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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MechAArmA, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. MechAArmA Member

    Can we have the red light over our name when we are killing somebody or beeing part of an assist ?
    It really help imo , especially when you are busy in a gunfight .
  2. stevey66 Member

    Yes - jgolenbo actually said they would revert to Season 2 and bring this back - red highlight on name. Even the font is smaller now - definitely bring back red highlight for your kill - sometimes you need to know from your peripheral vision rather than keep a mental check of your kill count
  3. MechAArmA Member

    Exactly ! Well said and thx for the info !
  4. Carmen696 Member

    This is another thing they ruined with season 3. Was good the way it was in S2 but then they changed it for some reason without thinking it through.

    And now something that used to work fine needs fixing again.

    Same thing with the screen after a game which tells how many kills and assists all team members had in the game. In season 2 it was easy to see. But now in S3 they took away assists and put number of kills in small letters in the corner on a screen that shows for 3 seconds. Another terrible decision.

    And the list goes on and on.......

    A nice upgrade would be to put the color of the respective player in fives or duos in the kill feed. So if the blue player gets a kill, the killfeed should be blue. That way you can easely tell if your teammate killed the guy you were all shooting at.
  5. gjp3333 New Member

    YES! This would be awesome... but most of all BRING BACK ASSISTS!
  6. ezzexxeneize New Member

    I had the same idea
  7. lPolitics Member

    Also, make it to where whenever your teammate gets a kill, there's some differentiation in kill feed so you know when they have killed some one. Sort of like how B04 battle royale is.
  8. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Thanks for the suggestions my dudes - rank icons reverted in the kill feed with last week's update, but will flag this with our development team (returning assists, particularly to match end screens in teams)
  9. lPolitics Member

  10. stevey66 Member

    Thank you for listening - Season 2 font size as well if possible (same guys were doing battle in Combat Training and it became too hard to read who just got the kill and who was going on big streaks) - thanks for addressing this guys

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