New ADS is a joke.. LOL same as the "new" market...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RuTH0X, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. RuTH0X Member

    WOW.. Was playing, then got OWNT by an AR.. Like O.W.N.E.D... I was like, WOW, I was full health / helmet everything.. and BANG.. Then I looked at the guy playing.. He killed like 6 (or 8) guys in a row, without any resistance with the AR.. Like a SUPER shotgun.. but with an AR... Then I realized he was playing with this new "ADS"..

    So I tried it.. LOL

    Is there like an auto-aim or something? No more kickback with the AK or even the MK... HI-LA-RIOUS.. Its like a cheat, built in the game, pathetic..

    The advantage you get is like playing with headphones vs the sound from the tv... it removes 1/2 (or more) of the skill needed, its nice.. just aim and shoot.. not more "aiming", it simply sucks... Anyway...

    Market.. WTF IS WRONG WITH DBREAK? Seriously? I mean, 12 items cycling.. 1/2 of them with real money, and thats it?



    I was like, when they said the season 4 would start a couple days later, kind of upset, and at the same way happy about it, WOW.. They would postpone an update, to have a more stable version... Now I am like, they are just.. dumb.. this is what come to my mind.. like a dog, trying to fight a porcupine, getting stung, and seeing another one and trying to fight it again.. just dumb, over, over and over.. more the time passes, less I enjoy the game, less I care about it (I havent written here for weeks, and looking at the other post, a bunch of ppl stop caring about it..)

    Well.. peace!
  2. MechAArmA Member

    Thanks man , really appreciate your post , i knew they were some people aware of the situation and im glad i read that because apparently for most of the blind players everything sounds alright ? All these opportunist that can't understand the 3DS IS BROKEN AND TOTALLY UNBALANCED , but that kind of guys are stuttborned !
    They played for thousands of years most of them , and suddenly they can hit on every shots like WAW what's happening ? IM SO GOODDDDDD !!!

    I tried a game of arcade , i wanted to play AK47 since i really like that perfectly balanced gun ( The most stable and well balanced gun in the whole game , even tho these MF wasn't capable of integrating real AK sound , anyway , i was using it a whole game , i encountered approximately 10 persons , i managed to kill them with ah 3rd ADS , damnit , all the bullet were going on the target , i really felt like it was no the regular aim assist but more something like a pourcentage of hit , like if you are aiming in the front of the ennemy , pointing your gun at him then all the bullet are going straight to him , i will try to test that ******** feature once more on FFA , maybe i'll get some more infos about it .

    Also RIP the market : 12 days with same items translated in Daybreak language means :

    "Hello pigeons , we recently heard about the credits exploits , so we wanted to make sure we will FU ALL so we'll be sure all of you guys will spend all these credits on our new page , just as a little payback , and of course let's release some victory crates items , now they gonna pay for that too .
    All the exclusive founder content , go FY , we're selling it for cheap now , FU customers , we really hope you enjoy the lvl watch tho ! "
  3. AlhpaBravos Member

    From one Pigeon to another, let me tell you that the credit exploit wasnt that great in s3. Even with 100s of opened crates i was never able to get the gold helmet from arsenal crate. Its unbelievable and i cry myself every night before i go to sleep. Daybreak can take their watch and their messed up economy and shove it where the sun doesnt shine!
  4. Jcon115 Member

    They need to revert back to 1st person ads only. It would've been better if they just kept improving upon 1st person ads instead of adding a whole new ads.
  5. MechAArmA Member

    Yeah i was lucky to get it , im not surprised why people buying for 200 bucks crates are complaining about not getting the legendary items , that scam is disgusting .
  6. AlhpaBravos Member

    People should just give me the 200$ and let me slap them in the face. Almost the same result but at least i would put the money into a charity for those with no self respect.
  7. 2high2die420 Member

    My main issue is with the lag of shotgun battles, this update has changed the meta into more range fights which until issues with the riot are fixed I see as a good thing. Some change needed to be made I am happy with the current update. The common response to me supporting the new ads being negative I see it as something that has made the game different and addressed the connection issues with the riot. I look at each update as addressing a current problem. Shotgun rushing was addressed by making jump damage from car, if you take 30 damage you can be killed in one shot from the riot with 130 damage. Emp crossbow stopped the endless running. Gas damage increase made it so people couldn’t live in the gas. Making the gas extremely hard to see Has made it so people loot in the gas less. Changing the damage of crossbow made it so it is no longer a viable weapon, and this update changed the balance of weapons so people use the shotgun less. What changes would you make as opposed to the new ads? Again not saying it is perfect but it addressed a problem
  8. MechAArmA Member

