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    This is Part 3. if you haven't read the previous 2 posts, I HIGHLY urge you to read those first before continuing:

    Part 1:
    Part 2:


    Hello again, It's been a bit since I last posted any articles, first and foremost, I want to thank everyone who shared their opinion and added to the conversation positively on my previous threads, they were very well received. And I thank the Dev that responded to my 2nd thread in terms of what was going to happen in the near future.

    This time around I'd like to share my OWN opinion, along with some visuals, since I had already shared what I collected in the community posts pertaining to what was desired and requested for the game.

    Some of the ideas will be revisited and updated, so any official dev response would be GREATLY appreciated since the main issues have been and are being addressed, the biggest being the crossbow and shotgun ordeal, bug fixes, and communication.

    I'd like to know the opinion of the IDEAS expressed to be clear and honest.

    But first, I have to address the most recent updates to the game:

    -Crossbow Issue
    Well done Daybreak, I'm very happy that you seriously nerfed the bow, it had to be done. Only concern is the amount of ammo that can be carried, and how common it is in small crates, but aside from that, matches have been a bit more enjoyable now that the damage and range is reduced. THANK YOU

    -3rd Person Aiming
    The effort is there, I'm glad you guys did work to put it back in the game, but from my experience, the 3rd Person GLITCH itself was WAY BETTER, in terms accuracy, in camera angle view, and responsiveness. I'm sure its a work in progress, but if you literally just took the initial glitch and made it separate instead of this new version of aiming, it would have been perfect IMO. I'm sure i'm not the only one who feels this way, I've already seen others in the forum express similar statements. Would love to hear from the community on this one in the comments below.

    -Macho Crate

    New Content is great! I'm glad to see that we are getting a few things from the content seen in japan, but...Its lacking. I know there was a LOT of backlash from the NZ community about the Maui outfit, and negative statements about the outfit, statements saying that it was offensive. I understand why the devs took it off the crate, but now the package itself is empty, and in the store with the 5000 gold coins pricing. Its crazy. I'm hoping that something else is added to fill up the new crate. Thank you for adding new outfits.

    OK. On to the visuals and ideas!

    Proximity Chat Revisited: Additional Options:

    I know that this conversation is a touchy one, with the "toxic" behavior that took away the feature from players, according to the devs, so since then, I've thought of a few ways to add the feature that can limit any complaints or issues.

    -Headset Item: Making an actual item that you can find in game to allow chat to happen, only allow a # of players to have it at a time.
    -Earned Via Rank up: Only grant players who are serious regarding leaderboards, at the Master (or Royalty Rank) the privilege to competitively trash talk other players. I believe seasoned players would have more mature competitive talk in comparison to newbies.

    -Unlocked "Radio Static Clears" announcement: It could be something unlocked at random during matches, after green and purple drops fall, in the same fashion that notifies us that air drops are incoming, a radio static announcement can let players know that prox chat is activated.

    Again, this is still a huge selling point, and will make the game extremely entertaining. Please add Prox chat in some form or fashion.

    Victory Crates and New items + Police Cars


    We need more options. From the PC side, if you literally brought all the skins from PC and added them to PS4 via store, victory crates as well as creating new ones, A TON of people would be happy and satisfied with that. I found skins of the sedan (police car) and skins that would be awesome to have in the game, so I made a quick collage of them. All in all, the victory crates, items in the marketplace, needs a TOTAL OVERHAUL. No more 4 rotating items for a day, A HUGE store with expensive items, that are DIFFERENT from victory crates and more pack options are needed.

    I also noticed that with some of the skins we have now, are only a PIECE of a full outfit, I'll elaborate more on a point below for incomplete outfit sets. And literally, I went on this site to find skin examples, the pics I posted on this thread is only a fraction of what the ps4 could have I believe the H1Z1 Showcase site has The majority of skins from PC, there are outfits I've never seen before that are amazing:

    Knives, Katanas, Bears (Oh my!) Adding Animals in place of bots
    Wolves, Sasquatch, Alligators near water, Mountain Lions... who knows.



    You guys have actually added BEARS and melee weapons in the PC version of the game, why not add them on the console? It can be something released when the new map is unveiled, or added in an arcade mode first.

    Also, a freaking sword would be really cool to have, I see that in the japan version for the ps4, via KingPlays YT video, there's a knife he found on the ground in their servers. Speaking of weapons, below I have a list of melee options that could be considered in the future.
    Chainsaw ( in some warehouses)
    Brass knuckles
    Baseball bat (sports store or baseball field)
    Shovel (in back yards)
    Police Baton (in or around police station)
    Scythe (In farm areas)
    Tommy Gun
    Riot Shield (useful against melee, not full sized, and item has limited hits)

    Again, some could be considered for the current map and when a new map is released. Having them in specific places to spawn could add another level of strategy as well.

    Molten Set (Incomplete Outfit sets)



    From the Tactical Armour, to the fire fighter helmet, to the molten shirts and tactical mask, Again these are all great additions, and also are the missing pieces with outfits that we have on console. There are some costumes that are just missing, like the bandit one, or the Neko chan military tac backpack that's available in Japan, but not in NA. I would love to see the current sets of outfits on console in FULL, compared to PC.

