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  1. Dgkkush1993 Member

    As much as i pick this gun up because I know it’s OP as fk... it should be removed from the game. Totally unfair of a gun anyway you look at it.
  2. Ragnarok Member

    Lol did you die from a combat shotgun it’s a perfectly good weapon for close range. Oh and there is no nerf calling on this forum crying is for babies.
  3. MrJFouch New Member

  4. Dgkkush1993 Member

    It’s also a perfect gun to cod rush people. Which is totally unfair... Call me a baby all you want but the real baby is the person who doesn’t take the gun fight from a distance cause they can’t shoot.
  5. Cole_MacGraft Member

    the combat has always been op. IMHO it should be a gold crate weapon not as easy to find as it is. that weapon does need a rework of some kind if they think its fine gold crate it. i never liked the rof but it is what it is. it's just hard to combat this gun at close range.

    also, @Dgkkush1993 it's not a people cant shoot thing its that the gun has a fast ttk. you can put someone down quickly and move on which is key in H1 when there is so much going on around you.

    Also this forum is the place to call for a nerf.
  6. Dgkkush1993 Member

    I do agree it should be gold crate item. You shouldn’t be able to find it in any random crate like I always do. It’s just frusterating to keep getting high kill games to be cod rushed with this gun.
  7. MrJFouch New Member

    When opening military crates, I feel like you can find a combat shotgun 50% , a crossbow 33% of the time and the remaining % is just random.
  8. AlhpaBravos Member

    The combat shotty was nerfed in season 2. I think it was reload time and shot speed. You should be complaining to daybreak to fix the lag issues. The whole point of tiered weapons is that each step up is an upgrade over the previous...
  9. Ragnarok Member

    The lag is on both ends of the combat shotgun it only happens when it’s combat on combat and if you crybabies had it your way you would be the only ones in that game with a gun and the rest of us with rocks and sticks unless u get a gold crate lol what a joke just play the game and quit crying over things that dont Matter GG ladies.
  10. Ragnarok Member

    And these must be noobies cause this issue has Been addresses over and over imagine the **** fest they would have if they knew it was in a green crate :)
  11. RuTH0X Member

    The shotguns are fine, stay away from ppl.. or use one...