PS4 Game Update: Third Person ADS Reveal!

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    With Season 4 rapidly approaching, we’re excited to announce that the next major H1Z1 PS4 game update – featuring the new Third Person ADS Arcade Mode – will drop on Thursday, May 2! Here are a few highlights from the new update:


    Third Person ADS will make its much-anticipated debut on PS4 as a limited time, unranked Solos Arcade Mode starting on Thursday, May 2! The streamlined control scheme has been designed to feel fluid and intuitive on console controllers; simply tapping L2 will toggle your character into Third Person ADS, which you’ll be able to maintain while sitting, proning, moving, and interacting (all actions except sprinting). Third Person ADS will apply to ALL weapons right out of the gate, including scoped weapons like the Crossbow, Scout Rifle, M1 Socom, and M40 Sniper.

    The new system still needs community testing, which is why we’re initially rolling it out as a Solos Arcade Mode using the traditional BR Solos ruleset. We're planning to run the Arcade Mode through May 23, and will host community surveys throughout that time so we can get your feedback and make any necessary tweaks before rolling out Third Person ADS in any other modes.


    Along with developing and testing the new Arcade Mode, we’ve also been surveying the community on proposed balance changes our team has been considering to the EMP Crossbow, Combat Shotgun, and Vehicle Gameplay. Your feedback has confirmed our belief that the EMP Crossbow is the right weapon to start with. This update brings the following changes:
    • EMP Crossbow explosive damage to PLAYERS has been reduced by 40%
    • EMP Crossbow explosive damage to VEHICLES has been reduced by 35%
    • Explosive AOE range has been reduced by 10% vs both vehicles and players
    This is just a first step - we'll continue to assess additional tuning changes to the EMP Crossbow and other weapons once players get a chance to check out the new update.


    The May update also includes the Macho Crate, which introduces new weapon, vehicle, and clothing skins, including the all-new Macho Outfit!


    Along with the new Arcade Mode, Macho Crate, and tuning changes, this update will also feature numerous bug fixes and game improvements. Full patch notes will follow later this week.

    Excited to try out Third Person ADS in the new Arcade Mode? Lets us know on the forums!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.