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  1. vhdustin Member

    it's going to be a loooong wait for that outland map
  2. AlhpaBravos Member

    You know things are f**kd up with H1Z1 when this guy starts posting threads like this.
  3. DopeyJones New Member

    I think this is just something they threw together because they realized how bad they screwed up with season 4. They just made some quick art and thought we'd all forgive them
  4. TyrellCorp New Member

    They'd been saying for a few months now that a new map was coming for PS4.. I'd say it will be out next month and that's why season 4 is so short and lacking in content.. probably was a way for them to throw a few things out there before dropping the map.. I bet they aimed to have the map for season 4 but had a set back and threw out a little content for us to keep it going for another month while they polish the map up.. it would explain why this season is so short and lacking a true battle pass
  5. AlhpaBravos Member

    I think the map was always intended for season 5 based on previous comments from daybreak. Season 4 is a mess because the company cant keep to a schedule, locking up victory crates,are losing money &players and had to reduce the macho crate content because they were accused of being somewhat racist with their Maori skins.

    Otherwise content and features for s4 would have been somewhat acceptable for a new season. Main issue is that daybreak have not developed and improved Battleroyale in any meaningful way and that is the core feature of h1z1.
  6. Miniker Member

    If are photos new it's bigger progress but if still are reports in section DEV TRACKER without official answer. On forum not is better. Today is big chaos if looking on new season and all offcial topics and news.
  7. TyrellCorp New Member

    Yes, however I look at season 4 only being 36 days long and, to me, that speaks volumes.. the dev that comments from time to time stated a few months ago that the map was in development and to possibly expect in for season 4.. he also hinted at new weapons.. I think it was a mistake for them to call this season 4 when in reality it is just a transition period.. I'm banking on them to release the new map for their one year anniversary and that will include new weapons.. makes sense to do it that way.. end "season" 4 and then a two week wait, then release the map in August to mark the one year anniversary
  8. Menacemastrz Member

    I think the same if there working on a new map then they have to Delegate time and staff towards the task . I’m sure it’s a pretty extensive and tedious process. That’s prob. why our battlepass 4 is weaksauce Instead they are taking the time crunching on the outland map.I’m definitely looking forward to it. So a $5 filler battlepass. (Easy) So they can get us on a new map. I’m good with that.
    Until then it’s grind time gotta get me my watch lol!!!
    Take it easy guys.