PS4 Patch: May 2, 2019

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    MAY 2 EDIT (4PM PDT): Today's patch notes have been updated to include BOTH additional bug fixes that made it into this update, as well as a hotfix going out this afternoon to fix several new live issues that occurred post-update (including the missing in-game Leaderboards and the incorrect Battle Pass season countdown timer).


    PS4 servers will be coming offline at the below times for each region for an estimated 2-hour maintenance to bring you the latest game update:
    • NA game update: Thursday, May 2 at 8AM PDT
    • EU game update: Thursday, May 2 at 11PM BST

    • New Arcade Mode: Third Person ADS
    • Third Person ADS will run as a Solos Arcade Mode using the traditional BR Solos ruleset from May 2 through May 23.
    • EMP Crossbow Balance: Overall Damage and EMP effect range have been significantly reduced
    • EMP Crossbow explosive damage to players has been reduced by 40%
    • The EMP splash range disabling vehicles has been reduced by 65%
    • The EMP explosive range dealing damage to players has been reduced by 10%
    • These EMP Crossbow tuning adjustments were implemented based on direct player feedback from our in-game surveys, forums and more. Thanks to all who provided feedback!
    • Players can now use throwables immediately after going from prone to crouch.
    • The Macho Crate is now available! Drop-and-rock with the Macho LMG, ARV, or parachute - you can preview all the new items directly in-game
    • EMP grenades now cause vehicle warning sound effects and HUD elements to trigger.
    • Camera orientation is now maintained when aiming down site as a passanger in a vehicle.
    • When spectating, the spectated player's position is now shown on the mini-map.
    • Player health bars now remain accurate even when a spectating player quits.
    • Players carrying no items who are killed while in a vehicle no longer drop an empty loot bag.
    • Backdrop on Main Menu no longer occasionally disappears after exiting a match.
    • Play button is now hidden for members of a team who aren't the leader.
    • "Hunter in BR" challenge can no longer be completed via suicide.
    • Mashing X button when purchasing crates should no longer freeze the UI.
    • Wildstyle Marauder Icon color scheme is now consistent with the weapon model.
    • Removed broken text string that was displayed at the bottom of the Exchange item screen.
    • Fixed "Go for Ride" challenge description to more accurately reflect the requirements.
    • Fixed typo on End Screen UI that said "Damages" instead of "Damage."
    • Fixed cut-off text for "Assisted By" on the player elimination UI pop-up.
    • Urban pants no longer clip through footwear on female characters.
    • Optimized the process of finding and selecting a match, significantly reducing the time spent on the "Match Found" screen before entering the match.
    • Fixed an issue that could prohibit switching between team members when spectating.
    • Gas ring no longer does damage to players who are near (but not in) the edge.
    • Characters no longer get stuck when entering a game while opening a crate.
    • Players no longer get stuck in-game when elimintated immediately after interrupting the quit match time.
    • Fixed Molotovs floating when a player is killed while throwing.
    • Reload animations are no longer skipped when moving the camera close to walls or objects.
    • Grenade throwing arc no longer disappears at distance.
    • Players can now pick up weapons that were dropped on destroyed camping tents.
    • Dropped items now reach the ground regardless of the players distance from the ground.
    • Reloading while aiming down sight with a structure directly above the player's head no longer breaks the reload animation.
    • Boost visual effect no longer persists after ceasing its use while in a vehicle.
    • Removed problematic spawn points from Combat Training.
    • After dropping an RPG and equipping a throwable, RPG model no longer incorrectly reappears in players hands.
    • Revive prompt no longer occasionally persists after successfully reviving a teammate.
    • The user interface no longer malfunctions when attempting to open certain windows by pressing two inputs simultaneously, such as Attendance and Challenges.
    • Settings can now be accessed while the death screen is showing in modes where you can respawn.
    • End screens now properly display mission results and tier records.
    • End screen progress bars now animate as intended.
    • D-pad UI no longer covers up party members faces when joining a party.
    • Voice chat HUD is now displayed properly in spectate mode.
    • Killing a teammate with a grenade no longer counts towards challenges.
    • Fixed numerous issues where certain Challenges would not gain progress under expected conditions.
    • Fixed numerous space, formatting, and text issues across the entire user interface.
    • Corrected "Gather Around 4" challenge icon.
    • Re-enabled in-game Leaderboards (Fort Destiny).
    • Set Battle Pass Season end date back to previous value.
    • Fixed a rare issue that could cause players to enter Third Person ADS outside of Arcade Mode through a timing-specific input sequence
    • Fixed a rare issue that could cause players to enter a First Person view with a throwable appearing to float.
    • "The Survivor" challenge is no longer incorrectly completed be getting second place.
    • Fixed several Crates displaying incorrect images.
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    Please keep update notes at day whats is ver. 1.80 all about
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