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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LegendBeard, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. LegendBeard New Member

    Could we just get any information about when the season 3 drops?
    Why do you guys even open a new Forum If you still dont communicate with us?

    Please communicate and give us informations Daybreak.
  2. EmilRamboPL New Member

    lol you have many information and in the game you have time when season 2 ends and 3 start propably in the bookmark, battlepass
  3. Shad0w New Member

    No season 2 ends today, season 3 has yet to receive a date and they really need to communicate with community more, much more. Season 3 they said will have details later this week, I assume next Tuesday when it will begin, maybe even following...I hope not.
  4. MRLEGEND69 Member

    /////////////I agree 100% they cant find one member dedicated to forums?? IMO they should have been interacting/posting last night details about season 3
  5. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Hey Legend & co - we have a season 3 announcement scheduled this week (Thursday) with more news including official launch date. This is the biggest update we've ever done for H1Z1 on PS4 (an entire free expansion) so just taking a few extra days internally to make sure all the new stuff (FFA,
    Ranked Leaderboards, new Battle Pass, etc) is working as it should.
  6. LegendBeard New Member

    Thank you for this reply.

    Looking forward to these informations.
  7. MRLEGEND69 Member

    Appreciate the feedback thank you/ GO H1!!
  8. stevey66 Member

    Thank you for the update - always appreciated
  9. EmilRamboPL New Member

    Sorry i thought that it would start evenly with the watch :eek:
  10. Cole_MacGraft Member

    Is the new free update coming out Today Feb 7 2019?
    Also cool new website
  11. wilfrea1216 New Member

    i know you will be mentioning official launch date, but i hope you guys mention how much the battlepass will be as well.
  12. MRLEGEND69 Member

    Any news on when things will be ready?
  13. Dockerz1989 New Member

    So last I saw we was going to here about season 3 news today ( Thursday?) But.... still nothing what is going on!!!!!
  14. Ragnarok Member

    Daybreak needs to be more transparent with what's going on in the game. Quit with the radio silence we don't need season 3 to start today we just what to know something as
    Season 2 ends and just zip were just suppossed to wait till u guys decide to speak hopefully b4 2020 I hope.
  15. Ragnarok Member

    Lmao get um lilpolo but seriously you guys said Thursday.
  16. LegendBeard New Member

    Thursday is still not over so chill out :D
  17. LucaBrasi Member

    Agreed, I have no problem waiting for the next season. But it would be nice to know before one season ends, that the next season will start in how ever many days, weeks, whatever. Plus, that will possibly cut back on the trolls...... POSSIBLY
  18. Ragnarok Member

    Well they deleted half of the comments on here so hopefully the give us an update soon #censorship
  19. LucaBrasi Member

    I'm starting to feel like we've been ghosted
  20. Ragnarok Member

    Yep I feel that way too. Did you notice the community communacation thread we were talking on earlier has been removed