Season 3 Pick It Up or Pack It Up

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  1. TheDrizzle22 Member

    Understand I'm trying, I feel like you "devs" are not. With the release of season 3 for ps4 I knew and expected hiccups. Things don't often go as planed. However, I did not foresee heinous server latency quickly becoming the biggest issue with this game.

    Guys what happend today? More then that, what has happend the last 3 weeks? I have often heard, to be able to love someone you must first love yourself. Is this in fact the root of this issue? Not a single one of your "devs" plays this game. I'm not talking about Fort destiny. Clearly with the display you can see that those guys have about 15 hours playing this game. Not a single person that considers himself a "dev" on your staff has a passion or loves this game. It shows up clearly in the work produced.

    Guys, I get it. Punch a clock and get your money. At the end of the day your only human. I have seen so many "dev" replys to bug issues on here. Your aware of them, yet "privately" claim that their is not a player base to fund development back into the game. How have you come up with this conclusion? When in fact the reason for a low player base is an underdeveloped game release. Doh, I'm mean seriously. Like knowing this isn't a BIG player base, and match making becoming rank based.

    Complaints for the night, reset two times in 8 hours off leader board's, lobbies are the same 40 ppl over and over again maxing out at 70ish players, latency, latency, latency, oh not a single "Bug" fix.

    This is going to break this game without a fix asap. Get it together.
  2. Carmen696 Member

    I completely agree with everything you said. Im watching different streamers on twitch and there are between 5 to 40 people in solos because you can only play with people with same rank as you. There arent enough players to split up everyone to each rank. I want people of all skill levels in the same session.. Not just high ranks. This will be the final kill for H1. We need a fix asap or there will never be a season 4

    And the leaderboards are still being reset.
  3. Wide-Scope New Member

    It blew my mind how many glitches started popping up as soon as I started playing. I was expecting maybe smoothed out game play or the physics feeling better, maybe loot in the cabins.. idk the map loading in before I hit the ground. What was I thinking...
    I was so excited to play for leader boards only to be told that people had already been reset within 2 hours of Season 3 going live..

    I pretty much stopped my grind immediately.

    What's the point?
    Is there anything to play for besides **** that costs money?

    I'm a die hard player and the game is starting to lose me. It really breaks my heart that the developer of a game that I love completely neglects it and seems to not care about their players. feelsbadman.
  4. Gung-H0-Gring0 Member

    Preach brother
  5. Gung-H0-Gring0 Member

    I died of gas in the lobby today.. like wtf..
  6. mayster91 New Member

    This is really disgusting what daybreak did. Time to say goodbye for h1
  7. jgolenbo Community Relations

    We're working on a fix ASAP for the lobby issue. Should go out late afternoon (PST) or evening at the latest tonight as part of a larger patch to address a number of live issues. Totally understand how frustrating this, this was a huge update that introduced a lot of new content, new data, new strings, etc and we're working on getting everything to run more smoothly for everyone.
  8. MrJFouch New Member

    I'm not even sure where to begin on expressing my disappointment w/ H1Z1 & Daybreak.

    Let's just start from the beginning of yesterday afternoon.

    The game was to undergo maintenance for the "Major" patch update at 8:00 AM PST, and the downtime was expected to be 3 hours. Later, we received a tweet from the staff, explaining that the update was delayed due to several live issues. I personally have no idea what that means, but it doesn't sound good. The update for season 3 was finally available 2 hours after its scheduled time. I believe we all expected some sort of delay, and were OK with it.

    Once I entered the game, I got to navigate through the new UI. It seems OK, but was a little confusing at first. I suppose that is to be expected as it's new, and has more tabs and overall content in the main menu.

    After my first 5 games of solo's, not only did I experience frame rate lag, I also experienced some existing bugs that I was hoping to be fixed by the release of season 3, but it wasn't.

    I also noticed that the kill counter at the top left/center of the screen is unavailable until you're eliminated.

    The statistics on the solo ranking system isn't 100% accurate. For example; it wouldn't record all of my wins, and "the average kills per game" was way off. I had 93 kills in 14 games, 93/14 = 6.64 per match (quik maff). The career ranking system would display my average kills as 4.

    After my 5 solos matches, I was ranked Bronze, and as my 6th match I fell in with only 18 players. The number of players later increased, but slowly. I did not see anymore than 36 players by end of my night. It's very obvious that Tier based match making has been implemented into the matches, separating the players depending on what tier they rank stack up in.

