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  1. JernejK1 Member

    I'd suggest a feedback thread for each new update/feature, but seeing how poor the commucation is on the developers' side, I know it won't go anywhere, so here's my take on H1Z1's new season.

    I played it for about four hours today.

    What I don't like:

    The new vehicles and weapons are boring and unoriginal.

    The map is way too small. The starting circle is even smaller, so most of the time, you land right next to other teams/players. It's so small there is no pressure of having to run from the gas, I was often left without a vehicle, but had no trouble getting to the safe zone.

    No fall damage. Another feature that makes it too easy to navigate the map. Are you on a cliff/roof/ledge/bridge and enemies or gas are coming? No need to plan your escape route or be careful which path to choose. Just jump off.

    Airdrops fall behind the map.

    The military crate contains only three weapons, the Marauder, Desert Eagle and AK.

    While the game seems to run smoother in certain aspects, there are still enemies glitching like crazy. In my last match, I shot someone and downed them. They FLEW across the ground and teleported inside a building. Awful.

    3rd person ADS. I know, it's not new to the game, but it's too big of an issue not to mention. It requires zero skill. At least shotgun rushers could be countered by a skilled player with a KH or CNQ in the right situation. The automatic AR, err, the "Commando Rifle", which is easily found on the ground, is the new riot shotgun rush. Same goes for the Hellfire. You aim at someone, lock them in and mow them down before they even realize what's going on, armor and helmet seem as if they're made of cardboard. Before 3rd person ADS, all weapons were specific in terms of aiming, recoil and damage. Now they all seem alike.

    I could go on and on, but here's what I like about the update:

    The graphics are better in general. Colors, explosions, foliage... look much better. I like the new little details as well, such as the non-driveable vehicles having different colors etc.

    I also like the increased damage you take if you jump from a moving vehicle.

    So, two good things and a whole bunch of awful ones.

    Congratulations, Daybreak! Way to screw up the game even further, I didn't realize it was possible!
  2. Punk_Out Member

    You like the extra fall damage jumping out of cars? How is that a positive thing....add fall damage and reduce the fall damage when jumping from a moving car would be a big positive. Clearly you have never jumped out of a moving car before. If you plan on jumping out of a moving car and on grass you would barely take a scratch if you know what you are doing. Years of doing dumb **** as a teenage gives me plenty of experience and probably a concussion....definitely got the wind knocked out of myself a few times.

    Why is everyone complaining about military crates? It is an awesome change. Now it forces everyone to work together in Fives and I don't have a useless crate hunter teammate messing around on his own hoping he gets a win in Fives all by himself. Crate hunting was the cowards way of doing things, now air drops are way more valuable and it is an actual fight for loot. Also, the Ak47 is fantastic, the marauder is an awesome gun, and the desert eagles is not only powerful but is still a car killer. Change up your tactics because I did on day one of this season. H1Z1 was always a survival style of a battle royale and now with these changes it finally feels like it. This is a post apocalyptic world, it was never supposed to be easy.
  3. JernejK1 Member

    Calm down, cowboy. You jumping out of a moving vehicle as a teenager hardly means you have experience, especially when it comes to doing it with gear, on uneven grounds and at high speed. What does jumping out of a moving car in real life have to do with this game anyway? People were rushing in with cars and jumping out at the last second, gaining a small window of opportunity where they could attack the enemy. They added the 30 point damage to jumping out of a car, but that wasn't enough. Someone with full armor jumping out of a car was still at advantage because of the surprise element, 30 damage wasn't that big of a disadvantage.

    Where did I say it was supposed to be easy??? A bunch of stuff they introduced (3rd person ADS, more loot, no fall damage...) has made the game easier and I clearly stated I do not like it.

    I also never stated that the three guns that are found in military crates aren't good. I especially agree that the Marauder is excellent. If the Marauder is in it, why not a KH or a Scout Rifle for example? I was just surprised to see only those three weapons available.
  4. Punk_Out Member

    If it was super speeds sure. But going a slow rolling speed and losing 60HP is ridiculous. They are to lazy to balance it out. Only if the vehicle is going full speed should you be taking that kind of damage.

    They didn't balance it out they made it ridiculous.

    Real life should always factor into video game logic (they should try for that) to make them feel real. If I was going full speed in a Racer it should take 80HP away, that would make sense. But when I am going less then 20 clicks and I am taking 60HP that is just ridiculous. 10HP maybe 20HP. All they do is adjust a number instead of making a logical script that would include speed into how much HP you lose.

    Doesn't matter how much gear you're carrying. The more gear the more cushion. Especially with a big fluffy backpack on. My point still stands. 60HP is a ridiculous amount to lose from jumping from a vehicle at slow speeds. You have never heard of "cover and roll", very common tip that is explained in various films and TV shows.

    30HP loss is 2 bandages, 60HP loss one full Med-kit. We don't need more disadvantages we need balance and logic.

    I would be fine if they just removed Yellow weapons from the military crates but a higher chance for a marauder and a AK47 had made them way handier. I like the balance it's added and it has made air drops way more handier and clears up time to push air drops where you can go grab guns you really want.

    Also, where did I say you said you wanted it to be easier? I was just reminding you of the struggles of a post apocalyptic world.
  5. JernejK1 Member

    Weapons would most certainly not act as a cushion. But enough of that. I do agree the damage should be more balanced.

    You said change your tactics and I thought you understood I said the game is too hard. It's actually too easy and simple. With 3rd person ADS and removed fall damage, I do not need to change my tactics. These new features make the game too easy and they will dumb players down as they require less skill and planning. In one of the matches, I jumped from the bridge over the canyon and landed on one of the ledges. I didn't have to worry how I'll get down, I simply leaped down and continued my way to the safe zone.

