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    This is Part 4. if you haven't read the previous 2 posts, I HIGHLY urge you to read those first before continuing:
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Hello again to the dev's and the H1Z1 Community! It's been 2 months and some change since I made my last post. Since then I've been playing and observing gameplay and these forum posts, and I see that there are mechanics that need to be addressed once again. But before I get into that, I want to mention something VERY important in regards to the community and getting a response from the higher ups/ devs:

    As you may or may not know, alongside my own ideas, I regularly find topics and requests/ improvements in this forum, from you guys in the community. And as of recent, I see a ton of toxic behavior and anger towards the devs. I can understand a lot of the frustration as well, considering the communication as well as the current game issues, ( and I'll get to that in this post) but there is NO REASON why we should see posts like "DONT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON H1Z!" or "TEAMING SOLO RECRUITMENT" or Threads that just COMPLAIN about the game...

    YES I UNDERSTAND that a lot of us are passionate about the game and the direction its going, but that doesn't mean we unconstructively criticize the game and deter newer players altogether, or become negative without actually adding great opinions to make the game better AND be heard. Again, I understand the frustration, I was also angry, and still am to a degree, but we all have to keep in mind:

    1. This is a FREE GAME.
    2. They have come a LONG way since beta.
    3. They are still updating the game ( even if its slower than expected)

    In ALL my previous posts in my series I've talked about ways to better the game, and I will continue to do so. And in doing so POSITIVELY, I received a response from the devs every single time. Lets steer AWAY from posting negatively in this forum. If your truly love this game, you'll do more good by making a value based post than just complaining like a child throwing a tantrum...

    So many great ideas and requests that I've shared from YOU the community, as well as my own, and its been good to see that some things are being addressed already. I still believe in this game and the devs. Many would agree that the previous posts ideas ALONE would make the game go a full 360 as far as drastic changes to spark interest to H1. ( I still hope the devs read those time and time again) But today, I have a NEW LIST of requests gathered.

    REAL QUICK! I have to address the most recent Updates:

    -NEW MAP: We are finally getting a new area of play!
    -SCAVANGER HUNT: You guys made it a LOT easier this time around, but it was welcomed, please, add more in the future, and make the item/ helmet unique, instead of a re-skin.
    -NEW VEHICLES: We got the LAMBO! Super happy about this
    -NEW WEAPONS: I remember the community asking for a new weapon, specifically for M17 bullets, I'm crossing my fingers for that, plus more. I'm just glad its confirmed.

    For these things added going into season 5, I want to say THANK YOU. I cant wait for more content. Now, for the list of improvements and ideas...

    Its an absolute mess, and unfortunately the new meta, aside from shotguns. at first I welcomed the change, shots weren't accurate and I was thinking the aiming would be optimized a little. but now, its TOO accurate. New players can come in and be just as good as the vets who grinded and worked on their skill level since beta. I'm accidentally hitting head shots with the hellfire and LMG from a DISTANCE waaaaaay too often. This option has taken away the mastery of aiming 1st person from experienced players, So much so that some H1Z1 youtubers are leaving because of it, any mode hurts, solos duos and 5's. It needs to be either SERIOUSLY NERFED, REMOVED ALTOGETHER or in ARCADE SPECIFIC MODES ONLY. Its extremely frustrating, knowing your a master or diamond rank, to get killed by a bronze or silver simply because of 3rd person aiming accuracy. I'm 1000% convinced that there is AIM ASSIST in that option. PLEASE do something about this.

    Something has to be done about this as well. the teaming thread to expose players via video, I have not seen a single ban, ive seen them in game without any care or worry. Now look, I understand why you guys are hesitant to adding more communication via prox chat in the game, but ALLOWING teamers to run free in these modes doesn't help either. I just finished playing arcade mode, and I had 3 players jump me and ride in individual lambos together in a pack. Same thing in solos, I need to hear from the devs on this, Whats going to be done about teamers in general? Is there a plan in place?

