Leaderboard Reset Issue - Stats resetting

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by jgolenbo, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Wallirocks New Member

    Got my stat reseted now several times on leaderboard since i have played 2-3 weeks (quite new on this game).
    294 kills and 3 wins, noticed today that when i won a round leaderboard was reseted after that.

    Playername: p17679107
    Location: Finland
  2. stevey66 Member

    Reset again steve_y66 Season Kills EU server - in game waiting lobby area reset - when I played my first game at 10 pm Australian eastern standard time so 11 am GMT - 25th March

    Season Kills - may have been around 80 kills after all the other resets - reset to 5 kills - Season Wins unaffected - Career still fine and seems stable now

    Lobby Leaderboard says 5 Season Wins - Career say 13 wins - actual is about 16 wins

    Jgolenbo - we are well into Season 3 now - come on - don't mean to pressure but - we will ever really see the full stats restored ?

    To confirm your suggestion - I think I did have about 5 kills as above after the daily challenges reset - so would confirm your statement about the daily switchover time being the trigger - I was logged on then I believe
  3. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Thanks for all the reports! We believe we've identified the offending code and have a fix that should go out shortly (hopefully, within the next day). Will share here and on our twitter/facebook once I have confirmation.
  4. stevey66 Member

    Brilliant - thanks for the update mate
  5. stevey66 Member

    Once fixed - will you have to do a one off manual restore of my stats to bring them up to correct ? You have said previous when you looked all the data was intact. Can we expect all old stats to be fixed and updated as well ?
  6. MiKeYfAeToRrY New Member

    Awesome news , my stats have reset on all battle royale modes. No idea when it happened to be honest but good to hear you guys have found a fix !
  7. Ronnyrg18 New Member

    @H1Z1 please fix this glitch I’ve seen in Duos/Fives, it’s a spectator glitch whenever you get killed.

    When you spectate someone the position of there PSN ID, is replaced by “WWWWWWWW” and can’t spectate other teammates of you try.
  8. kdot Member

    I was recently reset. I was number 3 on duos for seasonal, now I'm nowhere to be found...
  9. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Yes, Stevey - we've verified the data is all intact, but there's some work to do to sync up with Live Servers, and we'll likely require a short downtime/maintenance since it's such a large data sync. I'm not sure yet what the ETA is on that, but will share here as soon as I have it.
  10. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Thanks Ronny, we're aware of this one - it was a top bug to fix for last week's update, but didn't quite make it in. Hoping to have a fix to share for you soon, either a hot fix or to go out with the maintenance downtime required to restore lifetime stats.
  11. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Did this happen in the last day? Or from before? The problem should be fixed now, but I'm monitoring for new reports just to be sure.

    If it happened before yesterday, we're working on restoring lifetime stats
  12. stevey66 Member

    Well the stats now seem totally stable - no more resets for me at least - thank you all for your efforts to solve this - finally ! Thank you for the perseverance to get this sorted

    Thank you jgolenbo for your updates and for ensuring this issue was front and centre for all

    Any chance of an update on restoring season stats with the correct data ?
  13. fakadin New Member

    fakadin,eu (Slovakia dont know exacly which region eú) it happents like 2 weeks ago +- cca,wins had 40 kills1k +....dont have aby screenshot of that Lol...hope this somehow get fixed playin eveyday,gr8 game playin just half of year supporting you with money,bought already bunch of crates...sry for my english
  14. stevey66 Member

    Jgolenbo - can you confirm - that data upload won't be coming to fix all season 3 stats ? I actually don't really care as I'm up to 198th in Season Kills again - since I was reset like 8 times it probably effected my stats more than some - would just be good to know if its not coming

    Main thing was getting stats stable with no resets - thank you again for fixing this !
  15. kedavin New Member

    my ranked place in fives in weekly kills rests :( i dont now why thats happen in season 3

    but in season 2 resets my seasonal wins!

    pls check it up and hope the leaderboards does work in season 4

    Your User Name kedavin
    Your Region EU
    Time it Occurred 27.05.2019 at about 20:00
    Screenshots or Video i have on youtube
  16. Red-Death-Panda New Member

    832 weekly kills <before the reset> wins around 40
    happened Sunday June 23 between 11 am and 2 pm
    I have the screenshots on my PlayStation of me in first place and screenshots of the reset back to two kills.
  17. Bronson_fury3 New Member

    I would like to know why I keep receiving duplicates even after spend money to get guardian outfit every item was a duplicate and iv recurved nothing but the same items I’m very unhappy and I’d like a refund or something to happen in regards to this