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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LegendBeard, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. LegendBeard New Member

    Give us finally a Statement Daybreak!
    It's getting stupid.
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  3. Gung-H0-Gring0 Member

    This company is a joke as they bathe in the money we throw at them. Thy think because it’s a free game, we don’t need answered. Take a page from Fortnite, which I hate, but they do it right
  4. DopeyJones New Member

    Do they try to do this on purpose? every single time an update or season ends its like they are completely caught off guard by whats going on... "Wait what...? Huh? When? Whats going on? Me?"

    I dont even want to play this game anymore, it was fun but when stuff like this happens and theres no support, no hype for the next season it just feels stupid trying to get excited over something that know isnt going to be there soon.
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  6. EmilRamboPL New Member

    maybe they mistook the year 2019 with 2020 . TIME TO BUY PUGB
  7. EmilRamboPL New Member

    they mistake year 2019 with 2020
  8. biztech New Member

    PUBG is not the alternative we H1Z1 players like, but please @H1Z1 inform us!
  9. Dockerz1989 New Member

    If got pubg, it's an ok game I'm not fussed about it, h1z1 iv put in so much time with made great friends so I'm just hopeful that they don't disappoint. I'm
  10. wilfrea1216 New Member

    the reason they suck with communicating is for simple reasons like this...for some reason its just too hard for them to come on here and state something like "hey fans, there are still some things that need to be tweaked, the announcement will be delayed until friday. thank you for your patience"...but no, they tell you one thing, like the announcement will be thursday and then dont make the announcement and cant take 5 mins out of their day to inform us of the delay. i feel like with all the layoffs they probably dont even have a real community relations employee, they probably had to cut cost and are using developers who are busy developing to once and a while get on here and give us info. smh, h1, step your f**king game up
  11. wilfrea1216 New Member

    "It's now Friday maybe they ment next Thursday"
    Dockerz1989, it goes to show how little they check the forums. if they just checked it yesterday and see all of their fans confused, they should of made a post telling us its next thursday/friday, but noooo, the community relations got stuck at the fyre festival and has no wifi to update us. enjoy your cheesebread!
  12. EmilRamboPL New Member

    this is a ****** joke even if season 3 starts today/tommorow
  13. Dockerz1989 New Member

    The way it's going season 3 will start in march
  14. Mepps Community Relations

    We are looking at next week for news - locking in the last few details. Sorry for the delay.
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  16. LucaBrasi Member

    Why are you JUST NOW telling us this after YOU said Thursday? You could have said this yesterday. The way you're handling this is NOT a good look, and to create this forum basically to ignore us while we all sit here wondering wtf is going on?....... Let me be the first to thank you for ALL that you're doing
  17. LegendBeard New Member

    100% agreed.
  18. LucaBrasi Member

    Community relations said on another thread

    We are looking at next week for news - locking in the last few details. Sorry for the delay.

    Don't understand why they couldn't post that in announcements, but whatever..... next week everyone
  19. LucaBrasi Member

    The frustrating part is, they don't even make a thread saying that it's going to be longer. You would have to br watching this thread or raff through all of this to find that it's next week now? This is crazy, and sooooo frustrating because of lack of common sense and common courtesy
  20. BrunoLdeG New Member

    Are you kidding us?
    Just you guys who wind up so much to launch updates. Lack of respect for us.