    It was EASIER to see your kill in action on the kill feed when it was highlighted red on your name, why was this removed? And it honestly looked better on the screen matching the blood red theme of the game. Now its just your psn name and the player you killed with no highlight, it easily gets lost in the feed when the circle gets smaller. PLEASE bring this back.

    VICTORY CRATES AND BIGGER BATTLEPASS & BIGGER MARKETPLACE (NO RESKINS)I've already touched on this in previous threads listed above. I'd honestly like to know an ETA on victory crates and bigger better marketplace. I haven't seen anything to fill the Macho crate to match th price btw. And I want to feel like I can still grind the game for a reward. I'm crossing my fingers for season 5, but it would GREATLY help to get a response on this. I dont mind a few epic designs on current items but please, dont let reskins be the only main focus. Uniqueness is wanted badly. Also please add more items in the battlepass from now on. S4 was way too little, I really felt shortchanged buying the pass, and grinding it out.

    CONSISTENCY IN COMMUNICATIONI KNOW the dev team has been working hard on the game update, and it is very much appreciated, especially with the twitter updates, but with the community here on the forums, I wonder why there isnt anyone answering questions and engaging with us here regularly? Is there a reddit post that has more engagement regarding player to dev talks? I'm missing this in most posts that I see. I've touched on this in the past as well, and I haven't seen any improvements. Again, I understand the hard workload, but its the distance in communication that allows toxic posts.


    Are we ever going to see the gun stats to the weapons we use? I know for PC they did a while back, but I'd like to see stats for what use normally use. It was awesome how we got an email few seasons ago on what we used the most, but its something we never could fully grasp damage wise. As far as the Leaderboards, again this is something that has been touched upon before. How are you guys going to recognize players who have higher amounts of kills per game ALONGSIDE of wins?the current system rewards players who can survive the top ten. I have so much to say, but I already made my statement in a previous thread in this series. Please address this.

    There are current issues on players finding ways to get into closed buildings and shooting through walls without getting hit, and picking up weapons especially after opening a drop. The wall glitch needs to be fixed asap. for picking up guns, it says, I dont have enough space, even though I do, and after a while it allows me to pick up the gun. This has happened to me in very hectic situations which i needed to run after getting a purple/ gold drop. in many cases the delay of picking up the gun allows for me the get killed or hurt near death. grabbing weapons from crates needs to be looked at more closely.

    MASTERCOINS NEVER CONVERTED, WHAT HAPPENED???Really, what happened? I made a separate post on this in the bugs section of the forum, and you guys responded, saying you were working on a fix. The fix, never came. I really would like a ful explanation from the devs on this, and whats going to happen to earn more master coins.

    *Personal Question for the Devs: Is there a chance we'll see the FireWalker Helmet in the game?

    As usual, I'm looking forward to hearing from ALL of you, Devs and community below. Again I appreciate you guys taking the time to read. Until next time.
  2. WarNtea64 Member

    QUICK IDEAS FOR GAME--------------------

    -Hosted games for practice in duo's/ 5

    -Van vehicle with optional open back door to shoot 1st person

    -Emote shortcut to brag in game easier

    -FOV slider for better game views
  3. AlhpaBravos Member

    The toxicity is totally justified. Many of issues you raise have not been addressed despite feedback going back to s1 one. Daybreaks attitude and competency towards its game and user base is a disgrace. They are not working hard as you claim. Every update or promise is delayed by weeks and when it does rear its ugly head, the game balance is ruined and more and more people leave the game, including myself.
    I was far more courteous and positive in previous seasons regarding feedback towards daybreak, but that changed when i realized that isnt a company or business in the standard sense. Dont even take my word for it. Whether at this forum or other platforms like facebook and twitter and reddit, the consensus is often the same with disgusted and disappointed customers.