    Imo , reducing the 3rd ads accuracy by at least 30 pourcent , reducing shotgun damage by 25 dmg , higher reloading time , unability to shoot while jumping , limited ammunition capacity , it would be a good start , i agree with your post but the problem remain that that whole thing is made on a bad move from devs , by this i mean it's not made on purpose imo .
  9. 2high2die420 Member

    Fair enough with decreased accuracy, reload time would just incentivize carrying two shotguns I think the inability to shoot while jumping would drastically reduce shotgun fight lag and people going through the map registering a double. When you jump without ads your shotgun should point to the sky or st least make the bloom higher
  10. RuTH0X Member

    Ok, I have to admit I have been a bit harsh with DBreak, and I have been following this game actively since September (or October) AND they kind of improved a LOT of things.. The sad thing with the ADS they added, it is easier to kill ppl.. They removed some skill from the game, AND I have to admit, if you look at it as a "new" game, its nice.. I do like it.. and because I played quite a lot at some point, I kind of adapted quite well.. They should simply remove the other ADS imo at this point..

    Anyway.. Peace..
  11. Maggwar Member

    These game is just unplayable so many noobs with easy kill no skill at this fücck you devs these time you fúcck up big time no more support for old base players. These new ADS its so fast the aiming down sights is just a waste. No muscular skill sound or even recoils gets right. I hate these and i win a lot. Now is spam easy headshots from far with aimassist its like a AIMBOT real B.S
  12. Maggwar Member

    All asked by ratkids from fortshhi7 game base. Frustration also with the market place no a single dollar im gonna spend till they FIX THESE BUL7CR4P
  13. Maggwar Member

    Totally agreed with these. They are killing the game even more these is for pc no frinkin PS remove it or just dont allow IMO devs we hate it! get it?
  14. NEMM13 New Member

    3rd person ads is *** all the way around.. Between the aim assist and being able to be killed with 2-3 shots with an AR even with full health, armor, & helmet is total b.s. Then you still have the mf jumping into the ground & teaming in solos. Worst part is these garbage *** mf think they are good.
  15. Punk_Out Member

    The ADS has made the game to easy now. Either lose the aim assist or make some adjustments. Also the no recoil in ADS is a joke. Guns kick back when you shoot them, that's just the way it is. Pretty much running a Hellfire instead of a shotgun now. Some players are just figuring out how powerful that gun is and I knew it was a great gun long before the ADS was added. I always carried a Hellfire for mid-range and hell even free aiming that thing is a beast. Just like PC, the ADS made the game to easy....everyone can finally shoot straight now I guess.
  16. AlhpaBravos Member

    The problem that nobody mentions or remembers is that h1z1 has moved consistently from a game of skill to one of autopilot. Examples include overpowered shotguns, bunny hopping bs, the op redesign of the crossbow and the a leaderboard system whose top players are either cheats or 1000 game spammers.
    What you also need to keep in mind that the new ads system with all it flaws and complaints will not be fixed or even looked at until the end of season 4. I'm not even going to raise issues with their scam and broken economy because this post will never end.
    I stopped playing since end of S3 and only way to force changes is to post concerns,stop playing and stop spending money. Otherwise watch h1 go further in this direction of placating potato bots.
  17. Menacemastrz Member

    Not a big fan, and I don’t use. This new 3rd person aim seems to have added a stack more glitches in battle. On top of being weakness sauce . Riot shotguns are not firing when pressed and combat is damn near a double shot because of the lag. first person aim pulling out a invisible gun when you jump out of a vehicle. What is battle royale going to turn into free for all? And even the shotgun hesitates when exiting vehicle I shot 3 times and nothing. Turned off the game after that one. well this attention to bring a new aiming system is definitely misdirected and I think you guys should have stayed working on cleaning up the 1st person and shotgun battles. I thought It was getting there.
    have been playing a lot less this season than before.
    Peace out y’all!

    Oh, and I know those lags /glitches I mentioned earlier were there before 3rd person was added, it seems to be happening a lot more after it was put in the game.
    Maybe it’s just me.
  18. Menacemastrz Member

    Good stuff by the way Alpha. Can’t even waste time looking at those spammers on the leaderboards
  19. AlhpaBravos Member

    Easiest way to predict daybreaks movements and lack of vision is just to look and learn from history. If you look at pc base, many moved on and never really came back even after trying to relive preseason3. Same thing will happen with PS4 market as they realize that h1z1 is just another poor man's BR GAME with no distinguishing features. It is free so will always have players but none will be around for the long-term.
  20. 2high2die420 Member

    Someone post a video demonstrating their is aim assist present, their is no aim assist?

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