New vehicles and new weapons in H1Z1 on PS4

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Miniker, Feb 3, 2019.

  1. Miniker Member

    I think need new vehicles and new weapons in H1Z1 on PS4. The best option isnew map(second map) for new vehicles and weapons.

    List vehicles:
    - Polonez 1500
    - Polonez Truck
    - Romet Ogar 900
    - Jelcz 080
    List weapons:
    - Galil AR
    - Mini-Beryl
    - Bor Rifle
    - UKM-2000
  2. herbmaster New Member

    i would love to see new weapons, though i have my doubts we'll see something as major as a new map from the dev team. people want it thought, i wonder if that 1st map on pc could be on ps4 someday.
    those are good suggestions for guns and rides. i've often thought there should be additional guns that would better utilize the M17 and Hellfire Ammos later in the game. ive found they're not worth picking up unless im left without any other option.

    Another gun with .45 ammo and another SMG with 4.6 ammo would serve very nicely imo
  3. Squeaky___P Member

    Those vehicles wouldn't fit the north American setting of H1Z1. But vehicles are needed. Check out my suggestion ideas thread for my idea on adding an APC
  4. LucaBrasi Member

    We need a van!
  5. Miniker Member

    Maybe it good option.