Season 3 changes to shotgun?

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    Lmao big facts
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    Neverside nailed it. I don't think I can even add anything more beyond what was already said..

    except I can add on to the solo's vs fives' part. As an avid Solo player, I can confirm that there are maybe a handful of good players who consistently play solo's on a daily basis. However, the average casual players skill level is decent in the solo's arena on the NA server. I can also say that the majority of bots conjugate to the solo server, opposed to duo's or fives.

    I am in Master's and hold the highest average kill per game of 9.250 on the NA server.

    I also play on the EU servers, to warm up before I play on my NA account, and hold the highest average kill per game of 17.500.

    It's too easy. There are players in the Solo arena winning games with only 1-3 kills.

    Solo's on PS4 is way too easy, and hardly competitive on either region NA or EU.

    However, for the fives' arena, that is by far the most competitive playing field on H1Z1 PS4. I suppose I can't speak for the EU server, but for the NA server it is by far the most competitive arena, and nothing else comes close.

    The majority of every lobby on the NA server is full of sweats. The majority of gun fights is versus sweats, and getting 3rd, 4th or 5th partied is more likely to happen in fives. And, that makes for a much more difficult gaming experience, as that rarely ever happens in solos because people are too busy hiding or camping til the top 10.
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    How do you play on EU servers? VPN ?
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    I'm sure its a bot fest in the EU.

    It's funny for someone to assume I have a low win percentage, because I have such high kill games. It's also funny for you to say its so easy to get a 10+ kill game by just rushing people. Because to be honest, its not hard to get 10+ a game. But, it's funny because the average KPG of the entire player base on the leaderboard is getting like 3.5 KPG.

    I'm sure you're among that group as well, with a win or two here and there.

    Since you feel so strongly about the Riot & AR-15 being OP. I wouldn't be surprised if you thought that the combat shotgun and crossbow was balanced. It also wouldn't surprise me if you wielded 2 combat shotguns and 2 crossbows. Because aiming with a controller is hard, and since this game has little to no aim assist (which I assume you are also in favor of having) you need that splash damage, and extra fast fire rate w/ a time skip to get those 3.5 kills per game.

    FYI - you can make a new account w/ a new email, set your region, and re-download H1Z1 and play in that region. Do your research...
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    "There is not actual skill in using a Riot and AR "

    Lmao I lost all respect, and interest for anything you have to say. The fact is it takes 7 shots to down a player with the ar15, and 3 shots out of 6 to down someone on average with the riot. Funny you clearly don't use one. 100% you use a combat. No that takes skill. Also they are core weapons in this game.

    Also id like to point out that you sir are the only person on here, (Maybe 1 other) that believes solos is more challenging then 5s. Must not have any friends.

    Last but not least, you substance is high with your reasoning being extremely low. Punctuation and grammar at the level of a third grader. That being said I believe I have voiced my opinion as well as have a clear opinion that your a bot. Also that you want this to be like pub g or FN. GG
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    Also I believe , back to my original statement. That you don't understand the BR meta, close/mid/long range weapons. How they form and mold the meta. You enjoy mid to long range engagements. Never wanting to test or sharpen your riot skills. You would rather come onto the forums and complain. Who's fault is that? The devs? Can they save you from bad man with riot? Nope. Funny you still have nothing to say about the fact that the riot has been nurfed. Mainly because you have never even taken the time to use it and learn a new weapon. Certainly don't know how to use the m40 either I assume. Surprised you haven't called that gun out.

    Most of all I blame this Society for your failures. You claim to be the best in EU yet can't work the mechanics out of a core weapon of the game, and expect someone else to make the game easier for you and the rest of the bots. Lets say they did, take more of the skill out of this game. Making it more casual and easy. Would you really like it then? Probably.
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    *stage set*
    Your in solos, gold's just landed. It's last few circles. 30 ppl left besides yourself.

    You are at the edge of the gas, someone pushes you in a jeep. Its a 1v1.
    Now id like to point out two things.
    (A) Them slowing down does to hop does not affect this fight at all. Easy to slow to below 40 mph to hop on you. All it does is discourage this. A top tier player will not care.
    (B) At this moment before he hops, you clearly understand this is a close range fight. You know this. Right? I would switch to my riot immediately. Knowing I must hit my next shots. If I don't I die. The riot has the slowest fire rate of any weapon in the game. The smallest clip capacity, add the player movement into the equation now you have the biggest skill gap in the game. (Most skilled Gun In The Game) That's why it got shadow nurfed.

    Now if you cant understand people played H1Z1 PC for the fast pace. That on pc they did everything they could to bridge the skill gap and that slowed the game down. Add the "Combat Update" that ruined their game. 1.7 mil players online at one time to none. Apply that here , BECAUSE they are the qualitys it has on PS4 that separate it from all other BR. Solid FACTS, concrete, documented even. So again I say to slow the ttk of the shotguns or to slow the game in anyway at all is slitting its own throat.