    I feel like the previous map had a more post-apocalyptic feel to it. Larger map, everything was less action packed, so any gun fights felt more exciting.

    This doesn't feel like a true battle royale game and more like an arcade arena shooter.
  6. Menacemastrz Member

    I feel like the previous map had a more post-apocalyptic feel to it. Larger map, everything was less action packed, so any gun fights felt more exciting.

    This doesn't feel like a true battle royale game and more like an arcade arena shooter.

    I agree
  7. stevey66 Member

    Interesting guys - my thoughts so far

    This is now a very different playing experience. A major flaw I have found is the start / landing - why have 4 to 6 people land in the same spot - and its then a Random Number Generator whether you are near a gun fast enough to actually start playing. As a veteran player - I like to think that I can get into each match - now the number of people that die before you have even geared up - is ridiculous. Zero kill games when you can't grab a car and you are stuck without a weapon are so utterly infuriating

    So - no more high kills games - I get a weapon and gear and vehicle - start driving on the hunt - there are 39 people left !

    Further - now the map does not show where cars are until very late (maybe its a bug for me because 1 in 10 games I can see the vehicles marked like old map) - so I can no longer get to a car either. Given 5 guys might be speeding down to one car - I cant afford to parachute down at maximum speed to get to it and land fast - because I fall through the map every time and game ends there

    Given the above - Daybreak MUST - I mean must - 27 times MUST - make the old map available to give the players a choice - their marketing about - we need everyone to immerse exclusively etc etc - is just not cogent and is disingenuous to say the least. Daybreak you have designed it - people love this game playing that map - DO NOT take it away - there are enough players with quick lobbies to give people the option

    The new map has fun elements - it is bad for me because as a high 320ms PING player from Australia - these initial close quarters encounters with shotguns leave me so easily killed - I am a distance and spacing player with my vehicle - up close with shotguns the lag like I'm running in mud is awful - I avoid these encounters at all costs but now I have to do the PUBG inside rooms

    Someone on the tweets said - have you guys sent a thankyou note to PUBG designers for borrowing their map and graphics lol

    My goodness the number of times I'm coming out of vehicles with hands empty - or with the wrong gun due to glitches - its driving me nuts - having to engage the same weapon many times is getting old very fast - last game right now 7 kills - 5 left - and ready to fire with Heavy Assault rifle - instead I'm way away and Combat Shotgun is firing as I jump out of car - thanks

    The hills - the gradient is so steep the camera jumps behind your car and you can't scan for anyone or anything - I am really missing flatter terrain - I'm still looking for the so called outlands that are flat

    So there are some fun elements because they are new - but I am missing the old map - I might just play Japan on the old map - at least my lag is only 120ms to Tokyo

    Overall I praise the big effort and new content and concept - but I am a little disappointed with how it plays - the start is awful - hills too steep - hiding encouraged - and I insist both maps must be open for players - this one if ESSENTIAL

    Cheers guys - enjoy your feedback and thoughts
  8. TyrellCorp New Member

    I agree with much of the OP.

    The start of the game is awful with this small map. If you decide to land on a vehicle you are late to the looting. Then driving around and looting becomes a difficult task because every site has someone that is already looted up or the site has already been looted. If you decide to not land on a vehicle, you basically have to go the whole game without one. As the OP stated, landing sites are chaos. I don't find it fun landing with 6 other people and getting kills on defenseless opponents or vice versa.

    The looting. Wow, I hate what they have done. Why did they decide to change the ground crate system? I had no beef with it and never saw anyone complain about it. It adds a bit of consistency but it also creates another problem with airdrops. Since there are so many purple weapons inside the air drops. Everyone and their brother on the map goes for airdrops now. The map is so small there's about 10 people battling for drops. It's lame. There will be people that think this is fun but jumping out to engage anyone results in vultures shooting from behind.

    The map has problem spots while driving. I've gotten cars stuck on terrain a few times. The car gets stuck and you can't move it. They need to smooth areas out.

    Gun fights are not as you vs. the other person anymore. With the map being so small, I've found that 1v1 gunfights are few and far between. Once gun fire is heard, there's about 4-5 people nearby willing to engage, resulting in being shot in the back or other players cleaning up for easy kills.

    I'm not going to comment on jumping out of cars and taking damage because the shotgun meta was a cancer to the game. It was the right move to establish it and everyone agrees. They need to take it a step further and rid the game of jump shotgunning.

    No fall damage was a HUGE mistake. I don't understand this change AT ALL. I don't understand the thought process behind this. It's a no brainer that they have to revert this back immediately.

    All in all. I'm not happy with the game and the changes. The map would have been super cool if it were much bigger. I liked having time to scavenge around for gear and being able to fight with others without someone driving up behind me all the time.
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    H1z1 died with the 3ads period
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    I'm back to Realm Royale. I will start playing H1Z1 again if they make the starting circle larger and/or put the old map back in rotation. Landing with five other players/teams and either killing them or them killing me in moments after the game starts isn't my idea of fun.
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    This game has gone from a skilled shooter having to strategize and tactfully eliminate opponents. to I don’t even know wtf ! that aim assist 3ads Is horrible! It’s seems shoot first and aim after works now! when before it was aim first and then shoot . Something is def. wrong and removing the 3rd person ads i believe is a start. If it must stay turn off the damn aim assist!
  14. Maggwar Member

    I uninstalled the game its broken AF too bad i really like it now my videos will be to remenber it in its golden days before 3ads bs... Trying to please a wannabes players of FNite they killed the main player base.