Making field of view the same as pc version

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by BrandonBrothers, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. BrandonBrothers New Member

    First off wanted to commend y’all for a great game ! My oh my has it come a long way since launch absolutely loving it ! I noticed tho when your playing, the camera angle is centered on the character from the waist/hips up only making it possible to only see your players legs while going prone. This takes away from the player seeing their really cool coesmetics on their characters legs. I think if y’all could center the camera a little lower to see the characters legs it would be perfect and letting the player see their characters whole body would make players want to buy more cosmetics *i know I would !!* Just check the H1Z1 king of the Kill Pc version for a reference and make it identical to that ! Because in the PC version it’s absolutely perfect !!! PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS SUGGESTION!! It will make a huge huge difference! Thank you for your time and looking forward to more content !!
  2. Miniker Member

    I agree.

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