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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LegendBeard, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. MRLEGEND69 Member

    can you tell us anything on the new game mode??!!??
  2. AlhpaBravos Member

    Since pretty much the opening of the previous h1z1 "official" forum, communication has been terrible and thats an understatement. There were literally a hundred or more threads left unanswered by the moderator (Lt.toast). I hope this wont be the case with this forum and new moderator. And the only reason why i think we finally got some answers is because of the growing distrust and disappointment with daybreak and its practices. This thread alone is an indication of this. Words and announcements are just that. Its the actions, transparency and commitment to user base that im interested in...
  3. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Absolutely my dude - I know how frustrating it is waiting to hear on updates. Sometimes we want to share everything but if there's any uncertainty around the development schedule, it's better not to share than to share something that ends up being wrong (like I did on Thursday). But THIS TIME I promise there's actual real news coming early next week :)
  4. MRLEGEND69 Member

    What is the ranking system like for season 3? is there royalty or what is gonna be the highest rank? and how will we jusged on these ranks?
  5. Dgkkush1993 Member

    Will we be able to see season 2 stats anywhere? I grinded my *** off season 2 for decent stats... If we won’t be able to see them that will be very upsetting and frusterating. I understand they will be reset but there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to see these stats ...
  6. FRANPAM Member

    como se notan aqui los que, se gastan dinero y no, para matar a algunos que tienes que dar hasta 3 y 4 disparos con la escopeta de cerca, y el te da uno y se acabo::, y el arco que el arco lo cojen los PREMIUNS Y PUEDES DECIR ADIOS,, Y TU LES DISPARAS 8 veces y nI LE QUITAS la mitad de la vida, venga ya, algunas veces me da x no jugar mas ,, mas de un jugador se a ido x eso, x que algunos jugadores tienen el privilegio de tener el favor de ser premiun y jugar con ventaja: enojado:, yo lo he visto y comprobado bastantes veces:, se notan los premiun x que usa ropas que no Se puede conseguir , si no eres premiun, si siguen asi, se mantendrá con muy pocos jugadores, y miren que el juego es bastante bueno, de lo mejor que he visto, pero no es justo
  7. FRANPAM Member

    aqui tienen un corrector de frases,,que tu escribes una cosa,,y el corrector pone otra muy diferente
  8. Ragnarok Member

    Dgkkush1993 No stats for season 2 its been addressed by jgolenbo on page 4 hopefully season 3 will have a better system to record these stats.
  9. EmilRamboPL New Member

    The first time I met with something such that the season is 2 means it ends on 05/02/2019 and the next one starts only on 21/02/2019 I do not understand why you give information in the game that the season 2 ends, if it continues, I will give a comparison that in fortnite when given the season ends the next begins at the appointed time and here is a misunderstanding give information in the game that the season ends, what does "end" mean to you?
  10. Ragnarok Member

    Thanks for that news announcement 100% excited about new modes. And those skins are awesome can't wait to fold these guys and gals on season 3. Daybreak You out did yourselves this time hats off to you.
  11. EmilRamboPL New Member

  12. NoTourist93 New Member

    Its cool to see that you can now earn crowns by levelling up your battlepass. Other games have been doing this for a while so its nice to see H1Z1 join the party.
  13. stevey66 Member

    Just watched a 15 minute video of new Season 3 Deathmatch mode - looks BRILLIANT !
  14. Fusnix New Member

    Season 3 look absolutly amazing.Crowns for Battle pass,nice skins,new modes ,that is new energy in to the vein of H1Z1.Thx and one question on Dev. Come special bundle with season 3 on psstore with premium battle pass and with any costume or not ?Thx
  15. Cole_MacGraft Member

    can you tell us more about these daily attendance rewards like what will they be? are they crowns or xp or outfit parts?
  16. jgolenbo Community Relations

    It's all good my dudes! :D
  17. jgolenbo Community Relations

    I don't believe there are any Premium Battle Pass offerings that include exclusive skins or outfits - there will be three separate bundles (PS Plus + two others in PS store) that DO offer exclusive items, working to get all the details on those this week and will share with everyone here once I have them
  18. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Likely all of the above - there will at least one full outfit that you can collect just from logging in
  19. VampireSpaceHog New Member

    Do you have an expected time frame of when co-op deathmatch mode will be available? I was really looking forward to playing deathmatch duos and fives.
  20. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Nothing to share on any teams FFA Deathmatch modes yet, but totally agree they'd be a cool edition and it's something the Dev team is already looking at. It might be something we try and experiment with as a midseason event, but when I have more details I'll share them here.

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