    Feel free to waste your time on these kind of posts. I feel sorry for those like you who seem to expect anything different from daybreak. We are not here to praise these people and beg them for change. Its there god damn job. And just because its a FREE GAME, does not mean it has an excuse to treat its user base like c++ts and not bother with bugs and feedback.
  4. WarNtea64 Member

    Your entitled to have your own opinion. Frustration, anger and resentment towards the slow pace of development and gameplay issues may be justified, but toxicity is never accepted, for any game for that matter, free or not. Toxic acts will never help the game get better.

    Now look, I agree with you that with more delays and and minimal updates that people WILL leave, and I was on the brink of doing that not long ago. And yes, I was also more accepting in earlier seasons, now not so much. But I still remain positive for whats to come. Season 5 will show us if expectations and requests for improvements are being implemented. Season 4 was terrible regarding content that we received in my own opinion, but then again the Season WAS short in comparison to the others.

    You, as well as many others say nearly the same thing, "I have left this game" and so on. So if thats the case and you Truly moved on, why waste your own time here lurking and spreading negativity on the game? (disclaimer: I'm NOT saying that you are, but many do exactly this)

    There's a good chance that those complaints and disappointment comes from a good place.

    You enjoyed the game and you wanted to see the game do better. Thats the core reason.

    Otherwise you'd be playing Apex or Pubg or whatever else without thinking twice about H1Z1.

    Thats my core reason, and that's why I'm still here.

    I'm NOT excusing them for not fixing A LOT of stuff gameplay wise. Hell, there's still issues from Closed/ Open Beta that aren't solved. But you know what I did?

    I voiced my opinion and frustration reasonably with EVERYTHING I could find from community posts (you guys) as well as my own, to the extent that I could get my point across and be serious about it and show my frustration, and at the same time add value and come from a place that shows that I'm giving stern constructive criticism and ideas for improvements.

    And thats why out of tons of posts in this forum, I get an actual response from them. This isnt just for myself, this is for EVERYONE who enjoys and plays the game, who want to see things change.

    You may think that its a waste of time for me, but its feedback like my own that actually gets things changed in game. And its BECAUSE of the feedback and information gathered that I expect changes, many that are being addressed.

    Again, I'm not saying that their process is perfect, I have mentioned the communication and MANY other issues in my 4 part series, And this isnt to put you down or to argue with you. Again, I am frustrated and Its a pain to just hope and wait. But as players thats just what we have to do.

    Season 5 is the determining factor for alot of players, we'll see what they've done when the time comes
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    WarNtea64 - another really constructive post that clearly shows your love for the game and willingness to engage meaningfully to strive for improvements

    So - you already have one of the requests ticked off the list - Red Highlight in kill-feed is back and fixed which I have hammered for a while now - was so pleased to see it back with recent update

    Alpha - I have also really enjoyed your posts over a long time and the old forums - it would be fair to say that recently your negativity vastly outweighs any helpful positive contribution and you would say rightly so regards this paucity - I think what can skew the balance and tone is that since you are typing and posting by definition this means you enjoy the game (otherwise why bother to post at all) and want to see it improve but when the positives are not explicitly stated there can seem an overriding tone of toxic, resentful, anger motivated barbs that seem to do little to help

    I get it - there are problems- BUT - I LOVE THIS GAME even with its faults - never had so much fun and for some strange reason it resonates with me and it doesn't get old

    I get the girlcott approach of volunteering to form cheat teams - I know you and MechAArma want something done and would never cheat like that - and it can be a somewhat effective way to highlight the issue and affect change but such suggestions really fall short in terms of further angering other players and discouraging new players - the suggestion itself has a place and a point but to actually do it would be a very very poor choice of actions - 'cutting off your nose to spite your face' sort of thing.

    Generally - I am seeing a lot of new players on EU server and the lobby numbers are good for a wider range of times - so despite these problems people are trying the game and many are staying. This is my impression at least as a comparison having played constantly from first ps4 release

    Lets try to stay positive and helpful - and bring a love for the game balanced with the frustration of the issues at hand
  6. AlhpaBravos Member

    Problem with definition of toxicity is that it means different things to different people, especially where they are biased or dont even understand what the word means. With me, i dont condone people dieing or getting cancer for example. My personal reasons for being here are to point out daybreaks historical actions where it especially relates to incompetence, a lack of respect for its community and poor business practices. Companies like these need to be held to account and i will continue to add my sense until either they listen or h1z1 is beyond all help.

