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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by evry1sfav, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. evry1sfav Member

    Why would we take the challenge out of the Solo, Duo, and Fives? I understand the scrubs that had to play Arcade due to the easier aim assist. Now there is no real skill involved in shooting. No worries about gun jump, bullet drop, ect. This new ADS really should have been left in Arcade.
  2. TyrellCorp New Member

    Are you referring to 3rd person ADS? If so, I think it's a nice feature.. makes more guns viable IMO.. AK and hellfire shred now
  3. evry1sfav Member

    All those guns did real good before, you just had to compensate for the gun jump. Now all ya have to do is tap aim and all that goes away? Im pretty sure that's how I seen them guys on Fortnite shooting? All that did was give the scrubs a chance with out working to be better. Whats next aim bots for everyone?
  4. TyrellCorp New Member

    I see what you're saying.. the AK had way too much bloom in first person imo. that was my biggest beef with it.. I never hated first person but there were a large amount of people calling for 3rd person ADS and daybreak caved.. it's a new meta to work with and a fresh start.. we'll see what they change.. they could certainly add a bit more recoil to some weapons in 3rd person
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    I'm just speculating here but, I would hazard to say all the scrubs that couldn't get a kill were the ones complaining. I thought it actually took some skill to play the game. Now everyone just has to sit back and spray and pray? I could tell the people that used moded controllers before, people that were using aim bots.. it was obvious. Now those people don't have to try to use their bots. I understand this game is Free, but now its cheap too.
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    At first I wasn’t stoked about it but after playing with it I know am in a lot less shotgun fights which I think is a good thing. The shotgun fights are always fun but my issue is the lag up close. I can’t tell you how many times the enemy goes through the ground pops out and 2 shotgun shots register at once. I say fix the latency issues so shotgun fights are fun or leave 3rd person so it isn’t a bunny hop/lag fest
  7. evry1sfav Member

    Yea, they need to fix the latency, get rid of the 3rd lol.. I am told that falling into the ground is part of the whole cheat to beat moto lol. I'm sure they keep the hackers out, this would be a lot more fun! Now H1 has gone to the moto, everyone should have a chance even if they suck? Instead of hey, you suck but keep trying hard and you will be better? They should just start giving out daily rewards, and trophies to people just for trying?
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    Get rid of this 3ads its just OP now assisted aim is just a joke.
    Fuc4 f0rtsh1t abd this 3r asd
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    There’s no aim assist, join a party with a friend and enter combat training so you can see
  11. evry1sfav Member

    I know its not really aim assist.. There might as well be though! I have learned the new 3rd shooter method.. Its really not right or fair.
  12. Jcon115 Member

    I was actually really good with the AR in 1st person ads. Easy headshots most of the time. I'd even pick the AR over the scout rifle, AK, and socom. But now everyone can hit these AR shots with 3rd person ads. I'm not so special anymore haha.

    3rd person ads has made it FAR too easy. Now I see people are picking up hellfire's over AK's because of the spray. I feel that it needs a bit more tweaking.
  13. Menacemastrz Member

    Yup, I was playing with a guy who just started in the morning and was getting kills like he had been playing for months. With the new 3rd person. Hmmmm..
    What happened to the desire for hardcore gaming and challenging yourself it’s like a option to make the game easier who wants that?!? I haven’t even swapped over and still getting wins so I’m allright with that.
    Im not interested in watching streams with guys getting mowed down cheaply with the hellfire or whatever. 1st person requires more skill so that’s how Im playing the game .
    . The 3rd person ADS looks like pubg, fortnite and red dead redemption all games I don’t like or play.
    It’s more challenging and better without it imo. that’s just me tho I’ll never cheat myself out of some hardcore gaming
    Shoot I’d take the reticle out if it was an option.
    What really boggles my mind is when they had it in the arcade mode to be tested and critiqued. They couldn’t fill a lobby to save there life. And there were tons of trashtalk about how it needed to be left out. Then bam! there it is and implemented across all modes. So yeah that shows these guys were putting it in regardless.
  14. AlhpaBravos Member

    H1 was anti skill even before ads with start of season 3. Any cheating scum or random player could be in the top 10 leaderboards regardless of how bad their stats were. Same issue when they buffed the crossbow.
    This is what happens when you pander to snowflakes and cry babies, especially on consoles.
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    Took me 2 days, I got it down now! Lol I feel so cheap playin like that!!