    Crown Me King! (Battle Royale Rewards)


    Can we have the ability to have some sort of prestige, crown or something when ranking up on the leaderboards? Or use an emote to gloat after winning a match in first place? I think it would be a good idea to give winners something for working up leaderboard ranks and winning consistently. The king of the kill emote would be great to have too.


    There have been times where I hear fights in the distance, and I drive looking in that direction, not knowing what to expect. In solos or a game of 5's, reconnaissances is helpful to know what move to make, whether its an ambush, scouting an empty area or locating an enemy sniper, binoculars would be a good addition.

    Daily/ Weekly Tournaments and Dedicated Teams (Max 8-10 Roster)


    This could be something that can keep players motivated to play, not just leaderboards, actual tournaments with weekly prizes and exclusive custom gear. What if there were updates every week that made solo and team players look forward to getting better and improving? I mentioned tournaments in the previous thread, but seriously, this is something that separates other BR's right now. Just like the PC version where tournament were held online AND in person, with a huge update and tournaments being the leading feature, H1Z1 on console could come back stronger than ever.

    To the Dev's I'm glad that you read some of these posts, But I'd really like to hear what you have to say on some of the IDEAS expressed, not only on this thread, but on previous threads and other community posts to make the game better.

    This post was more along what I'D like to see in the game, as well as the other requests made in the community. So I'd be more than happy to hear feedback on what the possibilities are to make things even better. Let me know what you think in the comments below.
    Until next time. Appreciate you guys.
  2. WarNtea64 Member

    Extras For Content:
    Quick Fire Ideas and Recommendations

    -Crosshair Options: Straight forward recommendation.

    -Quick climb animations for windows: There HAS to be a better way to climb out of windows other than jumping and trying to crouch as close to the window to get out. a quick animation to escape a situation would make things smoother for game play.

    -Rpg to purple crate: RPG doesn't deserve to be in gold crates, its inaccurate, its weak against cars, needs a STRONG buff, And don't bother using the RPG hip fire, you shoot north and it fires heading east. Add another weapon to Gold instead.

    -Option to take off Gillie: There have been times i put on the suit by accident when i was trying to just get armor or ammo. An option to take off the suit would be nice to have
  3. vhdustin Member

    cop car def needs a skin
  4. Releasethegamer New Member

    I really like these ideas Op hope that do something for the 1 year anniversary this month
  5. WarNtea64 Member

    Right?! I saw these skins and with all the skins out for cars, I was wondering when there would be something for Cop Vehicles, PLUS there are specific to the big towns of Rancito and Pleasant. Would be very cool to see.
  6. WarNtea64 Member

    Me too man, theres gotta be something real big especially for the anniversary. What they did in season 2-3 was good but not enough, I hope its something WAY BIGGER than just a new battle pass, and a handful of skins.

    I'd really like to see them bring back the panel where they would have questions answered in the "Fort Destiny" Streams, I think it would hold them accountable to updates and improvements regarding the community.
  7. lPolitics Member

    YOOOOOO you really went in on this post. Kudos my friend these are all great ideas!
  8. WarNtea64 Member

    Thanks Politics, I appreciate it! I'm really crossing my fingers for season 4 man, its just several days away, they gotta show SOMETHING to keep current players going. From the responses received about these ideas, I believe DB knows they can improve on so many levels.

    The question is: Will the Next Big Update be big enough to assure players that they are still working on the game seriously. I really do hope so, they I see it, the forum and the community are giving them the blueprint to a great game, they just aren't taking as much action as needed.
  9. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Hey WarN, my apologies for being late in responding to these - as usual, heavy meat in all of your posts :)

    My .02 on a few of the ideas in this thread:

    Crossbow (and Shottie): Glad to hear the response has been generally positive to the Crossbow nerf! One thing I want to emphasize is, the feedback we got from the weapons tuning survey was a lot more mixed than the overwhelming sentiment you see here, on twitter or reddit. tl;dr there are a lot of players who like the Crossbow meta (and how the Combat shottie handles), and we're trying to respect the opinion of those players who put in the hours in-game but are maybe a little quieter online. So you'll likely see small tweaks that lead towards a bigger change, versus one big change all at once (like drastically re-tuning or removing a weapon).

    Also: it's my strong opinion that Third Person ADS (which will still need to be tweaked/tuned heading into and likely throughout S4) will impact the meta, as some weapons may feel different from the perspective change even if the values themselves haven't been touched. So we don't want to change how the handle too much until Third Person ADS is introduced across the board.

    Macho Crate/New Skins: I've been trying to keep updates for the H1Z1 Japan launch off the waves (since they're in Japanese ;)) but as many players no doubt saw, a lot of that content is going to make its way to NA and EU servers. Not just current Japanese content (like the Vixen or Tech Assassin Outfit) but new color variants, animated variants, etc. More to come.

    Also, more long-term, but we're also looking to potentially change, modify, or outright replace the Challenge system so players earn better and more consistent rewards for good performance (wins, kills, placement, etc).

