Naked Character in matches(PS4)

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Cyber2066, May 4, 2019.

  1. Cyber2066 New Member

    My character appears with only his pants(underwear) on when I am in a match or match lobby, yet he is fully clothed in the main menu.

    This has only started happening AFTER the latest May 2019 update, not once did this happen before.

    I have re-installed H1Z1 and restarted it to no avail. The bug still persists.

    Starting a new character (Daybreak's suggestion) really isn't an option for me.

    Please post below if you are having this bug too or know a solution.

  2. Texas1543732 New Member

    ive tried all of those things to different clothes and body type im not getting a new account ive spent close to a hundred dollars on this one
  3. JernejK1 Member

    Luckily, this hasn't happened to me yet, but I've noticed several naked and headless players in the game.
  4. Cyber2066 New Member

    My character is still appearing with only his underwear on.

    Unfortunately it seems that I'll have to wait for the next patch, for my character to..wear his clothes again.
  5. Cyber2066 New Member

    Ok. I found at solution. (It worked for me)

    Equip different clothes to the ones that your character is currently wearing, then re-equip the old clothes.

    p.s. I had unlocked the Viking boots but they weren't appearing on my character so I equipped another pair of boots instead.
  6. RuFiO87x New Member

    Having same issue! They need to get this fixed asap
  7. RuFiO87x New Member

    This actually worked for me thank you.