Leaderboard Reset Issue - Stats resetting

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by jgolenbo, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. jgolenbo Community Relations

    stevey66, Theboom501, RuTH0X - are you seeing experiencing any problems with the Ranked Leaderboard? i.e. this:


    OR are the problems you're experiencing (seasonal kills, wins, monthly wins) exclusively happening with the in-game Leaderboards in the Box of Destiny? i.e. this:


    I just want to clarify that the only issue you're seeing is a reset to your kills and wins in the BoD leaderboards - your rank and seasonal stats (win count, top 10 count, avg kills, total matches) are working properly on the Ranked Leaderboards in the main menu.
  2. RuTH0X Member

    Only the in game leaderboard for me.. so far ;)
  3. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Cool - so no problems with the Ranked Leaderboard (i.e. Career Leaderboard from the main menu)? You're ranking properly, avg kills and total wins seem right, etc? Just want to confirm - they both pull from the same match data, so if one is not working that helps us narrow down the possible systems that may be causing the issue.
  4. Dgkkush1993 Member

    All 3 times I have been re set on my stats were on seasonal kills which is why I said I’m missing 400 kills... my career tab is fine.. this is NA solo.. iKeyontheBeat and me were tied with approx 600 kills when he was reset. He was re set the day I posted my post about this. Everyone on the solo NA seasonal kills have been pretty much reset. Like look at the career stats vs in game leaderboards ?!? How does it make any sense.

    Honestly the easiest way for you guys to fix this issue is putting a spot on the career tab on the main menu where you see your total kills.

    Also what ever happened to your top ten games..... definitely ******** the bed guys.. what happened to h1z1... why is console so vanilla and dumbed down.........
  5. Dgkkush1993 Member

    March 9th solo NA
    smokealottopher 1257
    Cabbyquid1 1044
    VEGA137_ 820
    Door969funny 699

    March 11th
    smokealottopher deleted
    Cabbyquid deleted
    iKeyontheBeat 571
    World_famous619 790
    xX-logic- 747

    March 12th
    Vega 1098
    Door969funny 823
    iKeyontheBeat deleted
    Worldfamous619 deleted
    xX-logic- deleted

    VEGA137_ deleted
    Door969funny deleted

    Hope this is helpful and kinda helps you understand what is going on. Believe me also there are many names I’m not putting up here as it would take me forever. I do have screen shots to validate tons of deletes..
  6. Shad0w New Member

    Id: Shad0wReaper1004
    Region: Na
    March 14th. possibly 13th
    Iobby leaderboards reset I was top 8 in kills and wins....ty
  7. FudgePacking New Member

    Username - Fudge_Packing_V2
    Region - NA
    Time of occurrence - 3/12/2019 or possibly on 3/11/2019 all of my seasonal kills were reset. I was top 20 in seasonal kills for duos so it was frustrating to see my kills reset. I can confirm my seasonal kills were reset in fives and duos. I am not sure about solos because I haven't checked. Other stats such as my seasonal wins remained the same.
    Screenshots - No screenshots of before or after.
  8. biztech New Member

    Also my stats resetted again... In solo just the daily kills. I had a lot, now seasonal is same as daily. It keeps on happening.... It's a great game, but a lot of players play also for nice stats ;-)
  9. Dgkkush1993 Member

    Is it back to ignoring us for a week and not informing us of what’s going on?????? Feels like you guys tell us to do something then we just get completely ignored or told we are working on it ..... It’s week 3 of season 3 why are people being re set still ??????????
  10. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Dgk - definitely not ignoring you. The Leaderboards (Career and BoD/in-game) are a huge crucial system that underlines the entire H1Z1 competitive experience, and it's hugely important to us that we issue a fix that stops the resets without fundamentally unbalancing any other aspect of the system. Part of the developmental challenge with a new system is that it can often be difficult to anticipate how one change to one system can effect other elements of the same system - so while we're working to get this resolved as fast as we can, we're also making sure we're testing and verifying the impact each potential fix will have across this system and other core systems in the game.

    To be fully transparent, we are working on a big update for this month that we're hoping to have ready to patch by late next week (though that date is not set in stone). The biggest outstanding issue we're trying to get ready for that update is this one (the Leaderboard reset) but there are other bugs and issues we're working on as well. I'll have more news to share with you on that update soon, hopefully as soon as early next week.
  11. Dee New Member

  12. Dee New Member

    On the 19th March today

    I'm starting to get fed up with this ranking system and all the faults what is the point when you constantly refresh all scores randomly. I mainly play duos and fives and I had managed to get top 10 in daily kills just outside top 20 for weekly kills and top 100 for monthly and seasonal until your game decided to wipe all scores clear. Before I logged off at approximately 4AM I had 80 kills for the week and over 250 for the month in duos I log on next day and all scores have been completely erased the first time I actually physically attempted to get onto the leaderboards and was successful and I am outraged I feel as if it's pointless because this occurs all the time only this time I had actually managed to successfully get among the top 20's it's totally ridiculous and unacceptable what's the point in putting leaderboards when they're incorrect I got 8 kills in first game and another 2 meaning I would have broke top 20 for weekly kills with around 90 kills yet it says I have 10 kills for the day week month and season! If this isn't fixed I will stop playing.

