Please add proximity chat with feature to turn on and off

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dgkkush1993, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Dgkkush1993 Member

    I know I’m gunna get hate saying this but I’ve been watching the player count drop by the day once again. I feel this is one of the only things that may save the game.. along with starting a website to track kills and stats like PC, adding total kills to career tab, fixing leaderboards, giving missing kills back, fixing loop sound bug, adding new map.. common guys I’m a h1 lover but I’m loosing interest in this game and getting annoyed of not being heard by the team.
  2. RuTH0X Member

    I am just wondering, why would you like proximity chat?

    It's already on (I think) if you are teaming, so whats the point?
  3. Dgkkush1993 Member

    Because that’s how the original h1z1 kotk solos on PC was made. It attracts more of a streamer base to the game. To me it makes it more fun being able to communicate with the person who I killed or person who killed me. I believe people knowing this is a feature if it ever happens on ps4 it would attract a bigger player base of older fans of the game.
  4. Carmen696 Member

    This is what proximity chat sounds like

  5. Dgkkush1993 Member

    Well then add a feature where you can shut it off if you don’t like it. Couldn’t hurt to try it. It’s not like it’s gunna kill player base anymore then it already is.
  6. lolbeast56 New Member

    your ******** i bet if you go play h1z1 on pc youd want prox chat grow some ******* balls and stop beaing a boring pice of dodo
  7. RuTH0X Member

    Well, for SURE.. I dont want this...

    Wouldnt be easier for ppl to cheat if there is prox chat?
  8. Dgkkush1993 Member

    If I hear two people teaming in solos I’d kill em lol