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  1. WarNtea64 Member

    This is the last straw for me. I'm moving on. This will be the LAST time I make a support post in the forum until further notice. I will not be surprised if this particular post is taken down.

    I'm so pissed off. And for those of you reading, I'm angry at most of whats been going on with the game, but something I discovered today was the most shocking for me, and I am LIVID that I bought the skin.

    I will explain shortly.

    There is SO MUCH you guys have neglected, and we've been fed up for the longest time. I tried to keep it positive and reasonable but for what you've done, for me personally, the damage is irreversible.

    For all the glitches since beta, the neglected ideas, and ignored posts, for all this time, from 14 million downloads and the WASTED opportunity that came with it, for all the skins and weeks wasted without updates, for the unbalanced leaderboard and untouched victory crates, for all the locked features and locked modes, prox chat and running over people with cars, with all the teaming and 3rd party unfair advantages with aiming accurately, for the lack of explantions of the battle pass coins coverting to master coins and ALL THE NONSENSE...

    I've concluded that you guys are in it for the $$$ bag.

    I have sat here, tolerating it and trying to ignore the faults of the game, I have reached out to you guys offering my support and to no avail. And now, you guys removed the heavy assault and haven't explained why or done anything to the orange vehicles fragile state (it blows up with hardly any damage)

    I have kept quiet. For the most part, and I had FAITH.

    But I lost it this morning when I played 5's with some friends.

    I had just landed and I found the muscle car ( the untamed) and I drove to pick up my teammates:

    "I aint getting in that sh*t bro, not with that skin"

    I was confused "what are you talking about?"

    "You dont know thats a racist skin??? I'm fu**ing Walking bro."

    Soon after, the rest of my team started to chime in, " If thats racist, I'm not taking the ride"

    So I asked what it was, and my team mate mentioned the "88" on the side, and told me to google it. He told me specifically "Go to google and look up 'WHAT DOES 88 MEAN"

    And it was the FIRST search result. Go ahead and search for yourselves.

    I'm most angry because I actually PAYED MONEY to get that skin, because I liked the BLACK and RED color, and thats it!

    But the meaning behind the numbers is SICKENING. I'm a person of color and you mean to tell me that NOBODY in the development team noticed or even considered the number being added or more importantly removed?!



    First the Macho Crate Fiasco and now this???

    You Might as well put the damn confederate flag on top of the dukes of hazard car ( the torque) I was so unaware...


    I have NO faith that this game will get any better. I almost started streaming the game. But its apparent that NOBODY cares about the future. You guys dropped the ball big time.

    I'm deeply saddened and infuriated. I expected too much and this was it for me, I'm highly offended. At this point THE ONLY WAY to do right is to apologize for all the BS ESPECIALLY this skin with the hidden message and START over with a new team/ game.

    I'm torn because I enjoyed the game so much,and I gave my support 110% of the time, but also explained the real issues too, and H1 will always have a place in my heart as it was for Closed beta, Open Beta, and Seasons 1-3. I just dont know if I'll be playing this again.

    Explain Yourselves Daybreak.

    Hopefully someone else sticks up for your game.
  2. AlhpaBravos Member

    If you know daybreak then you have posted at the wrong cycle of their activity in this forum. They only reply aprox every three months or so when a new season is about to launch.
    Also your friends are stupid. They won't get in a racist car but will carry on playing and supporting a dev that created the skin. Logic is lol. At least you made a complaint.

    The 88 skin is likely a known tactic by daybreak. It will create a media storm for 24hrs like with mauri skins to drive players count. Negative marketing often has opposite effect. This company is so desperate to make money that they will literally do anything to create a market.

    Jokes on daybreak though as h1z1 is so far under the radar in battle royal mode that no one will bother reporting this nonsense. Even if they promote n4zi propaganda.
  3. Cole_MacGraft Member

    alhpa what are you playing these days
  4. BattleSpoyaled New Member

    I only recognized it as a famous Nascar drivers number/former cars colors. Which makes sense, as I suspect a lot of those racers, belonging to maybe the only predominantly white 'sport', to be racist.