    Last point on skins: 100% agree on getting parts of an outfit vs getting the whole outfit. That's something we've already started changing (e.g. full Warden Outfit is one of the BP tier 100 rewards) Getting only parts is a holdover from PC days - makes it easier to import old H1 skins which otherwise have to be completely redesigned, tested, etc. But going forward you'll have more opportunities to flat-out get the entire outfit vs just getting a backpack/pants/etc.

    Prox Chat: I know it's sensitive, but no current plans to implement it in PS4. We revisit the idea all the time, but there are a lot of problems that arise in terms of monitoring and policing toxic behavior that we're concerned with. Idea isn't dead, but we'd have to do it right.

    New weapons/melee weapons: The melee weapon system is something we wanted in at launch but couldn't get to work right. It's still fairly janky and not something I'd personally want in the game, but we could revisit. In terms of other new guns, vehicles, should hear more about that from us soon:)

    I know there's a lot more in here to get to, I'll try to get back to the rest of your ideas when I get a moment to breathe, but just know we DO hear and read everything and appreciate all the suggestions even if we don't have the full Dev team in here responding all the time!
  10. lPolitics Member

    Kudos man! Thanks a lot for what you guys doing. This small community of mine on YouTube appreciates everything you guys are doing with the game. Even though it's taking sometime we still believe in you guys.
  11. WarNtea64 Member

    Hello again jgolenbo, Great to hear from you again!
    Appreciate you reading the post.

    I understand where your coming from with the decisions being made for the nerfing of the Crossbow and Shotgun. It makes sense to make smaller tweaks considering the feedback you guys got and I trust that balancing will get better.

    3rd person shooting has gotten better since the recent update. Again small tweaks are understandable, and I think you guys are on the right path for this feature. My opinion is that scoped weapons remain scoped, but I see how the game mechanics and current meta could be impacted with certain changes. I trust the judgement given to this option in the near future.

    More content and skins?? Awesome to hear, its been a while, I'm crossing my fingers that the victory crate rewards are up for a drastic change. Bringing content seen in the Jp servers is also nice to have, I'm looking forward to it.

    With the current Challenge system, I believe a new system would be very much welcomed, As well as Top rankings, considering the talk and comparisons of Leaderboards for PC and console, the PC version being favored with Royalty. Current rankings favor players who can make the top 10, or winning first place, regardless of kill count. Dedicated players who take risks and go for higher kill counts AND win aren't in their own category, as far as skilled rewards are concerned. I think in the future that kills and win ratio should be factored in more from season to season. The current leaderboards and challeges are great for a start. its just my opinion to be revisited for rewards and motivation of players in general. (I think were on the same page though :))

    Full outfits in the future?? Sounds awesome, another thing I'm looking forward to, again, crossing my fingers on current missing pieces (Molten Set!) but I'm glad that's something that was already looked at.

    For Prox Chat, MAN it is a tough one to tackle, I understand where you guys are coming from and I'm glad its not completely off the table. I REALLY want to help with this feature in terms of the H1Z1 teams guidelines. What I'll do is look into different original ways that it could be implemented and ask around the community for new ideas for how it could work. I myself have an extended list of prox chat ideas that i keep adding too, I may send them to you via message for your thoughts and opinions regarding whats mainly to be embraced and avoided. I think later on I'll make a thread for NEW ideas, and constructive criticism for what could work and what wouldn't based on the dev teams guidelines. I'm not giving up on this feature, and at the same time, I do want it to be done correctly, there HAS to be a middle ground for both the devs and the players.

    New Weapons and Vehicles?? Sign me up! I'm glad that its in your plan. Melee is another thing that could spice gameplay up, whether it be small add-ons like punching that could lead to knives, and other items, I think it would be welcomed, of course tested first or added in a new area/ map. Consideration is appreciated.

    Again I thank you for taking the time to read these ideas J, I look forward to hearing from you again soon regarding previous ideas, I understand that things could get busy at times.

    Wishing the devs the best as updates roll out. Keep up the great work, you guys have come a long way since beta.
  12. Rowen New Member

    Some really interesting stuff there man, great work from you guys, looks like you guys are taking the game back in the right direction. Appreciate your hard work. I like that you guys are entertaining the idea of proximity chat. The best way would be to set proximity chat off as default. Maybe just start off with it on solo and duos, then work it into squads. That's one of the biggest features the community has been asking for, although not a priority at the moments its definitely on our wish list.
  13. Maggwar Member

    Awesome ideas and devs replaying with some info looks good keep both the good work. \,,/
  14. WarNtea64 Member

    Appreciate your input Rowen, I agree with you, prox chat of on default would be a good start. def not the highest on the list of things to be implemented but is heavily requested. We just need more ideas to expand upon this.
  15. Menacemastrz Member

    Awesome stuff Warntea I agree crossbow is much better, the melee, melee weapons, animals, new skins AWESOME I think adding new content is a good direction I feel it will bring players back. Especially a new h1z1 map ! veterans from back in the day will be tempted to return and check it out. A new map would start things fresh for all players having to play in unfamiliar locations would be great for pros and the newbies. Gotta love em!

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