    Season 2 was the most consistent and stable version of h1z1. Its was prior to release of OP Crossbow and had a basic introduction to leader-boards. Since then its been a steady decline with missed deadlines for updates, an increase in server lag, day one bugs on new seasons with slow fixes and reappearances of previously fixed issues (eg kill feed). I havent even touched on cheating scum and daybreaks lack of will to do anything about this. Or how poorly the leader boards are managed that are open to abuse and exploitation. I could literally go on and on.

    You say Season 5 is the determining factor for a lot of players but ive seen the writing on the wall for some time. To think this game will be saved by a new map or new flashy car or arcade mode is naive.
    When you actually study daybreaks performance and actions over last 6 months, its clear to see that Season 5 will be no different. There will be delays, there will be bugs and further drop in overall quality as was seen with the PC version of this game.

    Daybreak have no business making games, at least with battle royales ones but as far as i can tell, even their other forums are also littered with complaints and problems. Its a pattern of miscommunication and incompetence that i have not experienced elsewhere and i just want this on record for others to see and not act surprised when season 5 drops. Or when further abuse happens with cheating or LOOT boxes become even more of a scam.

    For me, one of the biggest indicators that daybreak were a terrible company was when they closed the old forum with no indication or notification to those using it like myself. Who had invested numerous posts dedicating time towards helping this game grow.
    Following this, it was the steady decline and lack of moderation in this existing forum. This coupled with other examples is a damning indictment of daybreak and its behavior and attitude.

    And for you to ask to moderate for them will end in rejection. It happened before in the previous forum. Open your eyes mate. Daybreak is not deserving of your post or your time.
  7. AlhpaBravos Member

    H1Z1 was totally worthy of our time and effort from beta and then up until about season 2. It was a breath of fresh air for me compared to games like pubg or fortnite (havent played them). The potential was absolutely there but H1Z1 is being managed by people who have no understanding of its programming code or how to market and keep this battleroyale game fresh and relevant.
    To be honest, they didnt even need to update it much. Just focus on bugs and performance and leaderboards and weapon balance would have kept this game great.

    Adding features that no one asked for like ffa and arcade modes or the 3rd person ADS shows me that daybreak are literally throwing anything at the wall, hoping it will stick. It is this lack management and backbone that is slowly sucking the life and potential out of this game.

    So yeah, i am angry about this. You can quote me on that, but make sure it backed by context or i will hit back with a bunch of my own paraphrasing.

    Being positive was yesterday and last week and last month and last season and the season before that......Courtesy and patience towards daybreak is over. They need to get their *** in gear and sort their **** out.
  8. WarNtea64 Member

    Firstly, I am familiar with what toxicity means. For what has been going on within this forum, especially as of recent, its very clear what definition/ level of toxicity is expressed, and unfortunately allowed. And with more of that going around, can you honestly say that negative complaining and practices (Teaming Recruitment thread/ don't support the game) and blind rage towards the game in the forums will help the devs right now?

    It wont.

    There SHOULD be rules and authority in place to keep the community stable, regardless of the issues within the game. Now, FEEDBACK is welcomed. If a bit of anger is expressed, I get it. But the added value and suggestions to genuinely help is key. There's a difference. Although they haven't been very consistent regarding their fixes, marketing and communication, they are STILL working on the game. Without the New Map, New Weapons announcement, or New Vehicle/ New content as mentioned in my last post when the devs responded, THEN I'd fully agree with you in saying that there aren't any substantial updates, nothing big enough to warrant my continuation of playing. THEN I'd be more irate and probably agree more with the folks that are being toxic

    (Even that's a stretch because my nature isnt to get mad at something that isn't in my control, let alone being free, and thoroughly enjoying several months ago for free)

    It's not naive. Its NEW content, and I guarantee that you'll play the new map when it releases. Why?

