Leaderboard Reset Issue - Stats resetting

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by jgolenbo, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Centralizing feedback for this specific topic since there are a number of separate threads and this is a HUGE and IMMEDIATE priority for our Dev team!

    Since Friday 2/22, our team has been working to correct an issue where some players are periodically having stats reset on the Leaderboards and losing their ranking. It's one of our top goals to make sure Leaderboards are working properly for EVERYONE, and to make sure all match data is recovered so that ranking will also be correctly reflected on the Leaderboards.

    To that end, if your stats have been reset on the Leaderboards PLEASE provide the following information in this thread:

    • Your User Name (as it appears in-game)
    • Your Region (NA or EU server is fine, specific country is helpful)
    • Time it Occurred (Date is helpful, specific hour / time frame more so)
    • Screenshots or Video (if you have a screenshot from immediately *after* the reset happened, even better if you have before + after video of it happening)

    We're working on a potential fix right now, and may not need all of this information - but it's always helpful for our team to be able to review the server logs of players whom this has happened to, either to correct or confirm our assumptions about the root cause. So the more feedback the better!

    Also to confirm: this thread does not mean we're not working on other issues (missing rank icons in the kill feed, invisible teammates in lobbies). But making sure the new ranking system is functioning as intended, and making sure players are getting accurately credited and rewarded is very important and something we want to iron out for everybody as soon as possible!
  2. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Also, let us know here if your stats reset for one mode (just solos, or just duos or fives) or all modes - helps us know if we're recovering all of the historical data.
  3. Dgkkush1993 Member

    Do you need more information from me or for me to repost?
  4. jgolenbo Community Relations

    no, yours was good - thanks my dude!
  5. Dgkkush1993 Member

    Okay I’m just curious on plan of action. Am I gunna get my kills back on the leaderboards? and if so when?
  6. AB Rogers New Member

    • Your User Name: atbuck_rogers
    • Your Region: EU - South Africa
    • Time it Occurred: Between 25 and 27 Feb, went away on a trip and upon return it displayed "unregistered", yet on leaderboard in waiting area, stats still reflect correct. Only leaderboard from Lobby reset to "unregistered". Game mode was fives only.
    • Screenshots or Video: none
  7. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Thanks AB! Really helpful - hoping to have a fix we can share soon, will keep everyone updated.
  8. RuTH0X Member

    Hi there, my stats reset...

    Pouli0t_PS (its a zer0)
    NA (Montreal, Canada)
    Between 9am and 12pm this morning (March 1st) (EST time)
    Seasonal Kills : 174, wins 3 (I think)


    I played a SOLO, and I won with 7 kills, I won at 10:45ish am (EST)... When I came back at noon, I had only this registered..

    It seems winning the match made it reset.. not sure though, I dont have always time to look at the stats.. Thank you

    (I have some videos if needed)
  9. stevey66 Member

    OK - just reset again for me - Solo - Australia so EU server - March 3rd 4 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time - had 125 kills - now the Lobby Leaderboard says 2 - Career is unaffected and Wins are still on lobby leaderboard (though it is a different number to Career Wins given previous resets)

    5 am GMT 3rd March steve_y66

    I was enjoying progessing up the leaderboard - now I don't want to play
  10. RuTH0X Member

    Stats reset again...

    Pouli0t_PS (its a zer0)
    NA Server, Montreal, Canada..
    March 3rd, probably between noon and 3pm (EST)

    .. thank you
  11. SH4UH4N New Member

    • User Name - Shauhan7
    • Your Region - EU (UK)
    • Time it Occurred - Saturday 2nd March Approx. between 5-9pm GMT
    • 8 wins and 80+ kills from previous week of playing reset.
  12. stevey66 Member

    Jgolenbo - any update since a week ago ? Can I expect to see my leaderboard stats returned to accurate soon ? In the other thread you said the correct data is all there - so all stats across my four resets I assume will be displayed once issue is identified and fix issued (sorry if this is impatient but it makes the difference between just doing dailies versus grinding for kills and wins)