  13. Dee New Member

    Because they do not care, they only care about bums on seats through hypnotism with all the different frequencies going on.
  14. Pariseev New Member

    Your User Name: PARISEEV
    Your Region: EU - Russia
    Time it Occurred: 20th of March. In-game leaderboard statistics is reset. Number of seasonal wins is correct, but kills are all gone. Started to count new kills from 20th of March.
    The starting screen lobby statistics is correct (avg. kills, etc)
    That's the solo mode.
    Screenshots or Video: I have a screenshot, but I made it much later than found a problem.
    Thanks for your help in advance
  15. stevey66 Member

    Wow - just returned from a 10 day holiday with family - anticipating fix of leaderboard issue with this big mid March patch update - and still happening ! Was also hoping to see all stats restored !

    To answer your question jgolenbo - my 3 most recently reported resets above were all in the in-game waiting lobby area - my Career tab has been fine for good month or more now (about to hit Master).

    However - my career stats tab were also reset twice earlier than my last 3 posts in this thread (Gold went back to not ranked and Bronze went back to not ranked)

    To bring all this up to date - you would have to add about 5 or 6 different periods for kills that were deleted - around 600 kills - about 11 or 12 wins - career points as well (which don't matter at all since it so easy to get to Master by just playing )

    What a mess - I read the notes that explain lack of progress on Leaderboard stability - i think the reason people are so peeved over this is that this issue seems to be so fixable and expectations are that something like maintaining stats would be expected to be an easy fix ! (even though I admit perceptions may vastly differ from programming reality)

    I am glad that you guys still recognise this as the top priority - feels like a broken record asking for same fix since start of Season 2
  16. Knele_de New Member

    • Knele_de
    • EU (Germany)
    • End of February, probably the 26th.
    • no Screenshots or Video
    My stats reset only once at the end of February, so Seasonal Kills is missing some. Would be nice if you could do something about it.
  17. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Thanks Stevey - we identified the issue causing the Career Leaderboards to de-rank and that's been fixed since the first weekend after Season 3 began, so it shouldn't happen again. We are working on making sure all the match history data is restored for players who lost rank (though if you're already Master it won't affect rewards either way :))

    As far as LOBBY LEADERBOARDS - one extra element of yesterday's patch was adding new logging data that should help us catch the *EXACT* time and circumstance that is causing the resets. We have a working theory that a specific condition is triggering to players who are logged into the game when the Daily Leaderboards change over (12PM PST). What we're looking for are any NEW reports of Lobby Leaderboard resets that have occurred since yesterday's patch - in the last 24 hours, essentially. i.e. if you logged in after downloading the patch, your leaderboard stats looked fine, then you had them reset during that session, or today, or over this coming weekend.

    IF we can get a couple reports from players who have experienced the reset since patching yesterday (preferably NA, but EU is helpful too) that should help us confirm our theory is correct, and from there we can identify the offending code and issue a fix. So same ask as before - if you've been reset in the last day (or you get reset again today or this weekend) PLEASE post here:

    User Name
    Stat Type (Seasonal/Monthly/Weekly/Daily kills or wins)
    Exact Time (to the best of your memory - all that really matters is that it occurred AFTER the patch)

    Make sense?
  18. KruK310 New Member

    • KruK310
    • EU (Poland)
    • beetwen 12:30 and 14:30 22.03.2019
    • screenshots:
    https://ibb.co/ZLP72TQ- 16.03.2019 1:00 Daily Kills Duo Match
    https://ibb.co/cb8Hcr7 - 16.03.2019 1:00 Weekly Kills Duo Match
    https://ibb.co/88Hkdvy - 22.03.2019 14:33 Daily Kills Duo Match
    https://ibb.co/DDRDdcz - 22.03.2019 14:34 Seasonal & Weekly Kills Duo Match

    I wasn't home for 5 days since 16.03. When I back I just install the new patch, then i lauch H1Z1.
    First match I could see my kills from 16.03.2019 (the amount that u can see at first and second screenshots). In this match i get 3 kills.
    In next match i could see just this 3 kills from previous game... (third and fourth screenshots)
    It's second time when i lost my kills. First time I lost it in 11-12.03.2019 in night.
    Now i know, if any kills are reset, then all laderboard are reset (kills and wins on every game mode).
    We can see our score in game laderboard, but if we kill someone or win 1 game, the leaderboard will reset.
    The career page laderboard is alright but this thing in game is bugged and annoying.
  19. KruK310 New Member

    Sorry for spam but I lost my kills again...

    EU (Poland)
    Time 2:14

    https://ibb.co/vvCBntD - 22.03.2019 21:42 (for comparision)
    https://ibb.co/KxhPX60 - 23.03.2019 2:14 lost kills in duo in game laderboard again today...

    Please do something with that because its even not funny when my kill reset so often
    I had around 40 kills today and lost them again

    Please guys. Its impossible to play when all my progress is like ghost (I have to do screenshots to prove my stats... Its not normall I think
  20. JustAnOldVCR New Member

    During season 2 I got reset atleast once every day it was really annoying but during season 3 I have not even been reset once all season in either the lobby or career stats. I dont know why I havent been affected by the resets anymore but I figured taking a look at my data might help you get closer to a fix since its working properly for me. My psn is scatex, also wondering if H1Z1 will be compatible for the psn name changeing feature that sony is rolling out in a little while? Thanks, and keep up the good work guys. Love the game