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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mikejones231, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. mikejones231 New Member

    Please add proximity chat .I understand people can be toxic sometimes but if people don’t want proximity chat on they can disable it in settings.
  2. TheLowEk New Member

    Yes please add proximity chat with the option of disabling it in settings.
  3. Halleckss New Member

    Not the first necessity Imo, but still interesting
  4. LegendBeard New Member

    Would be a nice feature but not necessary imo
  5. AlphaLynkes New Member

    Proximity chat should be in settings.
  6. OzZy401 New Member

    Option would be ok with me.
  7. stevey66 Member

    Please add in settings - give players the choice
  8. Squeaky___P New Member

    Check out my thread on shout outs as a proximity chat alternative
  9. HvideKanin New Member

    Please don't.
    Proximity chat equals teaming. Solos should remain solo.
    It would also force people to either accept abuse or be at a disadvantage.
    It's a bad idea.
  10. gjp3333 New Member

    Agree. Its one of the reason this game is different. No prox chat, no inventory, fast pace. Lets not go backwards
  11. Ragnarok Member

    Definitely that will be a fun feature.
  12. MRLEGEND69 Member

    I say we give it a try. And if its that bad with cheaters remove it. Itd be worth the risk to get to get inside ur opponents head bedore you kill them :)
  13. MoneyHungryDevs New Member

    They removed it because the game is so poorly optimised it caused lag and sounded horrible. They used the excuse of toxic behaviour but the real reason is bad development

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