PS4 Patch: February 28, 2019

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    PS4 Servers will be coming offline in all regions on Thursday, February 28 at 2PM PST / 10PM GMT for an estimated 2 hour maintenance downtime to bring you the latest patch.


    • Team members should now always display in the team lobby.
    • Re-populated EU Leaderboards with recovered data from the initial few days after the Season 3 Game Update.
    • Placement matches no longer incorrectly contribute to total matches on the Leaderboards.
    • Leaderboards Average Kills now display up to 3 decimal points for more precise placement.
    • Leaderboards Average Kills now only display for ranked users as intended.
    • Users selected on the Leaderboards now display their characters correctly.
    • Tiers are now issued after the fifth placement game, instead of the fourth, as intended.
    • Challenge timer now correctly displays the refresh time in GMT (not PST) as intended.
    • When previewing headewear, hoodies should now properly transition to the "hood down" state so that headwear is displayed as intended.
    • Fixed airdrop crate interact failures when spamming the interact button (default: triangle). Continually pressing the button will now reset the interact timer.
    • Spectate button no longer incorrectly shows up on the FFA end screens.
    • All matches after the first 5 placement matches in each BR mode (solos, duos, and fives) will now correctly contribute to a player's ranking regardless of match placement.
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    Wooohoo !! Thank you
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    Post last update notes or this thread is just a waste of space?