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  1. Muerto777 New Member

    Please please please please please please please let this be the reason the game has not gotten much attention. Please I actually begging you guys to please be on point when the 1st of August comes. All these silly bugs, GONE. I am so thankful you brought us console player the M4 so freakin excited. I also request that you dont lock every single freaking thing behind a pay wall and you make master coins more obtainable. This is an exciting time for us players and I know it is for you all to over there so lets all start this on a good note and keep it that way DB. Much love and yall can do this I know it I know it. Been playing since BETA had another name on the forums but this is a new one and its a fresh account with a fresh map.
  2. Cole_MacGraft Member

    Yea when master coins first came out you court get 6 a day with the challenges now u only get 3 and it makes the grind more annoying and then I get a ton of dups. I’ve been going for the full fireman set from season 3 and I’m still missin 3 pieces and I’ve opens over 100 crates easy fix drop rates
  3. JernejK1 Member

    While I am very excited about the new map, I was slightly disappointed with the new vehicles and weapons. I was hoping for something fresh and unique, like a grenade launcher, double barreled shotgun, Tommy gun... And for vehicles, a van, amphibious vehicle...

    I do wonder which ammo the two new rifles will use and I noticed there are stats displayed next to them. I hope stats will be included with all weapons. Also, I see the rate of fire to its max on the Heavy Assault rifle, but it says the rate of fire is lower than on the KH (mistake?).

    Anyway, I am glad they released some new content, not just redone skin, but if they don't fix certain glitches and lag, I doubt it will be enough to keep people playing.

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