New Map, New Bugs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MrJFouch, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. MrJFouch New Member

    I'm just going to lay out some issues i've noticed thus far with the new map and season 5.

    1. Audio issues - footsteps appear to be a bit off, vehicles have no audio when you kill the engine, lambo audio often cuts in and out, gun shot audio sometimes goes away mid gunfight. Also, we have this explosive audio break when vehicles explode, like enough to melt someones brain loud. Or at least ruin someones headset/tv speaker.

    2. Player protection inside vehicles - In my opinion, i feel like the vehicles serve more protection to players inside of vehicles than before in the previous seasons. It has also become an increasingly annoying meta where players often sit inside vehicles, and switch seats to shoot their opponents. It feels like the hit detection is off with players sitting inside of vehicles.

    3. Player fall-in zones - I understand the map is smaller, but it feels very congested off the initial drop to the map as some areas could have half the lobby fall-in, in one particular zone. It certainly does make for an exciting drop most games, but often becomes more frustrating because its really a matter of who grabs a gun first.

    4. Weapons / ground loot late spawning - I have dropped into many games where the weapons will take about 5 seconds to spawn in after I have already hit the ground. I will often enter a building before my opponent, and run over a gun that was not there before and get shot in the back because it spawn in front of them after I passed it.

    5. Too many vehicle spawns (not a bug) - I think the map has WAY too many vehicles on the map. It's not a very big map, so I don't see why we need so many vehicles. It becomes way too congested with vehicles, and with all of the broken audios that come along with them, I think there should be less spawns. Maybe even half of what is on the map now.

    6. Commando AR (not a bug) - This gun does not belong on the ground, and should be at least in a green crate. It's TTK is way too fast, and its hip fire spread is way too large. It often out plays most AR's that are even found in purple crates.

    7. 1st Person, 3rd Person and ADS Toggles (not a bug) - I personally do not enjoy how we are supposed to toggle into 1st person with scoped weapons, if holding down the trigger. It should go into 1st person on all scoped weapons, or at least have an option for scoped weapons to be 1st or 3rd.

    Also, with that being said, I often toggle into first person by accident if I attempt to pull up my gun, but then quickly decide to do something different and then get stuck in that 1st person POV. I would think the best resolve for this situation would be to have more options for ADS toggles.

    * If I missed anything, please feel free to comment on what issues you have noticed in the game since the most reason update.

    Again, its important that the dev's know what issues we are experiencing.
  2. 2high2die420 Member

    The shooting out of the vehicles is used way more now I think because of the slopes, if You are in a ARV there is a section where you can shoot through the car and not be hit. If you are in the back left seat shooting to the right you shoot through the car likewise back right seat shooting left. I enjoy my the drops as I usually try to hawk down on someone but the fighting just doesn’t seem to take as much skill in general anymore. No, I’m not getting melted I still have highest avg kills and highest win percent but game is finally losing its appeal for me. If I blow another car up next to me when someone is sitting in it and it blows my eardrums I’m going to smash my controller on my own head. It is like I am getting hit with a concussion grenade in RL
  3. stevey66 Member

    Yes - I hit a car with the rocket launcher - next thing I know my headphones are blasted to kingdom come with this explosive scratching feedback that sent me into 'flight or fight response' - man it was awful

    Other bugs randomly -

    Car gets stuck on terrain at bottom of steep slope

    Cant open crates on edge of map - even though you can see them

    Vehicles do not show on map for me - until I am really close to ground

    Jumping in and out of vehicle with empty hands - or wrong gun - or gun change not registering

    Reload not registering

    Reload loading 27 or 28 or 29 bullets

    Helmets being scarce at random drop-ins

    Slopes so steep the camera drops behind vehicle so you cant scan for anyone or anything

    3rd person ADS - why in the world can you fire more quickly and accurately with the Marauder (and most guns) in 3rd ? Surely the spread or bloom - should be consistent whether in 1st or 3rd - now I can pump the Marauder for headshots or body that draw to the target like a magnet so much quicker - aim assist should be completely gone - If i shot at that speed in 1st person with the Marauder the gun would be kicking like a mule - stupid inconsistency that dumbs down and compromises skill gap


    Fouch - you do have option for 1st or 3rd with scoped or any guns - and can change the toggle in the settings - but I think Im not answering what you are saying because you would know this - I do agree scoped weapons should be first person only

    Still enjoying - but understanding this is a work in progress - that should improve over time

    THE BIG ISSUE - I will predict - its asked so often on twitter and here - old map will return as an option - like other games - its got to happen - BRING IT BACK - give us the choice !
  4. stevey66 Member

    Sorry - double post - I forgot one more bug

    Reticle completely disappears - so need to switch guns then it returns

    Btw - I never have - late appearing vehicles on map very close to ground - when I play Japan server
    so maybe its just my lag from Australia
  5. MrJFouch New Member

    Thanks for the reply, and adding more noticeable bugs that we are dealing with.
    Also to answer your question, I am using 1st Person Toggle. So I tap my trigger to enter 1st person POV or scopes. What I was suggesting is that maybe there could be a separate option for toggles where you can enable scoped weapons to enter 1st Person, while still having the 1st person ADS toggle option. That way I don't need to toggle in and out with a scoped weapon. Do you know what I mean?
  6. mayster91 New Member

    Completly agreed with You buddy.
    I would add:
    -dissapearing loot after 2-3 minutes
    -blocked weapons after game start (sometimes You can pick only weapon, sometimes only ammo or sometimes You cant pick anything) XD
  7. MrJFouch New Member

    Most of the weapons at "GP Storage" you cannot pick up. I haven't had many issues at other locations, but you're right about that though.

    I also think they should go back to ammo not disappearing so quickly, considering that you really don't get as much as before.

    I would also like to see more throwables on the ground, such as smoke grenades. It seems like those are extremely difficult to come across now
  8. Why_so_shotty New Member

    I’d just like to see some ******* effort. Everyone who is in charge of this game should be fired. I knew there would be bugs and glitches in this new map but I really never thought it would be this terrible. Dropping in sucks currently and it doesn’t look like they’ve put forth any sort of effort to acknowledge that they’re trying to do something about it.