Season 3

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LegendBeard, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Totally hear you - our intention is always to release the new season at or shortly after the finish of the previous season, but Season 3 was such a massive update that we needed to take a little extra time to test and polish.
  2. stevey66 Member

    Thanks again for the update - totally understood given some of the new changes. I think new players especially are going to love the FFA Deathmatch - the learning curve can be so steep and brutal for new players in the BR - this way they will get some kills and have fun doing it while learning - why don't you guys link on this site to the 16 minutes video showing a full Deathmatch game that I have watched
  3. wilfrea1216 New Member

    this season looks amazing, hats off for the devs and cheers to a great season
  4. AlhpaBravos Member

    Release date is 22nd feb but with all the delays, will believe when i see it lol
  5. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Hey Stevey - working on a post for the site now. The FFA Deathmatch video was initially an exclusive for a big media outlet ( so we had to give them a window to use it first, but will try to get it up on the site this week.

    And definitely agree on the new mode - I'm normally more into Teams BR than Solos (cause I have garbage aim and die to fast lol) but dropping into FFA and getting some kills while practicing with a bunch of the top-tier weapons I can't always get in air drops is pretty gd fun!
  6. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Season 3 release date is actually Thursday 2/21 :)

    Will have more info on patch notes/downtimes before the update goes live!
  7. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Thanks my dude!!
  8. AlhpaBravos Member

    Release date is 22nd feb but with all the delays, will believe when i see it lol

    Sorry but your credibility carries on free-falling like the characters in your video game, only you dont have a parachute right now. I wouldnt be surprised if season 3 wipes peoples accounts and their stash or victory crates. Instead of making any further announcements in the future, why dont you keep it to yourselves as daybreak clearly cant stick to any kind of schedule. At least then, an update would be an actual surprise. Enough with the excuses and announcements. Just sort yourselves out!
  9. AlhpaBravos Member

    I wanted to re-edit my last post but have now lost the chance. The sentiment and tone would have been similar but would have rephrased a sentence or two. I think this is the last time i ever get personally invested in a game. Finally got a chance to check out s3 on 22nd after i got kicked from server 21/02 11pm GMT. Long overdue.