Reduce the fire, gun flash, and water reflection brightness!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Punk_Out, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Punk_Out Member

    This game got really shiny! I ussually run a 30 brightness but have reduced it to 20. I like it a little brighter then the standard but holy smokes everything is way to bright in the first place. I saw a fire barrel lit up like a super bright LED street light.

    When you shoot a gun the barrel flash is so bright you lose sight of your crosshairs you can only tell you are hitting by the armour and blood spray markers or whatever you call it. I used a CNQ and it was like a mini smoke screen in my face. I am fine with a little barrel flash but holy smokes am I shooting fireworks! For some automatic guns the barrel flash is so bright you cannot even see your target when he is about mid range or further.

    I was passing what I guess is Daybreak's idea of what a swamp is supposed to be, and when I get 10 metres away and the gas moves in it glows like it's radiated or something. It is so bright I feel like I need to put sunglasses on. I could reduce my brightness more but I shouldn't have too because it's just a shiny mess. It is crazy how shiny water has become please fix this. I honestly do not think it's a bug but more of a "hey guys let's make things extra shiny this time around."

    Besides that the map is fantastic just got some weird textures that make things shiny and super bright.