Remove 3rd person aim when shooting from car

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 2high2die420, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. 2high2die420 Member

    This has gotten extremely common almost every fight you run into a backseat sniper who can laser you in 3rd but you can’t hit them unless you switch to first. The fast paced h1 fighting I’m used to now involves blowing up nearly every car you come across because the guy won’t get out and hops in the back seat. If nothing else there is a large part of the ARV you can shoot through in 3rd but bullets can not enter
  2. evry1sfav Member

    Its ridiculous how bad this game as gotten. They took all the skill from the game when they introduced 3rd person. Call of Duty lookin really good again
  3. MrJFouch New Member

    honestly, this is probably the most constructive idea for fixing the seat glitch campers inside of the vehicles. I like this idea a lot! and probably the only thing that can actually be done
  4. 2high2die420 Member

    i end up having to blow up or gas out every car I come across as the people will just sit in the car and shoot through the back where they should not even be able to shoot out of. You switch to 1st and try to headshot them out of the car but they are able to drop you near instantly whenever you stand still. I think this would be the best fix for the backseat exploit
  5. stevey66 Member

    Ill second that - good idea
  6. Punk_Out Member

    I just adjusted my tactics to those fools. EMPs, smoke grenades, and gas grenades are now way more useful. I don't ignore any throwable now.
  7. headway New Member

    The backseat snipers are becoming ridiculous. I get killed almost every other game by a coward sitting in the back seat. Perhaps Daybreak should disable shooting entirely when in a vehicle. Maybe that way the cowards will be forced to actually fight a fair game.
  8. stevey66 Member

    How does it make any sense - when sitting in the back of a vehicle you normally have a small window of view to shoot from - as in 1st person - so then 3rd person you can suddenly shoot through car walls and see and hit everything ? How does it make any sense from a design perspective at all ?
    How will this be encouraging players to come back and get better ?

    Stupid, ridiculous, absurd, nonsensical, incongruous, inconsistent, illogical, unfair - what are the developers doing ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No more 3rd person from within cars - just fix it Daybreak
  9. 2high2die420 Member

    ^it looks horrible to the guy isn’t even looking at you and reaches the gun out the window. I get shot sometimes when I am directly behind someone nose to *** of the ARV, that’s a shot from the passenger seat to hit the driver through the back of the car. I think I am finally ready to throw in the towel on h1 the carshooting is the final straw for me
  10. Punk_Out Member

    This is the big reason why some really good player have stopped playing. The shooting out of the car is getting so old now. I saw a LMG kill my buddy from the peak of a tall hill and shoot him from the most bizarre angle. The gun would have to be 2 feet above the vehicle to kill him from the angle he was shooting.
  11. headway New Member

    Instead of trying to get better at your gameplay, now you have to figure out ways NOT to get killed because of bugs and glitches. Not really great playing this anymore.