    I am very competitive player, but I don't believe H1Z1 at this point has the player base to be splitting up players based upon rank. I like the idea, but the game simply does not have the numbers to be doing this right now.

    With that being said, the low lobby sizes, especially solos after being ranked only having 20-40 players, not only takes 5+ minutes to start a match, but takes almost 20 minutes of slow actionless gameplay. This would be extremely underwhelming, and disappointing for new players trying H1Z1 out, especially with most of the battle royale fan base coming over from Apex Legends to see what this game is about. I would not say H1Z1's season 3 release was a good impression at all for newcomers.

    There were several matches where I was playing duo's or squads and a teammate was already dropping into the map, long before I was able to and vice versa. I often landed and would be killed as I was falling into fully looted opponents.

    Lastly, I want to talk about the whole runaround we are getting about old/existing bug fixes. I asked on the forums "What kind of bug fixes can we expect for Season 3 release?"

    I received a response from on Feb. 13, 2019: @jgolenbo - Community Relations "Working on full patch notes for next week - typically we don't release those until the day prior to aa new game update being available to download (since the team is working on getting as many new bug fixes into the build as possible) but will try to have something to share by late next week "

    We have yet to receive the patch notes. I tweeted @H1Z1 requesting the patch notes. And, the response I received was " The Season 3 update is focused on delivering new content - previous bugs have been squashed through hot fixes (that don't require downtime), but we're tracking for a quality of life update to go out post-Season 3 launch."

    The way I am reading this tweet ,is H1Z1 has fixed all old/existing bugs. Which is completely false!! We are still experiences bugs from day 1 that have not been address and we have expressed all of them too you in the previous forums site and also the new one. It is obvious, that we are not being listened too, when you tweeted that to me. I am just going to assume that there is miscommunication between the development team, based upon what jgolenbo told me here, and what H1Z1 later tweeted to me. That is another major concern!

    I am seeing tweets about the team working on a new map, but the map we currently have isn't even fixed and has tons of bugs. Can we please get an idea as to why we are bringing in a new map?

    And, I'd appreciate it if you read this forum post made by drizzle and responded to the questions and addressed our concerns.

    We are trying to help make this game better, but after the release of season 3, I feel like we are wasting our time.
  9. Miniker Member

    Now is less players than formerly and ranks don't have sense. If many players don't have satisfaction with game it later is less players.
  10. AlhpaBravos Member

    I reduced your post size not to clutter the thread but i pretty much agree with everthing you said.

    Also i didnt realize that the reason im only getting 20 players in a BR lobby is due to my current rank.
    I dont agree with this system of fencing everyone off from each other. Its better to have varied crowd of players because higher tier players are too predictable and cautious imo. Allowing various skill levels in the game gives a more realistic experience when it comes to fighting in game.

    Where games lobby do not fill out even after this bug fix, you still cant have low player counts in off peak hours go the full 20mins. Its just boring. PLease take player numbers into account and start off with purple drops to save on the tedium of waiting for the map size to reduce.
  11. Shivran New Member

    Can you plz for the love of god allow us to que for solos and FFA matches while we are In groups
    The things I enjoyed about previous seasons is being able to take a loss on my stats to got jump into other matches while waiting for my team. So I can warm up faster and and hone my skills.

    I was very sad the update was delayed I had a 2hr break from my 12 hr work day an all I wanted to do was
    Come home and check out the new game mode and play a match or 2 with friends on my break
    I was not able to play until 9:30 pm central and when I played FFA mode it was absolutely disgusting
    Content I walked into. I love the game mode but I didn’t like getting spawned into a rock and not being able to move
    The rest of the match. Or ya know the average h1z1 fall through the map.

    I absolutely love this game and believe it has the potential to be the best BR play type but
    The fixes need to come and fast. Idk how many more times I have to get stuck in textures.
    I play this game on very limited time now and I’d like all of that time to be valued and I agree
    Drizzle and wish you would love ur own game as much as we do.
  12. Miniker Member

    Sometimes on changes you must waiting on next season it bad situation if need fast changes. In game will be more players if in future will be regular updates with new elements(not once every six months) and suggestions from forum will be implemented. Elements with season 3 not are on today's realities.