Season 3 bugs so far

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by kdot, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. kdot Member

    1. Unable to see some teammates character in the lobby
    2. Lobbies are not filling up all the way
    3. FPS lag that occurs when there are multiple users fighting in a battle.
    4. Kills/Assist are not appearing in game in the top left corner where it shows how many people/teams are in game. Even after the game.
    5. The drops at the start of the game will have you floating in the air for a while before you can actually take control of parachute.
  2. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Thanks kdot - all issues we've flagged and are investigating. The top two fixes we have going out today are for the missing kill feeds in BR matches (all modes) and the lobby size issue.
  3. kdot Member

    Cool. Thanks so much !! Btw Season 3 was a major improvement, so good that, me and a couple buddies decided to buy battle pass along with some other few things. Thanks a ton for a awesome game !