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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stevey66, Jun 6, 2019.

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    As we requested before in Season 3 - we really need a red highlight on your own name when you get the kill - just like in Season 1 and Season 2. When the action is very intense you need that red flash in peripheral vision to know instantly you have got the kill and you can move on.

    It was a nightmare at Start of Season 3 when kill count was absent for a while - but even now we don't want to have to rely on kill count number in the heat of the moment

    Surely this would have been the easiest thing to program as it was already coded before - please !! Also make font bigger please - without the red flash your name can so easily get lost in the quick feed

    jgolenbo you did say it has been noted and was a good idea - way back in early weeks of Season 3 - any word on this ?

    Thank you
  2. BallBreakGames New Member

    Good luck dude-i asked for this to happen not long after they got rid of it a few months afo, got a moderator saying how it was a great idea and that they would forward it on and nothing happened. These developers are a joke! Who looks at the kill feed and says, I know let's make it really hard for people to see their name for a kill or an assist, especially when it's really useful in squads mode?!
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    Yeah, it’s hard to tell definitely. Would be cool to get a Kill list at the end of the match of who you killed. That would be something I can’t always see who I kill and at the end when you win. It’s like they don’t want you to see who the last guy you killed is it changes over super fast!
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    I get that it would be easier to see your name and who you just merked. Any of you guys notice the name pop up in the center saying the guy is down? I get one saying he is down and another when he dies.. Highlighted names would also have to count for your teammates too then? Or wait, maybe communication between teammates would solve that?
  6. BallBreakGames New Member

    I just don't get Daybreak's mentality in regards this - why are they constantly changing things that no one asked to be changed but can't fix bugs or problems that still persist since season 1, such as throwing you off an ATV in duos or squads! The kill feed worked great before and didn't need changing and I'm pretty sure no one would have asked oh please can you make the kill feed harder to read?! Sure you can't please everyone but you can just use common sense and not keep breaking parts of the game that work well!

    I stick by my username for this company!
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    Ballbreak - you make the perfect point that encapsulates the whole dilemma - why on earth would they change something that was working perfectly and no one had mentioned ? Why why why ? You would get the red flash, you would instantly know the kill is yours, instantly giving really valuable info to use immediately - and moreover - with the smaller font now - I would use the killfeed to see what weapons the last 6 players have - who is knocked out - and who is playing - its utter madness to have changed it !!

    Surely the reason cant be in game resources - a red colour signal to the user cannot be any burden in optimising the game - it was already implemented perfectly - I would love to know reason why it was altered (its almost like they don't want you to see who you have killed - for some nefarious reason) - it staggers me that something this simple is even being talked about as an issue

    Sidenote - we also had the same bunch of guys nightly in Combat Training having loads of fun as we tried to push the kill rate - about 5 guys were dominating and it really added to the fun to be able to read their names clearly with a good size font

    Devs - feel free to just do the quick fix anytime !
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    Devs - bump - anybody ? Easy fix ? Jgolenbo - you have replied to this in the past - any word ?
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    How the hell is this still not fixed and still a problem. Oh wait, its daybreak and they literally dont give a sh++ about their playerbase and would rather turn them into gambling zombies
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    Finally - red flash is back ! Fixed

    Thank you all