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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mikejones231, Jan 31, 2019.

  1. mikejones231 New Member

    Please add proximity chat .I understand people can be toxic sometimes but if people don’t want proximity chat on they can disable it in settings.
  2. TheLowEk New Member

    Yes please add proximity chat with the option of disabling it in settings.
  3. Halleckss New Member

    Not the first necessity Imo, but still interesting
  4. LegendBeard New Member

    Would be a nice feature but not necessary imo
  5. AlphaLynkes New Member

    Proximity chat should be in settings.
  6. OzZy401 New Member

    Option would be ok with me.
  7. stevey66 Member

    Please add in settings - give players the choice
  8. Squeaky___P Member

    Check out my thread on shout outs as a proximity chat alternative
  9. HvideKanin New Member

    Please don't.
    Proximity chat equals teaming. Solos should remain solo.
    It would also force people to either accept abuse or be at a disadvantage.
    It's a bad idea.
  10. gjp3333 New Member

    Agree. Its one of the reason this game is different. No prox chat, no inventory, fast pace. Lets not go backwards
  11. Ragnarok Member

    Definitely that will be a fun feature.
  12. MRLEGEND69 Member

    I say we give it a try. And if its that bad with cheaters remove it. Itd be worth the risk to get to get inside ur opponents head bedore you kill them :)
  13. MoneyHungryDevs New Member

    They removed it because the game is so poorly optimised it caused lag and sounded horrible. They used the excuse of toxic behaviour but the real reason is bad development
  14. WarNtea64 Member

    I have to respectfully disagree.

    Not if there was an option to turn it off or on, and making a game mode, specifically arcade of something different, to test and tweak the option. There are several ways teaming can be avoided. I made several threads about ways to implement Prox Chat that could work (Unregulated Outlaw mode or a headset item thats found in purple crates or military boxes to enable chat.

    Especially now that Season 4 is upon us, a few new skins and possibly a new vehicle will NOT cut it to keep this game going. There needs to be features drastic enough to pull players back to H1, and not just prox chat, but other categories in bug fixes, new weaponry and balances, weekly updates, tournaments + more.
  15. stevey66 Member

    As Season 4 readies - surely this is the time to implement this feature (with some suggesting it unlocks from Platinum up)

    Previous threads I said

    The argument that because Prox Chat may aid in collusion in no way argues for its exclusion - if people have the intent to cheat and would do so if offered the chance in chat - they can also collude by other means with party chat or gestures or throwing out med kits or bandages - these same people won't last long as players and they will be reported - yes there will be more cheating because of Prox Chat but that should not remove the facility for adults that want the choice of toggling it on or off - if you are a decent player having 2 losers collude wont really be that threatening - just kill them both or get away from them - the benefit of the chat may well be worth the short term pain of a few more cheaters and the odd game where you get killed because they cheated. There should not be a divide - you can have option of current situation - still hear your teammates but shut off anyone else - but I see your point about the negatives - there are both drawbacks and benefits from Prox Chat

    As an example of above - lets look at possible use of Prox Chat - so you are mid game and low on health with no armor - you see a guy some distance away but coming towards you with vehicle. You say to him "listen mate - right now I am low on health and need armor - please don't come any further. I have the crossbow and will use it if you threaten to rush me - I am looking to heal and disengage here and wish you luck for the circle later on. Further - there are 2 guys just to our right who I will drive to after using crossbow on you - and I will tell them to come back here with me and finish you off when you are EMP'ed - so would you kindly withdraw and I might see you in final circle - Ill leave a Med Kit here for you when I leave" - is this cheating ? Of course not - you are using the extra resource of Prox Chat at your disposal to in this case - avoid a confrontation so as to survive. Maybe you are on a Top 10 challenge - maybe you know where Armor is and a good weapon and will pick them up shortly and need to not engage at that moment - maybe you see once the other two hear gun fire - the survivor may have less chance - maybe you actually have full health and its a bluff - the guy can either keep attacking or he may say "no worries boss " and move on. Either way - this is an engaging and interesting way to influence an encounter that isn't available at the moment. Now apply this sort of logic to what else can be said - the options are endless - in a fire fight - in a rush situation - needing headshots for a challenge - closing in on two already fighting - as adults we simply want more choice - I am big believer in the Girlcott approach of inclusion and engagement rather than the Boycott approach of banning and exclusion - don't like the above - simply toggle Prox Chat off !
  16. lPolitics Member

    DAYBREAK AND EVERYONE ELSE, before we start talking about proximity chat. There needs to be an update that fixes the way he chat audio sounds hen you play a random duo or squads. Why would I want to hear others through the game, when the quality of the mics is horrible if you are not in party. Lets fix the little things before we get into the more complex of things.
  17. WarNtea64 Member

    I hear you man, before using party chat, when i played random squads, it was a bit difficult to hear other people, and it was totally on the games fault as far as voice quality during open beta, it still is wonky at times. Nowadays in my experience, it mostly has to do with the quality of mic or headset the players are using as well as their settings (especially ducking option) while playing. I've had games where I couldnt hear anything, and still win, adding the players i won with, and in the party chat, the mics audio are still crap quality, same as the in game chat.

    So yes, while I agree DB has to tweak things on the voice chat side, I feel they can do both in adding the feature too. Having a good quality mic, and adjusting settings fixes alot of the problem, but most people dont do it. This isn't to take away the fact that the in game audio could be better from the get go.

    The prox chat video I had in one of my threads during closed beta had the chat loud and clear, there wasn't any issue in hearing other people. All in all, I'm hoping for improvements on both sides.
  18. JernejK1 Member

    When I play in duos or fives, it seems the majority of players don't even realize they have a microphone. They probably play with their headphones on and all I hear is wheezing, coughing, sniffling and other annoying background noises. If proximity chat were ever introduced, I'd probably immediately turn it off to stay away from hearing these people.

    Also, I realize some posters here are from the States, but on the EU server, 70% of players who actually do talk, do so in a foreign language. I'm not really interested in hearing someone yell and curse in another language.

    The microphone quality also sucks in-game, as noted by a poster before me.
  19. WarNtea64 Member

    I see what you mean, and I agree. Alot of players dont care to adjust their mics when its random, especially the "ducking" setting. Adjusting the settings and having a good quality mic fixes the problem from my experience and the players I run with, but the in game audio quality would be alot better if its worked on a bit more.

    I mentioned on a different post that Prox Chat could be something earned rather than given out. On NA servers it hasn't been an issue regarding a language barrier. Any ideas to make prox chat possible would be highly welcomed. If it was implemented with dedicated players who earned the option, its less likely that they would abuse it, especially for content creators and devs monitoring. It would be easier to watch over if there are a smaller pool of experienced skilled players in master rank (maybe even ABOVE Master Rank, if they added anything higher) to police anything potentially toxic.
  20. Mason New Member

    Its crazy how much fun proximity chat made the game