Season 3 Update (3/21) - Highlights

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by unislayer50, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. unislayer50 New Member

    Hey everyone!

    I'd like to point out a few key details that are coming in tomorrow's update, in case you missed it. Each detail can be expected to affect gameplay greatly.
    • Passengers can now exit vehicles while reloading, which will cancel the reload process. (More control of vehicular danger!)
    • Being downed while in a moving vehicle no longer incorrectly reduces the players health. (Friendlier downed state for drivers/passengers!)
    • Players can no longer reload or fire weapons while opening airdrop crates. (More vulnerability, more situational awareness!)
    • When loot pops out of an airdrop or loot bag, ammo is now placed near its corresponding weapon. (Easier weapon kitting!)
    • Downed players that are killed in Smoke now properly give kill credit and are displayed correctly in the Kill Feed. As a result, Smoke Grenades should no longer incorrect display on the Kill Feed. (Neutralized smoke!)
    • Hoodies now fold down when wearing a helmet, as intended. This prevents players from being able to hide the fact that they have a helmet equipped by wearing a hoodie. (No more "hood-vantage"!)
    • Navigating to a different menu from the leaderboard then to the game lobby no longer causes the character model to be invisible. (No more invisible character matches, hopefully!)
    See you in The Arena.
  2. Carmen696 Member

    So I just read the patch notes and the only bug they fixed worth mentioning is they fixed the ticking sound after you die entering spectate mode.

    There are no adjustments to the weapons or what crate you find them in.

    The crossbow has not been nerfed in any way and is still a gamebreaker for me.

    I see no reason to even try this update.

    Leaderboards and crossbow were the two big things that needed fixing and Daybreak failed miserably at this.
  3. AlhpaBravos Member

    • When loot pops out of an airdrop or loot bag, ammo is now placed near its corresponding weapon.
    • Players can no longer reload or fire weapons while opening airdrop crates.
    • Players now only must press Crouch button once to get up after being downed while prone
    Updates are welcomed but they need to happen often and continue to deal with issues going back to season 1. The three included in my post are probably the most significant changes not to mention the one about reloading after existing vehicle. The rest are just kind of odd like fixing scorched marks on wall from explosive damage or expelled cartridges displaying correctly.
    The UI for your avatar and leaderboard section is frankly terrible in season 3. My ps4 pro sounds like a jet engine when cycling through the options and the use of shoulder buttons makes the whole process tedious and convoluted.
    Also im not a fan of players not being able to fire their weapons while opening a crate. This another change that dumbs down the user experience and was unnecessary. I rarely if ever found people doing this except for more experienced players.
  4. Carmen696 Member

    • Players can no longer reload or fire weapons while opening airdrop crates.
    Yes I agree with AlphaBravo on this. Why would Daybreak "fix" this?
    This was a tiny detail that would benefit a skilled player, but now they dumbed it down. This was just unnecessary.
    Small stuff like this is what is rewarding for people who play a lot and gives them a edge in game play. Its too easy for a noob with a crossbow and terrible aim to kill a seasoned player the way it is now.
  5. AlhpaBravos Member

    A lot of the updates in that list is just pointless busy work. Only substantial stuff was fixing comprehensive issues in stuff like FFA which is nice for those who actually use that mode. So now with crates, your just a sitting duck. Who would want to open one if theres anyone near....
  6. Carmen696 Member

    Hope you can still pop a med kit while opening the crate unless they "fixed " that too.
  7. Squeaky___P Member

    I agree. This move let you really feel confident fighting for a crate. Let's hope they don't " fix applying bandages while aiming down sights" next. Daybreak is pandering to unskilled players.
  8. Carmen696 Member

    yes, thats true, but they would have figured it out eventually either way- At least now they know that not everyone wants it "fixed".
  9. BIPOLAR314 New Member

    Seems the roit shotgun doesn't reload as fast. Maybe I'm tripping.
  10. Cole_MacGraft Member

    nice job adding the white line to gas ring and the rank next too names nice work
  11. Carmen696 Member

    Or maybe they shouldnt have removed it from season 2, that way it wouldnt have needed "fixing"

    Daybreak motto: Lets break it so we can fix it later, maybe....
  12. AlhpaBravos Member

    yeah this the best update of them all and not even announced. I almost never go prone so option to stand faster is maybe next best.
  13. AlhpaBravos Member

    I had a little idea for victory crates where maybe they keep the same 100 items or so but change some of the skins to something much better. This way, only those who win games can get those items. Then i would be a bit happier at just seeing new items in the market place. Also with adding more items to victory crates, you would then have to remove duplicates to make the system fair...
  14. RuTH0X Member

    LOL at this update.. kind of painful inside myself atm... anyway..

  15. JernejK1 Member

    They still haven't fixed the most pressing issues, like falling through the map. It just happened to me.
  16. AlhpaBravos Member

    I rarely play FFA (just for stupid daily challenge) and was shocked to find it still bugging out like crazy. Weird audio glitches and extreme lag through out. Really dont get how people put up with this.
  17. Bling666 New Member

    Will they ever add the FIRE HAZARD skull mask to the market place or the PURPLE AURORA riot shotgun Camo?????what about the RUNNING MAN EMO??????