    At present - Season Wins - is different to wins in Career - is different to how many wins I actually have since Season 3 began (7 or 8 I believe)

    Given my Career also reset once - I lost some points there - but don't really care about those - back to Diamond anyway

    Its great that you guys have made this issue the top priority - thank you
  13. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Hey Stevey - we issued a fix for Leaderboard data on Friday, but it's clear that didn't entirely fix the issue and we're still investigating new reports. The one concrete update I can share is that we're tracking for a big game update in mid-March that will include a number of bug fixes, but the Leaderboard resets are the top issue so if we can test and verify a fix before then we'll issue a hotfix. Nothing further to share today, but will def keep everyone updated.
  14. RuTH0X Member

    Mid-March meaning March 14th? Is there any updates this week? Like the VERY annoying sound when you die and spectate? or the items disappearing? Or some more time to "analyse" scores? Or anything? or no update this week?

    Thank you
  15. RuTH0X Member

    and its not to rush or whatever, its just that I have been playing this game since October (and WAY longer for some other players), and they were saying about the same at this time about the resets.. asking for infos, server, time, etc.. and not very much happened, beside the Season 3 update, which is nice imo, I like it.. but at the same time, there is a bunch of new bugs that was not there, some other thing we are not sure whats going on, and those stats that still reset...

    I REALLY like this game, I havent played that much in 10 years I would say, AMAZING game imo.. The guns, the speed, the car, the action, etc.. I LOVE IT... but I am a programmer and I do not understand.. How could it take so long for fixing something so important to us.. and I mean, maybe I am wrong, but create another table with ALL the kills / assists.. NEVER reset that one (can only add contents, no table updates..) .. and if your current table is lower than that table, well FLAG..?? No? Probably not, I guess..

    Its the same about weapon disappearing in game.. I mean, there is a timer now on them? Take it NOW or you might never been able to do it, if you are in a fight, 5 guys killing each others, hurry up to get the loot or it might not be there once you are done?

    Or the sound when you die.. you die, it shows your XP, then very quick the leaderboard scores (with new record all the time so far), and then it goes in spectate and BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, there is nothing you can do, mute the sound maybe, but OH MY..

    I "reported" a bunch of bugs, there is no reply to (almost) any of them.. does it mean they have been read? and noted? or ignored? You know what I mean? We get a patch on Thursdays, then Friday and weekend (I understand that you guys are off on w/e).. but Tuesday (or Monday? ;) ) should be THE day to reply to all our complaints, and bugs, etc.. ?

    and btw, thank you for your replies.. and your great work...
  16. stevey66 Member

    Thank you for the feedback jgolenbo - I will play as normal and wait for this fix mid March with the big update - as Ruthox said - its because we love this game and want to play and play that motivates this feedback and to get the game to where it should be - thanks again
  17. stevey66 Member

    ps Just for the info - last night had another reset that was different to anything else

    All is the same (Kills, Career) - except my Season Wins on Lobby Leaderboard reset - I actually won that match - so was expecting to see 3 on board after win - it actually said 1 - so I believe it went from 2, reset to zero - then added the win I had to show 1 win

    6th March - EU server - around 2 am Australian East Time steve_y66 - reset after Solo win
  18. stevey66 Member

    Had another reset - Australia so EU Server - 9pm Australian Eastern Time - 10 am GMT - 11th March - this time Lobby Leaderboard kills went from 170 to 2 - Wins unaffected steve_y66 - hopefully this mid-march update will be the final solution (it will be really nice to see my Season Kills and Wins bumped up to the correct number - here's hoping)
  19. Theboom501 New Member

    Yh i keep having the same problem if any 1 can halp
  20. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Just to clarify - you're referring to ranked leaderboards (in the main menu) NOT in the in-game leaderboards in Fort Destiny right?