Lying Scurrilous Scumbags

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stevey66, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. stevey66 Member

    Thanks for the deception

    Play Halloween you said - treat boxes you said

    News update says - each Treat Crate will have either

    1 10 Credits
    2 100 Credits
    3 Locked Random Crate
    4 Dead Men's Crate

    What you DIDNT say was that when you get a locked crate - it is seen as a duplicate if you already have one and is not added to your lock crates - so because I have every locked crate type - EVERY single locked crate becomes - wait for it - 10 credits

    I have EVERY single locked crate EXCEPT the one type i WOULD open with my credits - EMOTE CRATE. But I assume the emote crate is not part of the locked crate fiasco

    Lying, mendacious scumbags - no integrity - no acumen - no transparency - I am now joining the ranks of all the discontented that have left the game - you guys really are the pits !

    Duplicitous, money grubbing, avaricious gaming company that has shredded every last vestige of respectability or standing that you once had - shame on you people with your parlous lack of communication, your arrogant dismissal of player complaint, your arrant unwillingness to engage with your user base and completely ignore your own forums.

    I have been such a supporter of you guys and I have heard zero - this last piece of outright misdirection and misrepresentation really takes the cake

    Can you jerks answer - why would I expect an answer when there never is one - WHY ARE EMOTE CRATES NOT UNLOCKABLE ?

  2. AlhpaBravos Member

    They don't reply until a new season drops. If daybreak were going to say something, it would go like this: "shut the hell up and pay me Idiot?"
    Everyone who supported this game past season 3, got what they deserved.
  3. RuTH0X Member

    I just loggued in after seeing this post (havent been here in ages, didnt play this game for at least a month, maybe 2..)


    Truly sad and pathetic... I was going to buy a PS4 only to play this game (played on my friend's for the last year) ...

    It was such an AWESOME game, with SO MUCH potential.. and for some reason, they destroyed it, tried to be like other games similar to this one, loosing all differences to become ****..

    Was nice arguing here about SSGUN, xbow, etc.. trying to report bugs, cheaters, etc..

    I am not sure Ill ever come back here...


    PS. **** !! (go play outside, at least its good for your health.. lol)

    It truly makes me sad when I think about it..

    I wish we could see the # of players per day since the beginning.. anyway..

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