    If You can't understand that then you cant read, or have no comprehension. Maybe even a daybreak dev.

    Btw I have never played pc. After falling in love, only then did I educate myself on PC H1Z1.
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    Your not worth my time out of the day. You clearly can type English, but somewhere between Google translate and your IQ you don't understand. Maybe you should ask someone who speaks better English to explain what I have already said. Have fun with your mid range fights. When I see you im going to come straight at you with two riots and shotgun the breaks off you. Right back to the EU server.
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    lol damn its funny...

    Guys guys, we're like 20 on this forum, no need for fights and insults..

    Btw, I am from Montreal, 1st language is French, I kind of respect ppl trying to speak other languages, even if they are not perfect spoker.. (lie me ;) )

    5's, if there IS a team of 5's (playing always together, "knowing" each others, etc) like a swat team, it would be WAY more challenging than SOLOs, they are 5, I mean, 5times more challenging? Not totally true, because they would compete other 5s, but still.. I do not play 5's, beside to do challenges, and most of the time, I am matched up with anybody, runners that would just do their things, quiters that would just get in the game and quit, leaving team of 4, "newbs" (I have been one, so I kind of respect them), but still they are just not good enough for matchings real 5s, and sometimes, I would be match up with a great team (not very often, but I do not play 5s very often)..

    I just had an idea and decided to keep the last paragraph in case is worth something..

    We DO have a leaderboard...

    1st 25.15% / 51.64% / 3.812 14.59% / 57.99% / 11.114
    2nd 36.13% / 76.30% / 5.517 19.01% / 51.37% / 11.687
    3rd 25.60% / 57.74% / 6.780 27.05% / 63.87% / 14.625
    4th 40.91% / 63.64% / 7.707 19.80% / 62.71% / 9.715
    5th 6.03% / 35.56% / 2.638 15.44% / 52.29% / 8.312

    SOLO and 5s, seem the same about reaching top 10, but once you reach top 10, it seems a bit harder to win.. and it seems way easier to get kills in 5s...

    It seems easier in SOLO to sneak your way up to the end, but in 5s its not possible, you need to kill...


    For the skills you can develop, there is 2.. Offensive and Defensive.. I've seen in FFA a win, 25 kills / 3 death.. The guy must have both skills.. in 5's, I think defensive is less useful..

    Thats it for now.. Have a Wonderful day..

    a bit of <3 please :)
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    Oh, and BTW...

    ANY changes (or no changes) will make some ppl happy and some others unhappy..

    IMO, the game is fine this way, and they should work on bugs instead of trying to "improve" ANYTHING else..
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    My point exactly, I answered or tuched every one of the topics you just posted. I'm not going to spell it all out again. And again. Reading is a visual thing. I Would encourage you to reread it again, this time with less hate in your heart. Then come back with a logical reply.
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    It is easier to out play an opponent with every single gun in solos. You have no chance to revive and almost every encounter is a team shot situation. Where "in the last circle" you can easily die, every engagement.

    I Would also like to point out that the kills per match rating is team based kills, and team based placement. For 5s. So this method of measure is not accurate to judge Independent skill.
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    The kills are team based? oh, I understand now why it didnt make sense for my leaderboard.. 2.5 average.. in 2 matches, didnt make any sense..

    Ok, thank you
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    Any Dev that wants to chime in just asking a simple question whether any balancing or changes to riot usually I look in the patch notes but there is nothing to be found. Since season 3 it seems like the devs are more involved which was my hope with this thread
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    I have campaigned , asked customer support, started a movement on the previous forums. All at my own peril. They are quite simply learning from PC development. You see as soon as they release the detailed patch notes, then we can , campaign and use their own words against them. Causing a fuss. However, if they act like **** Germany , not saying a word they can call you foolish, say you missing your shots, and not have to deal with us, or me on the issue. They know the guns were balanced by people above their pay grade for beta. Putting their own spin on things they either don't understand or don't care because they think low of console players, and don't play their own game to see they direct impacts in game play.
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    I understand what you are saying. Now try to understand this. 5s will always be more challenging in require more individual skill. 5s you will also come across more enemy. Unless your camping. You come by them in groups of 5s. There are always more "bots" (below average players) then there are skilled players. Idc what server or mode ur on. However rather then 1 or 2 good players in your lobby, their are 10-15 good players in each 5s lobby NA. I can't speak for EU. Though I have often heard NA has much more skill then EU. Solos and 5s.

    In 5s you have 5 people aiming at you, sometimes 10. Zero "team shot" in solos. 3rd parties are more common in 5s, as well as more violent.

    It is easier to out play any player in solos with any gun. Zero friends coming to back them up, retaliate, revive, or even time to bleed out.

    They also award more rating points for a 5s win. 980 for solo, 1600 for 5s. Why would they award more xp for 5s? Because it is harder to consistently win. More variables more communication between players, less windows of opportunity.

    If you really want to have an honest oppinion of EU solos rating /leader board compared to NA. Id say you won a game at chuck cheeses.
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    Cricket cricket