    Make crossbow EMP only effective with a direct hit from a set distance only.

    Add a grenade launcher (m79)that can fire smoke grenade, gas cannisters, frag grenades and airstrikes, depending on what grenade is equipped. Make this weapon randomly available similar to airstrikes currently.

    Add bomb suit armor. One suit per gold drop that limits mobility to be slower than without boots, but increases armor to 75 helmet 100 vest.

    Add a flame thrower into crates that has a main use to clear buildings.

    Napalm air strike

    Add remote explosives that sticks to vehicle or players as a throwable item. These are available only as 1 item and are not stackable. One slot is used for the explosives another slot is used for the detenator (to keep throwable spamming balanced) Great for making carbombs ,sabotaging enemy vehicles and springing traps.

    Add land mines to help set up a perimeter to defend against cod rushers.(watch out for friendly fire)

    Add an APC can carry five but only one person can shoot, players, can't change weapons and must use weapon equipped when the player entered the vehicle, grenades can not be thrown while riding, strong resistance to EMP effects(maybe 3 emps effects needed to stop the vehicle for a shorter than average time), very slow moving, but very armored. This drops with gold drops and spawns randomly.

    Add the ability to place markers on the map for you and your sqaud to see.

    Add the ability to remove boots.

    Change the spread of the combat shotgun back to what it was previously. Fire rate is fine.

    Add the ability to use credits to unlock any one item per day regardless if it's in the market place(even if it's a highly inflated cost i.e. 10,000 credits)

    Add shout outs in addition to Emotes.

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