    I already explained above where the anger is coming from, to make the game better.

    Again, I AGREE with you in many points as you explained above:

    1. They need to be held accountable.
    2. Communication is seriously lacking in the forum.
    3. Deadlines MUST be met for ongoing issues and updates
    4. The Loot boxes should be optimized for the price we actually pay.
    5. Season 2 WAS the most stable and enjoyable version of the game, skill was needed to win.

    And even with all these things agreed upon, there's a LOT of work still that needs to be done. Which is again, part of the reason why I made my series.

    All I'm saying is, for us the players, there's a better way to voice our opinions AND be heard.Simply complaining wont get it done.

    H1Z1 ultimately is just 1 of the many games that they have made, they've been around long enough and have made many successful games.

    You can be mad about where the game is going. I am too. But to say they shouldn't be making games since things aren't in your favor when they've been making tons of games for years is low and immoral. I still stand by what I said. Season 5 will have to be drastically different to keep many players going, even with everything they already did. We'll just have to wait till then.
  9. WarNtea64 Member

    @Stevey66 I appreciate your kind words and continued support. I didn't realize that they already fixed that, really good to hear!

    I agree with you regarding the idea to stay encouraging and helpful. Its easier to just add fuel to the fire. Its harder to put the fire out, but its worth the effort for a positive outcome.

    H1z1 is the 1st and only BR right now that resonates with me so strongly, and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way, especially on the console side.
  10. RuTH0X Member

    Nice post, thank you..

    I have to agree to all of it..

    Peace !
  11. Cole_MacGraft Member

    I’m just posting to throw in my two cents not trying to call out anyone. That being said I agree with alhpa just like in small countries when Diplomacy fails the people begin to uprise riot and protest. The same is going on here. When the beta first came out we were all here happily posting about what could help the game. As seasons went on more started to go wrong and the Quality went down outfits are reskins, cheating, rewards that you can play to unlock haven’t been updated in 3 seasons. Bugs , I could go on. The short of it is this is a game that a lot of people loved and would have happily helped support the game. But when you see the people running the show running it into the ground it’s annoying

    Now I am happy that they are adding stuff. But I’m annoyed about the teaming, and win crates being outdated and most new stuff being behind a paywall or s super grind.

    I still play this game with my best friend on the regular. But playing solo is kinda boring with nothing to play for besides like bragging rights. I have been going for the fireman jacket from the season 3 master crate and I haven’t got it once and I’ve been trying since mid season 3 what makes it annoying is they cut the number of master coins you can get from the daily missions so it takes longer to get what I want and, for the love of god don’t let it be purple or above you’ll never never get it. There is a lot that needs fixes. And no communication makes all of this 1000 times worse.
  12. WarNtea64 Member

    Whats up RuTh0X, appreciate the support man, thanks for reading!
  13. WarNtea64 Member

    Hey there Cole, thanks for taking the time to read the thread!

    For the most part, I agree with you for the issues within the game, and yes it can get annoying when changes are expected with hardly any action on core issues to to help the game get back on track.

    Everything I said above reflects that, and I feel unsatisfied more and more as months go by.

    As I mentioned to Alpha, there's a better way to express your opinion and give feedback that will be received and heard from the devs, that's all I was meaning to say regarding actual feedback from us as players. We are all on the same team here at the end of it all.
  14. Maggwar Member

    Nice info. We want a lot of what i read IRL just make these game great again for f.. Sakes no more 3ads no glitchin a mayor cleaning in graphics to avoid these chopy frame drop and unplayable matters. My suport to these thread is 101%
  15. WarNtea64 Member

    Hey there Mag! appreciate your response man, I agree with you, so many fixes need to be done, the game still has the ability to bounce back. I ESPECIALLY agree with you on the 3rd Person Aiming, its ridiculously accurate, TOO accurate. 1st person aiming required skill. Id rather them just remove 3rd Person Aiming altogether. That would at least make it fair to the experienced players who grinded this game from beta.

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