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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BallBreakGames, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. BallBreakGames New Member

    Please consider bringing back the red background on the kill feed that used to accompany your username when you got a kill or assist.
  2. kdot Member

    Add color to teammates kills in kill feed as well that way I know when my teammates kill opponents sort of like how black ops 4 does it. Just a reference. Great game btw
  3. Carmen696 Member

    Both of you are right. We had a red background in season 2 for kill and assists and that worked well. They should also add colors the same as team members whenever they get kill or assist. colors are usually yellow, orange, blue, purple and red. So if the yellow guy gets a kill, the kill feed should be in yellow. This would be a nice upgrade.

    It also seems like the typing/writing are smaller which makes it more difficult to see.
    And where are the Icons in front of the name in killfeed?
  4. stevey66 Member

    Yes - we need the Red Highlight back - revert to larger font as per Season 2 as well. A guy is getting away on a quad and I'm blasting him - he goes over the hill out of site and I know I've hit him with the KH - is he dead ? I cannot tell unless looking at kill feed text because also Number of Kills is now absent - 7 names and I'm trying to see mine in this tiny font - but I don't want to take my eyes off the action because there are 2 other guys ready to fire. A few times now I've missed whether I actually got the kill. The red flash Season 2 in top left was all you needed in peripheral vision - now its a mess that can affect game play. Same with guys behind tree - guys going prone - please update ! Thank you Daybreak for all the new effort and content - these things are minor and I assume easy tweaks to fix
  5. Carmen696 Member

    please fix kill feed so its readable and the color can be seen. Also the rank icon beside it like season 2
  6. jgolenbo Community Relations

    Thanks Ballbreak, good suggestion and we're looking into this!