PS4 Patch: March 21, 2019 [Post 2]

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    All PS4 servers will be coming offline at the below times in each region for an estimated 3-hour maintenance to bring you the latest game update:

    • NA Server Maintenance: Thursday, March 21 at 8AM PDT
    • EU Server Maintenance: Thursday, March 21 at 10PM GMT
    Full patch notes below:


    • Optimized two key areas that should improve performance in FFA mode.
    • Rank Icons are now showing in the Kill Feed.
    • Players no longer occasionally remain in vehicles instead of entering FFA when the match begins.
    • Fixed numerous UI issues that could occur for a player who is in a loading screen when the FFA match ends.
    • Weapon wheel slot placement for Combat Shotgun and SOCOM are no longer reversed in FFA.
    • When loot pops out of an airdrop or loot bag, ammo is now placed near its corresponding weapon.
    • Fixed a client crash that could occur when rapidly entering/exiting the PS Store via the Main Menu R1 option.
    • Travel challenge can no longer be completed while in Spectate mode.
    • Warden Tactical Helmet no longer severely clips through Warden Tactical Armor when worn together.
    • Fixed numerous minor wording and spacing issues across the entire Main Menu UI.
    • Fixed Blue Barbed Hellfire weapon name going slightly out of the border in the weapon HUD.
    • Cleaned up the throwing animation when throwing from the ARV top hatch.
    • Firing animations now play properly when shooting while falling.
    • Cleaned up the hand animations for the Air Guitar emote and when holding Combat Shotgun with a female character.
    • In Customization, characters now retain their sideburns when weapons hats and swapping between character models.
    • In Customization, rapidly cycling through weapons, rides, gear, and emotes no longer causes the game to automatically move the selection.
    • Navigating to a different menu from the leaderboard then to the game lobby no longer causes the character model to be invisible.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Acquire AR-15 items stamp mission to not be completed.
    • Players no longer see an error message when attempting to rejoin a party after having been kicked.
    • Experience Gain ticking audio no longer persists if it’s playing when entering spectate.
    • Mute Game Audio no longer mutes Voice Chat.
    • Added sound effects to numerous menu options that were missing them.
    • When spectating a teammate, your map indicator no longer incorrectly shows up under theirs.
    • Users are no longer able to use the right analog when operating the team menu in the in-game map, which could cause button prompts to incorrectly change.
    • Taking actions (shooting, jumping, etc.) now cancel the Exit Match timer.
    • Starting the Exit Match timer no longer incorrectly removes the bleeding edge-screen graphics; causing them to stay missing after canceling the timer and continuing normal gameplay.
    • Dying in a match after canceling the Exit Match timer no longer causes severe issues including missing end screens and exit match buttons.
    • All shells are now visible during the Riot and Combat Shotgun reload animations.
    • Hellfire empty magazine reload animation is now consistent between first and third person.
    • Rockets fired from the RPG now properly disappear when detonating.
    • Hoodies now fold down when wearing a helmet, as intended. This prevents players from being able to hide the fact that they have a helmet equipped by wearing a hoodie.
    • Healing animations now play when the character uses healing items while on fire.
    • Aiming down sights while emoting no longer causes the weapon model to disappear.
    • While opening airdrop crates, your weapon model no longer disappears.
    • Very long names now display properly in the in-game UI.
    • Prone button input is now ignored while downed, as it was effectively doing nothing other than playing “prone blocked” messages.
    • Being downed while in a moving vehicle no longer incorrectly reduces the players health.
    • Reviving a teammate while zoomed in with a scope no longer occasionally causes the gun to become invisible.
    • Players now only must press Crouch button once to get up after being downed while prone.
    • Downed players that are killed in Smoke now properly give kill credit and are displayed correctly in the Kill Feed. As a result, Smoke Grenades should no longer incorrect display on the Kill Feed.
    • Bullets can now be properly seen exiting the M40 when pulling the bolt action back in first person.
    • Firing a crossbow no longer jerks the crosshairs, and the crossbow now properly resets to its original position after the recoil ends.
    • Equipping the crossbow no longer incorrectly shifts the camera angle.
    • Improved the alignment of pistols to the reticle with the third-person camera.
    • Players can no longer reload or fire weapons while opening airdrop crates.
    • Explosives no longer leave unintended extra scorch marks on nearby walls.
    • Flashbangs now cause the intended effect when detonating in water.
    • Fixed an exploit where users could throw grenades through nearby ceilings.
    • Passengers can now exit vehicles while reloading, which will cancel the re
      load process.
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