    Interestingly enough, I never knew this numbers meaning, but was shocked to learn many famous African American NFL players, have also supported this evil number: Michael Irvin, Drew Pearson, Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant, Marvin Harrison, to name a few.

    NBA: Antoine Walker, Christian Eyenga, and Nicolas Batum.

    Seems like the NBA has had the fewest players use this number.
  5. stevey66 Member

    I see what you are saying - possibly the use of the number was not intended to reference 'Heil Hitler' - there have been later subsequent use of this number in other sporting and general arenas that have never intended to reference HH - or as Alpha suggests if it was cynically used with intention to garner infamy and thus promotion - then there would be serious questions of transparency, legitimacy and hypocrisy after the Maori skins were pulled

    Sometimes - unfortunate references can be accidentally made - it is often a judgement call whether someone will find the reference strong enough to object, whether history sees the reference enduring and whether it has been long enough for the reference to have lost its power - and whether exposing this reference for what it once stood for may bring it in to the light and expose and diminish the pernicious association it alludes to.

    The number 666 is now used as a graphic that would have historically offended many but it has now lost its power - I would argue that if the choice of the number was not intentional then little offence can be taken - surely intent must rule the day

    Sensitive issue for many I am sure - censorship is perhaps a more overarching enemy in modern context so a balance must be strived for
  6. AlhpaBravos Member

    It's been hard because not much appeals to me. I went back to killing floor 2 while finishing latest God of war. Apex legends is an interest but only when they implement solo. I know some have moved onto red dead redemption 2 PvP but I am more into military shooters. There is a massive gap for a third person battle royale shooter since h1z1 went down the toilet.

    As for 88 number, spoyaled is correct in that it could also be an unfortunate coencidence. I don't know enough about American sports
    And history of this racist group. For example when it was created and then why anyone owns a number or a word. Intentionally putting blame on daybreak because they are incompetent company with history of making poor choices.
  7. LucaBrasi Member

    Are you serious about the number? C'mon man, I'll agree on everything you said but I'm not believing that they're paying homage to Hitler. I don't think Cris Carter, Michael Irvin, or Tony Gonzales were either by wearing that number throughout their careers, or all the fans that bought their jerseys. There's enough racism and hate in this world without trying to look for it
  8. WarNtea64 Member

    I'm not saying the company as a whole is paying homage per se, I'm saying why would they put it in the game period.

    But maybe your right..Perhaps I was a little bit too emotional especially considering their past issues with the Maui Crates. If I was wrong making this post, I wont shy away from owning up to what I said and apologizing, but aside from the last part, the other problems still hold true.

    I didnt put it past them in regards to adding the number as a publicity stunt, as Alhpa mentioned earlier. At the very least, I HOPE it was a bad coincidence, but then again I've given them the benefit of the doubt on so many issues.

    I'm just frustrated as most of us are. We're being ignored on the forum and it feels like its on purpose.
  9. WarNtea64 Member

    As far as the cycle of activity, I wasnt too concerned with that, I just wanted to have the community reflect on the post, because I knew more than likely that the devs wouldnt respond or pay any mind.

    I wont stick up for the players I played with, to your point I see what you mean regarding playing the game vs accepting the skin. All I'm saying is if it is an intentional number, I'm angry that I actually spent money to buy it. Considering the Dukes of hazard car ( the torque ) is in the game with no flag on top ( thank god ), and the Maui incident, who knows what the aim could be.
  10. LucaBrasi Member

  11. 2high2die420 Member

    I’m finally getting ready to call it this will be my last season I can’t take the 3rd person out of the car. If I blow up the car I blow my eardrums if I don’t the person switches seats and shoots out the backseat. It looks stupid as hell when the guy is looking forward with only the gun sticking out the window shooting more accurately with one hand on the gun
  12. BattleSpoyaled New Member

    I was wrong too. I thought the number 88 Nascar number, belonged to Dale Earnhardt Jr. But his number is just 8.

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