Reticle Size, Toggle ADS and more

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by MajorEU, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. MajorEU New Member

    I have a few suggestions for the H1Z1 BR on the PS...

    1. RETICLE SIZE is way too small to see. Before it didn't matter because we used 1st person ADS, but now for 3rd person ADS we aim with that reticle.
    Make an option to choose different reticle sizes. Small, Medium and Large.
    If you can't do that just make the reticle size bigger, so that it's visible...

    2. To use both 1st and 3rd person ADS, one of the sights has to be toggled on. Make an option to have both toggled off. We don't want to get stuck in a toggled 1st person or 3rd person mode. The only thing people like toggled on are Sprint and Crouch.

    If you can't do that use the 'R3' which is an unassigned button to change modes from 1st person ADS and 3rd person ADS instead of having to double tap the 'L2' button and obviously having both toggled off.

    3. Why can't you guys fix the lag? Is it the shotguns? If that's part of the problem just remove the Combat Shotgun from the game and move Riot Shotguns into green drops.

    4. When people are downed by you, other players should not be able to steal them with molotovs. This is a glitch/exploit since the Beta.

    Also, make sure people stay in the game if trying to exit/leave while in a downed state.

    5. Wait for Lobbies to be full at 100 before starting it up. How boring it is to play with only 30-60 players. It's ridiculous and just proves the game is dead, which makes new players think it's fully dead and never come back.

    The fact that atleast 10 people per game still fall through the map, die and disconnect/bluescreen, means that there is always 10 less than the amount it starts off with. So, It would be better to fill them to 103/104 which would be about 94 by the time everybody lands.

    6. Game would almost be perfect if you guys can fix all this in time for the New Map, but #1 and 2 need to be ASAP. Fix the lag and fps drops!!!