New patch 1.78 and no notes, 2 weeks added to season but no fixes! B.S!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by alienwork, May 15, 2019.

  1. alienwork New Member

    So what's up with the new patch and no notes to tell us what is addressed? The season was supposed to end today but new patch added 2 weeks. My stamp missions, daily login, star credits and master coins still not working. Sure is nice to know We will have another 2 weeks of your F'N broken a$$ game to watch you ROB US off all the benifits and service we paid for. Way to go Gamebreak Games! Another abysmal attempt at pretending you are really developers with the skills to fix this game. The truth is there are no devs left who wrote the code for this game. All that is left at Daybreak are a few interns who didn't get laid off or move to another studio. They have no idea how to fix code so each update is new crates to buy of skins from either Japan or ones from dead PC version. To top it all off they add a new crate to buy then after you pay you find out half of its contents have been removed (Maui outfit) and not replaced with an alternative. I'm starting to think that a class action lawsuit would be appropriate, as in any other business when the business offers services for a monetary charge and do not supply said services they are in breach of contract and are vulnerable to civil action.
  2. MechAArmA Member

    Man , if you are trying to do something in court i would love to give you my support , if you are sharing all the informations , proving you are doing it , then i may be donating something , i know some people that would love to support you too ! Just in order to have that company closing .

    Lootboxes restrictions are coming , i will check in details what's gonna happen as soon as it's taking effect in France , i swear , we have a system that allow us to get lawyer for free .

    The day that law is coming , if lootboxes are still in that ******* game i will go and do something to tribunal the fastest i can .

    I would love to see that game closing once and for all and to get all these lazy devs without no job ( Officially this time )

    Remember @jgolenbo , as soon as you will be with no job , your name will be remembered , and i'll share your hard work with ALL the company you are approaching , i swear my man , you've been ******** on us and ignoring the playerbase , no worries you won't go far in that industry since you can't even do CM work , and don't be like "We're too busy" , posting a message is taking 3 minutes .
  3. jgolenbo Community Relations

    The Season was originally scheduled to end tomorrow - I just posted an update in Announcements which includes our new Season 4 launch date, a preview of new features (six new Arcade Modes), as well as a preview of Ranked Rewards, an update on Third Person ADS, and a new Battle Pass sale.

    There was no new patch today - we made the decision to extend Season 3 until Season 4 begins, rather than have another off-season with no new content. That announcement was intended to go out this morning when the timer was adjusted, but was delayed until a few minutes ago. My apologies for that. Will have more to share on Season 4 content over the next few weeks.
  4. alienwork New Member

    This is the problem I just explained in post jgolenbo! Always announcing "new content" when the game is obviously BROKEN!! Where is the fix for no daily login, no battle pass to credit conversion, no master coins for login, these are all basic things I PAID FOR! With the promise of you delivering.
  5. alienwork New Member

    You don't even bother to lie to us anymore and say your working on fix. You have an OBLIGATION as community lead to keep us updated on the state of the game. You are supposed to be INVOLVED IN THE DISSCUSSION on this forum. Your blatant disregard for this community just reflects Daybreaks attitude towards their CUSTOMER ( You know the ones who PAY YOUR SALERY!) You won't be able to pay the janitor after season 3 because no one will be paying or playing your game. Best game I ever played destroyed by the worst "studio" lol, You really should change your name to Gamebreak games as your track record sure reflects it. Won't be getting a penny of my or my friends list money until you FIX THE BASIC FUNCTIONS OF YOUR GAME FFS!!!
  6. MechAArmA Member

    You are extremely right about that .
    The only way to make them bend the knee to customers is to stop giving them a dollar , so they will close the game or come here and ask us what should they do next , since they are miserable at coding and developping at least they should be good at hearing .
  7. 2high2die420 Member

    Out of curiosity what did you pay for that was not provided? Game is free, battlepasses you received the designated loot as unlocked, and crates you get what you pay for etc. don’t get me wrong I want to see bugs fixed just wondering specifically what the basis is when you don’t have to pay for the actual game but instead are paying for cosmetics only. The only case I see where I would be pissed is if someone bought any arsenal or chaos crates as the bugged stamp challenge missions have essentially given everyone that content for free if they play enough(I’ve gotten 200+ of arsenal crates free I’m guessing)
  8. MechAArmA Member

    You gotten 200 crates and more not because everyone can but because you are an experienced player , so this didn't mean ALL players are actually enjoying that glitch .

    When you pay for something you need to be served a functional service , this is the basics of the relation between customer and seller , you usually pay for something working , in out times it is slightly different because of the programmed obsolescence and the overall pretty low quality of everything but they still do their job ( Not gonna go into a debate out of the video game industry )
    So Daybreak need to serve a functionnal game , that is enjoyable , especially if you put money in it .
    So im not gonna ask you to enumerate the endlist of glitchs and problems , you probably are aware of at least 20% of them .

    It's not anymore simply things regular things , im not even mentionning the gambling crates right ?
    Also don't be naive , these free crates are the fruit of their incompetence , not of their delicate attention toward players , so don't makes it sound like if it was the case , it is all but intended , so keep any form of optimism toward them when you are on the service they are offering to players , that crate glitch is actually costing them thousands and thousands of dollars daily .

    Just to tell you how incapable they are to even securize vital things like their own marchandise , they are the incarnation of sabotage , i wish KGB is looking after these devs , since the company is hold by a Russian so that is on point .
  9. JernejK1 Member

    Wasn't there chatter about a new map with season four?

    Anyway, I hope we get some new weapons and vehicles, but most importantly, that they improve the game's performance and fix glitches that have been present ever since the game came out!
  10. 2high2die420 Member

    I think you missed my point in that essay, my question was what did you pay for that has not been provided. Games that are free I would imagine don’t have any obligation to fix bugs if they don’t want legally. My point on the crates was that would be the only case I can see where someone would be upset... paying money for a crate that everyone is getting free now. And I’m pretty sure everyone can get those as everyone now has the stamp challenges correct me if I’m wrong, don’t need to be an “experienced player”
  11. AlhpaBravos Member

    Sure companies have no obligation to do many things but i tell, they will fail outright if they do little to service their product outside of say just sale of cosmetics or a trickle of features that are often riddled with bugs.
    And also, its important for people to get out of the mentality that just because a game is free, means that it has little if any obligation to itself or customers. The standards are exactly the same whether free or paid.
    I am so glad that i didnt buy any of the previous battle passes from daybreak because even if i was just paying for cosmetics, i would have been furious that my money wasnt being used to further improve the game and offer a playable experience free from bugs and performance issues.
    I cant imagine what some players must be feeling after spending 100s of dollars on loot boxes and not being able to complete a set.
    There are aspects of this whole gaming culture that is fundamentally broken and downright corrupt. And the incredible thing is that there is a whole generation of gamers and people swallowing this all up because they dont know any better or what gaming used to be like.
    If daybreak is representative of how free games work in general, than its time to go back to the paid model becuase this BS isnt working!

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